Pelican Lounge

14330 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi
(361) 949-8222

Recent Reviews

Kent K

Good place for a cold beer. The burger tasted like it was a frozen patty.

Suzan Brown

There is no kitchen despite the advertised menu. Only a food truck that had no attendant for 20 minutes. No wait staff. If you wanted a beverage, you had to go to th bar and order. And they asked for a tip?Food: 1/5

Scott Bradley

More of a bar with food than a restaurant, but the food is good. Especially nachos and burgers. Karaoke Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Lindsay H

Whew weeee. The vibrations were loud here. ? It was a great crowd, band, and drinks. I’ll be back.. but not in a dress this time. I appreciate the hospitality. ??

Nowai Jose

It's 5 stars, if you like drinks and rock and roll. Don't listen to the cry babies.

Nathan Bills

Kinda like an overpriced club. Outsides pretty nice. Couldn't hear anything inside. Literally had to scream when talking to anyone.

Jennie Matos

Its amazing! bands every night all summer great crowed and they even have poker nights bartenders so good we tipped we and the deserved I didn't see Adriana hope she's still there great bartender


The Dirty Bird, an upscale dive barKaraokeShuffle boardGame Room if that's your thingOutdoor seatingGravel parking in the back

Michael Evans

The daytime bartender is an the absolute worst! He has an ego problem and serves himself and friends first! He is dissectfull to staff and steals money from the game room. Would definitely go back just not when this dude is working.

Jennifer C.

Shuffle board, good music, great service and very impressed with the Buffalo wings and fresh cut fries!

Cedric R.

Was in town for the weekend had a Airbnb directly across the street. Very friendly staff !! Live music. Not to mention the best tasting hamburger I've ever had in my 49 years of life. It was so delicious I ate it up before I was able to snap a pic sorry. Lol.

Rose Fonseca

Christine our bartender is f'en awesome!!! She really knows what you want to drink! I hope she is still here when we come back!

Hank Harrison

Absolutely love this place. Band has played about 5 times here. Irfan is the man. Staff is fantastic.

Greg B.

My wife and I went to the Pelican Lounge for the first time this evening, and we were thoroughly impressed. Let's be clear, it is pretty much a locals dive bar. Dive bar is an affectionate description for me. The bartender, Cazy, I think went out of his way to make us feel comfortable. That isn't the reason I felt compelled to leave a review. Because I don't often leaves reviews, good or bad. The menu is limited, but the food we had was stellar. My wife had a 1/2 pound burger and fries, and I had a Philly and fries. The Philly was in the top 3 I have ever had. The meat was great and the bread was wonderful. My wife really enjoyed her burger, and the sourdough bun was great. However, as good as our sandwich and burger were the fries stole the show. They are hand cut and seasoned wonderfully. We talked to the cook who seemed to take pride in the fact the fries were still whole potatoes yesterday. If you are hungry after leaving the beach/island in Corpus, do yourself a favor and stop at Pelicans. Remember, it is a bar and not a place for kids.

Margot Garcia

Nice place to hang out. Karaoke ? nights where they bring the mik to you. And you don't have to be a pro at it. All fun!

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