Taco Bell

1217 Waldron Rd, Corpus Christi
(361) 939-9905

Recent Reviews

Jeremy A Holmes

The service is great when the workers are treated well there (because customers can be pretty rude and a hand full) and they do keep it clean and running like a well oiled machine despite some of the company kept.Food: 3/5

Bahiyyah Khalilallah

Yum!!! Great food, good service. An error was made on my order, but they were prompt and kind in correcting it! Would recommend!Vegetarian options: I get the Nacho Fries (hold the Nacho cheese sauce)....fries are DELICIOUS!!


Went to the drive-thru food was hot when we got home everything tasted great service was fast and friendly.Food: 5/5

Jojo mojo

Last minuet lunch is always great.THE MEXICAN PIZZA IS BACKFood: 5/5

Brandi Brown

Drive thru service was great. Had a crunch wrap , 1 taco and had ordered a BEEF only burrito ( said it clearly several times) but I got a bean burrito with just a smidgen of beef. By the time it is discovered, you are home!!Food: 3/5

Joe Knows

They always mess order up, it's constant. Almost everytime either missing 2-4 items or you get the wrong order. Last is what's the deal with when you order any burrito or such they put an extra tortilla in burrito, to make it more appealing??? Never going back!!!Food: 1/5

Rhianna Shack

Ordered a chilly borrito and medium Pepsi. It cost $5 and some change. My mom thought it costed more than it's worth but I thought it was reasonable.Food: 4/5

John Reyes

Was going to go back. But decided not to even bother getting another plate. Never in my life had this happened to me before. I'm disappointed in taco bell at this location. I'm done going to yall! Guess I'm going somewhere else. Thanks for ruining my day off

Redfish Incorporated

This taco bell is very small about half the size of a standard Taco Bell dining room. It was very clean and well lit, the service was very good as was the food. The only distraction was a sheet plywood where a door should be. It's been that way for at least a week. You would think that they would get that fixed right away.Food: 5/5

Teresa A.

Literally the last 5 times I've ordered from here, whether it be in person or through delivery, they NEVER give me any sauce. Ill ask while I'm placing my order, I'll ask AGAIN at the window and they'll be like "its in there" and its NOT. On my online delivery, I put on my order 10 mild sauces and 10 fire sauces. I also asked the driver to please confirm they put the sauce in there. How many did I get? 0. This place sucks. Literally f everyone that works there. Who wants to eat Taco Bell with no sauce? Service is trash. Don't go here.

Jay Hollingsworth

Nothing to wrong - tables needed to be cleaned but over everything as expected.

Angel Palacios

Debra did a phenomenal job!! Thank you very much for your amazing service!

Genesis Caldwell

11pm run, with 9 items ordered. In and out in less than 5 minutes (drive thru). Awesome service!

Karen Golemon

All I got on this trip was a chalupa. I spent over $4. Gone are the days where Taco Bell was a cheap option to take your family. However, it did taste good and the girl at the window was courteous.

Martha Romero

Just getting around to review the Mexican pizza! It was delicious just like I remembered plus the other food we got was so good!!! We did go again but this time there are no Mexican pizzas! Every time I go, the food is tasty and the service is great!! Taco Bell in the Bluff is great!

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