Bush's Chicken - Cuero

601 E Broadway St, Cuero
(361) 524-5295

Recent Reviews

Rosalynn Foreman

The best customer service I have ever, meaning EVER received. She greeted, suggested options on the menu, smiled and thanked me. Thank you Kendra!!! ??

Tashya Wilson

I paid for a 6 piece tender. Usually when I get them from here they are so big I can only eat 2. Got this to split with my family of 3 and they were so small I could’ve eaten all 6 and still been hungry. You’re better off getting chicken strips from McDonalds down the street.

Steven Smith

Honestly it's great. Only reason I'm giving them 4 stars is because they will literally freeze your balls off in that place if you dine-in. I swear the thermostat has to be set to like 55°F or something.. Lol

Trudy Smith

Worst chicken I ever had. Unseasoned and over fried. Chicken was so hard you could not even eat it. Threw an entire family box in trash. Unedible.

Mehganna Jones

Always so kind. And super quick. I just wish the tenders were still as big as they use to be... some are not even 1/2 a tender

Candace Glenn Bradford

The chicken is up to standards, super delicious, but the real impressive thing about this location is the staff. They are young but professional and friendly. Keep it up girls!

Theresa Rangel

Fresh and great flavor! My second time visiting. Food was at perfect temperature. Service was the best.

Texas Outdoor Fanatic

Pulled up to eat and there were cars in the lot and people eating inside but when I tried to go inside to eat they told me I couldn't come inside that the lobby was closed. But there were already people eating inside. I give 2 stars because I like the food but that was weird, I dont think I'll come back to this location because I got the vibe they didn't want us here.

Mike Conn

We haven’t been there in a long due to the cold over cooked chicken. Stopped picked up some today food was good, but the girl working there as rude as hell. Don’t ever plan on returning.

Paul Bilke

I stop here when passing through town at meal time. No dine in still so have to deal with drive through. Have tall vehicle so have to remember not to drive under cover but they take order further out in parking lot with no problem. Great tender specials on Tuesday. Hot and fresh.

Johnny B

Been here twice and both times the drive thru people went to other cars around me that just got there when I had been waiting 10 plus minutes. The first time it happened I drove off and called the manager to let them know I was disappointed and he assured me that it wouldn’t happen again but it did. I’ll never go back.

Genni Salles

Love that chicken and gravy. Especially the good rolls.

Ruben Aguillon

First time eating there. It was a great experience for my taste buds.

Nicholas Earp

I'd give them a five-star if I could trust the drive-thru but all it takes is a high-school kid to walk into that cooler and dip their hands into the chicken vats and me and my kid are sick with salmanilla. They get a four-star because I can go inside and literally watch what's being done with my food. Only place in town with that luxury. It's worth the trip inside!

Call of duty 1 Like and sup

Love y’all and shout out to that nice lady at the drive through

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