13040 Louetta Rd Ste 244, Cypress
(281) 379-7007

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Angel Nguyen

This place has bad customer service. Employees kept laughing at us and were exchanging looks with each other! Don’t come here! One of the employees took way too long to write a message on the cake and even wrote it like she didn’t care. Very very bad customer service. I’m never coming to this place ever again!!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1


I wanted to make a good review about the customer service because I almost didn’t go in due to the bad reviews on it. I’m glad I did though. When I went in, I believe it was a manager training a new employee and they were both very nice. They let me know of the deals and let me have time to think about what flavors I wanted.

Service: 5

Bradley Goode

One of the longest running locations. Wish the outside tables were still around.Dietary restrictions: Non dairy options.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Very Berry Strawberry

Astia Ito

Horrible ice cream shop. never come here. manager was very rude and gave everyone an attitude for a huge line. worst place ever.

Yvette Salazar

Very rude employee that attended me just now. She rolled her eyes and acted like I was bothering her with getting ice cream and donuts! DO NOT COME HERE WITH THIS EMPLOYEE! This woman has puffy curly hair and medium build. I did not catch her name bc I was trying to hold my composure from going off on this woman with my daughter right next to me. Even my 11 year old daughter asked why she was so rude to us!

Kim Breedlove

Easy in and out. Friendly Service.It's a great place for getting ice cream.

Stephanie Cruz

Just ordered the cake , the reason for four stars is due to the customer service that was given but the cake was Golden medal ribbon ice cream and it was great and very much enjoyed.

Jennifer Wuggazer

Disappointing customer service. We were there at opening time, 11am waiting outside the door. An employee showed up at 11:05, walked past us, unlocked the door, walked in, locked the door back up and never acknowledged us. So we took our business elsewhere.

Jessica M

Slow service with my DoorDash order my driver stated that when she walked in the girl in the front told her it wasn’t her job to help her and then they claim to have called me regarding my order I never received one till my dasher called me she was there for 15 min. Never ordering from here again

Michelle Cox

The strawberry cheesecake shake was so good! The owner was very kind and personable.

Rachel Gallardo

Asked for a vanilla shake. Employee gave me milk with some ice cream in it. I asked him why it wasn’t thick like a shake and he said it was because they ran out of vanilla ice cream. I asked if there was more vanilla ice cream in the back. He left for a minute and came back to say they were out. He then asked if I wanted him to make me another one. I asked him how that was possible if they were out of ice cream. His response was a blank stare as if I did something wrong. No apologies or offer to correct the situation. I went next door to Sonic instead for my shake. I won’t be going back.

Ferrum Campitor

It has been a long time since I've been to a Baskin Robbins. The ice cream was tasty. The service was great considering there was only one kid helping in-store customers at first. The other guys must have been filling call-in orders. I wasn't a fan of the waffle cone. It was very sweet with some vanilla and cinnamon flavor in it. Didn't taste like waffle at all. Overall, I prefer other places more, but I was mostly satisfied.

J Lang

Did not get the ice cream cake I ordered….cake tasted old and very dry. I went into location placed and paid for order, went to pick up and owner/ manager didn't even look for my order he acted like they didnt have an order for me and asked if I was at the correct location…. Does he not want business??? I told him that wasn’t the cake I ordered… he did offer a quart of ice cream which I declined said it would be nice to get what I ordered and paid for!! I understand now it was probably easier to use an old square cake rather than bake a new fresh round one like I ordered. Will find a different location for my future business!!

jason westfall

Super great experience. The staff was awesome and very respectful and friendly. The price was right we will be going back with our grandchildren.

Ekaterina Nikonorova

The time was 11:10 am and the shop was supposed to be open at 11 am but the door was closed. There was a man shop-assistant inside, that's why we knocked. He decided to ignore us and not to open the shop for another 5 minutes! When I asked him why the shop was closed he answered that he had some things to do! Is this a way to treat people being a representative of worldwide known business?!!

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