Bitter End Dallas

2826 Elm St, Dallas
(214) 283-6182

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Johnniece McGee

I usually do not give reviews but I had to because of my experience with this establishment. The security guards and/ or robot cops were so rude and disrespectful. We had a party of 6 from Houston that were willing to support this establishment. Security turn us away because one female in the party had on sandals which was understandable if that was the policy. But a female customer came literally behind us and she was allowed entrance with the exact same style sandal. I asked the security guard why was she allowed entrance and my party wasn’t allowed. He responded that her sandal was a designer “PINK”. Leaving totally confused, we spent our money elsewhere. I would not recommend this establishment to anyone. I wish I could rate it a “0”.

Kimberly Higgins

Horrible experience. Actually my 1 star rating is more than they deserve. The wanna be security refused to let my group enter. He gave some reason about the women footwear then preceeded by allowing 2 other women in with same footwear. When he got called out on this, he became dismissive and tried to change his lie up. This place is not worth the silly hassle.

Aliyah Lewis

BEWARE LADIES. The security guards like to man handle women here but don’t lay a hand on male customers. I saw them drag a women out and slap her drink out her hand because she rolled her eyes at them. They will KICK YOU OUT of your section if you close your eyes no matter how much money you spend in there or tell them you’re okay. A whole bunch of men who use their security titles to abuse female customers for no reason. I will never spend a dollar here until your security guards STOP PUTTING THEIR HANDS ON WOMEN!

Dee J

Y’all are a BAR not a CLUB. Stop charging these CLUB section prices to sit down and have a good time. Can’t sit without buying a $400 bottle that cost $40 at the liquor store. I get it but y’all are a BAR. You’ll spend your whole day standing in line while watching them let everybody that just walks up go in and everybody in line is just looking crazy. Having a line outside the establishment is not the hype.

Jennifer Jefferson

Me and my love stopped by because we heard that it was a new Black owned bar in Deep Ellum.It was earlier in the day so the crowd hadn't made it. But nevertheless our servers were attentive. We mainly stop by to get a couple of drinks which we did vodka cranberry and a blue moon. And as we sat there we thought let's get a quick snack we didn't see fries but Will one of our servers gave a quick correction and placed the order.Piping hot seasoned wedges came our way.We saw the crowd start but had to head out ... Next time I'll order a burger with those wedges. ?


Decent we had a reservation for 8 and they gave us a table for 6 and told us we would have to buy a bottle to get a bigger table.

Shakiyla Parker

This place will make you stand in line and only let men in so it’s a whole sausage party

Toya Turner

Great time, great service!!!

Shanti Shadell

You want to wait in line for hours to never get in but while waiting you see the bouncer pick and choose who comes in, smh like what’s the reason? To have people wait in line for hours yall dont want to make money something..

Dmarqus Lewis

My first visit, I'd say it's a it a vibe.

Lelee Harris42

This place was ok and i'm only rating them so low because of how they are over charging for drinks. I will never be back... A double Hennessey and coke with 1 beer was 40 bucks... Talking about with no grease.....

Kimberly Coit

Idk I’m on the fence about this one. So when I arrived I sat at an open table for about 39 mins. Finally I stopped one of the waitress and asked did I have to be seated to get waited on and she said no just sit at any table. Cool. So I went to a table outside. 1 hour later still no service lol. Finally my party shows up. They see that I’ve been there and received no service so they go complain. Finally we get a waitress.

Tydesha Morris

The place is fun the one time I got in. They almost push everyone in the line to buy a $400 section. The place be empty and they still just hold the line and literally say you’re going to be waiting a long time if you don’t have a table. If they continue this I doubt the business lasting long

Crystal Renea

I was invited to a party for a friend of a friend. There was a line building, so I decided to go in instead of wait for the rest of the party. I entered without a problem but exactly 5 mins later my friend shows up and they refused to let him in because he didn't have a table reservation! Are you kidding me... the entire restaurant was nearly empty, everyone was on the patio but they made people wait in line as if they were packed. Irritation set in so we left

Courtney Ford

They know why their only 1 star, only if negative stars was an option....

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