Jack In The Box

1238 Waldron Rd, Corpus Christi
(361) 939-9643

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Michael Hetland

Price on the drive-thru board for a number 10 combo was 8.49. watch out for sneaky up charging for cheese and curly fries. Asked attendant what tax was he said $.75. Total at register was 9.83. Something doesn't add up. Waited 5 minutes in drive thru for 9ne car ahead. Got to window. Asked about discrepancy in price and guy in window couldn't figure it out. Refused food which is usually tasty because it felt like a rip off.

Mark Hancock

The drive through was fairly quick, the employees were very friendly, and my goodness !!!!! The number 1 with curly fries and a dr pepper was food for the soulFood: 5/5

Noemi Flores

They need help same two guys I see all the time and no eye contact to even acknowledge you are there. Food was made wrong and fries always cold. They worry about drive thru the the dining area.Food: 1/5

Anna Jones

We placed our ordered & the monitor & young woman verified 1 order of Onion Rings. But No Onion rings but 2 of FF.So I went inside. Gary, the manager said He'd been having problems withwith the monitor. Gary, gave me an order of fresh Onion rings.Sure do hope corp or ?? get the problem fixed soon.Again Thank you Gary!!

Ty Ratfield

Cold fries, flavorless drink (argued me the machine would tell them it's out of flavor, so it's not wrong and that I could get something else instead), out of service phone number, terrible customer service and quality. They've also argued me theres no such thing as "pink" lemonade that it's a color not a flavor... There's either raspberry or strawberry. I had to show them that it's an option on their own machine

Debbie Parker

I love the tacos. The soda tasted odd but I still drank it. Will be back again.

John Castillo

Terrible tasting food. Healthier food options would be great. The staff are courteous.Vegetarian options: Not many vegetarian options.Kid-friendliness: Not kid friendly. No play area.Parking: Parking is shared and limited.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair parking is limited.Dietary restrictions: Not all ingredients are mentioned.

Val CarMar

Late night (11:30 P.M.) munchies run, wanted potato wedges (no longer sold here), egg rolls (they were out of egg rolls), & 2 tacos. Ended up ordering 6 tacos and jalapeño poppers. The tacos must have been there since 3 p.m. they were so hard they weren't edible, they were thrown away, and they had extra extra hot sauce in them. Just GROSS! Jalapeño poppers were the only decent item. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have received old, cold, and gross food here, I WILL NOT be returning again!

Steven Russo

Almost $8 for three chicken strips. How do you justify that??!

Patrick McSweeney

Not one of the cleanest Jack In The Box restaurants I've been to but the staff was extremely nice. I thought the portions were good for the price.


Extremely long wait for a simple meal no one inside an we was the only one in the drive

S Hooper

Only 2 staff members working. Not filling orders in the drive thru, waited 25 minutes in parking lot for tacos. Dining room locked, staff clearly too busy to extend any greetings. Needs new management.

Sheyla Kelley

me and my mom ordered chicken strips WITH ranch ans she ordered a burger with NO pickles and NO cheese and she paid for bacon and they gave us NO ranch and they put cheese and didn't give us any bacon and pickles on it. and we ordered a girl scout and brownie bites and it was a vanilla milkshake.

Annuli Higgins, LMSW

This place sucked. If I could give it negative stars I would. Took 30 min. to get food and they were out of hash browns, when we finally got the order, it was wrong. Traveling through and set us behind an hour.

Debbie Davenport

Ordered 8 tacos, curly fries and an egg roll. Specifically ask for sweet n sour sauce. Got home and had sauce but no egg roll. Seems I always am missing something

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