Cold Stone Creamery

17337 Spring Cypress Rd A, Cypress
(281) 256-7735

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Duane Horne

Great ice cream! A little chincy on the toppings for .99c each. 105 degrees outside certainly has them busy!

amber scarbrough

This place was a hot mess! I’m a patient person and when people are busy I will wait. However, they didn’t even acknowledge us as we stood and watched several people walk by, not saying a word. Then to find out they were all out of what we initially had come in for. Not even worth grabbing something different and would rather drive somewhere else, which is exactly what we did.

Nathan M

Thank you to Mustafa( I believe was his name) for allowing me to collect my DoorDash delivery order as they were closing last Friday night. I was told upper didnt want that to occur, but it would have been extremely irritating and a waste of the last part of my shift had I not been able to complete it. I understand things happen with technology, but it was avoidable. Thanks again to him and his coworker.

Kemi O.

Great customer service. Efficient and precise.They have the best treats too. Yummmm

Diego Acosta

I can't do dairy or lactose.I tried to do the silk ice cream but the first time there they told me it was in the deep freezer and it would be like an hour to thaw, and the second time that they don't have it but they seemed unsure about it.I would like it if they just took down the ads or put a sign up that says they're out of it. I hate waiting in line just to be told it's not there.All the signs advertise the silk ice cream but they never have it. (This is in the month of July, 2023, btw)

Ronieshia Henry

They have a new manager here and she is the sweetest and helped out and even created an amazing experience for my baby who is autistic. She came out to check on us several times and people like her really make a difference! Will definitely be back again

Shayla Parks

I had an amazing experience at this location!!! The customer service was outstanding! They were extremely busy so the manager stepped in and helped by taking orders!! I was so pleased with everything! Kianna(the manager)took my order and she was so amazing and very kind!!! I ordered 2 cakes and an ice cream let’s just say I will definitely be back!!


The order was late and as such the ice cream was melted

Jackelin Rodriguez

Management is terrible, I placed an order through the coldstone app this past Sunday. And waited over an hour just for 2 I like it size ice cream cups. There was a line for online order pickup but never once they asked or helped us, those who ordered through the app and just focused on those who were just ordering in-store. Once they finally gave me my order they didn't have a topping that I purchased and that I would have to go back the next day for my refund. Ridiculous. Management, be better on directing your employees.

Char I

I've been to coldstone in many different states but this is the worst I've ever been to. I ordered 2 of the same thing and one had significantly less ice cream than the other. They don't even put the ice cream to the rim and the manager said it goes by weight. Never once have I seen them weigh out your ice cream and not once did they weigh any other customers ice cream. If you went by weight then both cups would have an even amount. Then the strawberries were rock hard so if you're going by weight that would of made it heavier. Also they didn't even add all the ingredients to the ice cream that comes on the signature creation. Also didn't give spoons. Terrible place.

Chief Executive

Ordered a cake for dads birthday over a week in advance. Prepaid. Went to pick it up today and they said well, we just didn’t make it. Great! How lazy and disappointing. Wont bother here again, go elsewhere this place just doesn’t care to fill orders and will leave you stuck at an event with no cake ! Unbelievable…

Ahmed Alzerkani

Usually I don’t do one star but this place deserve it. I just move to cypress area 2 months ago and this was the closest location to me I have tried it three times now first time the ice cream was melted so I thought it was just bad day so we went there again and same thing, today was my third and last time the ice cream was super melted just like a soup and the strawberries are in the cheesecake fantasy were not fresh at all test acid, we had to trash them . So it’s really deserved one star now because it’s their normal quality. Next time I would rather drive a little bit longer to the other location for better experience

Christie P.

Mustafa was very nice and pleasant. I recommend this location. And as always the ice cream was delicious.

Tamer Mehyar

Went with family on a Friday night. We loved it. Half of us got the Coffee lovers, it's amazing.The staff was also very friendly specially Mustafa, on the cash register.

G Brewer

Mustafa was very friendly with great customer service. Will definitely be back!

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