Montana Mike's Steakhouse

6542 S Staples St, Corpus Christi
(361) 980-9191

Recent Reviews

Demetrio Allan Ash

the steaks were prepared incorrectly , under cooked,no taste , the other one was like beef jerkey.

nicole m

The food did not meet my expectations, and even though the place was not crowded, the waiter still seemed very unattentive. We were also surrounded buy other dirty tables because there was no one to come clean the tables, which brought the whole dining experience down a bit. Overall the food was ok, and the servers were very kind, yet unattentive.

Janet Prado Casanova

Excellent Customer Service and Didn’t wait long at all

B.M. Loudermilk

One year at Montana Mike's you expect the food to be nice and hot the staff to be perfect in many ways and everything should be as ordered for your dinner or lunch.

John S.

Over priced terrible food. My wife and I ate here last week and soon as we walked through the door I knew we'd made a mistake. Everything was sticky, the floor, table, seats all felt gross. I ordered the chopped steak and it sucked. It was over cooked, dry and served with no gravy of any kind. My wife got a steak and she said it made her jaw hurt it was so tough. The service was good and or waitress did a great job but we definitely won't be going back.

Sylvia Solano

Today was an experience that I'll never forget. Tristan was an AWESOME waiter. An elderly man was chocking on a table next to where he was taking an order from the 2 men when he noticed that the elderly man was chocking. Instantly he went over and started working on the man. He called for help and kept on working on him. Several people came to help but they couldn't get the man to respond. Tristan started doing CPR on the man with the help of I think Chris was helping and they finally got the chicken out of the man. The elderly man stopped breathing for a few minutes but Tristan never stopped the CPR. Finally the ambulance arrived and took over. Tristan you are a HERO. That man was alive when they took him out because of your hard work. God bless you always you are Totally Awesome.

Josh E.

The food tasted great, our server Savannah was super friendly, and the prices were very low for such good quality food. Would for sure eat here again.

Diana Benavidez

Good food,,, good service.... Chicken fried Chicken loaded baked potato and mac and cheese

Abel Castro

I have to say that this location is having issues due to staffing, we had a 30+ min wait even though many tables were empty ( and not due to the covid separation of every other table etc) but overall the food and service was satisfying. Our waitress apologized ahead of time as she was new and let us know she may make some mistakes, but she did fine and was attentive. So all in all we enjoyed the father's day meal and service.

Joe Rosas

Food was very good and plenty. Our server. Was very friendly. We would definitely go back

Krystal Kay

I had an amazing time! I am visiting and I can honestly say that I have never had this kind of service! Jim was an amazing waiter and he definitely deserves a raise! He was AMAZING! My whole family enjoyed tonight for being very picky. Thank you Jim! P.S margarita was bomb! ☺️?

Erica Z

We decided on Montana Mike's for a birthday and early Mother's Day dinner. Our waitress, Savannah, was attentive and super nice (even when her other tables were on the other side of the restaurant). All of our steaks and appetizers came out fresh and hot! The chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes were tasty and great! Overall, a great experience!!! Don't knock them because of a few "bad reviews".

Jasmine Tipton

I know it's hectare right now because of covid and it's not a lot of workers but when I ask for filet mignon and y'all bring me the cheapest driest steak and try to charge me for a filet mignon that's not right, and sit right behind a manager and a employee talking about customers I don't think that's right neither, never go back unprofessional

LOstSOul 767676

Food was cold when we finally received it an hour and a half later, waitress acted as if we weren’t there, literally had to flag her down to take our order and to get refills or anything extra she would check on the other 2 tables and ask if everything was okay with them or if they needed refills or anything else but would simply walk by my family’s table there was only 3 of us, she had salads, bread, and drink orders taken down for 2 business men that arrived 10 minutes after my family and she catered to a table of drunk older woman (I know she was working it for her tip) but sadly the drunk woman left no tip I saw the disappointment in your face after they left but karma served you quickly it’s okay though because even though you gave poor service to my family and treated us as if we were beneath you I still tipped you $20 hopefully that changes your attitude in treating people different because of what they look like, little bit of advice: treat every customer as if it were your family you were serving

Arianna Calhoun

Great dining experience and good foods! Service is friendly. We really enjoyed our lunch here!

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