Company Cafe & Bar

2104 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(214) 827-2233

Recent Reviews

Carolyn Hudec

The Deep Bowl is absolutely amazing. I literally crave how fresh and delicious it is! The service is always incredible. Jacob was so sweet. The artichoke dip is pretty great too!

Shashank Sharma

If you need a nice healthy breakfast at 6 am and don't wanna cook, this is the place to be. Loved the food options, but tried only the vegan bowls and sweet potato fries. The fries were 10 on 10 and you do have options to customize and make them vegetarian.

Matt C.

I ordered the breakfast BEC tacos. The menu said 2 per order and I got 3. Flour tortillas with soft scrambled eggs and thick bacon. They were so enjoyable. I am not a breakfast taco expert, yet. Since we don't have these readily available in NYC I give them an 8.5 out of 10 score. Glad I got to try this at least by delivery while in Dallas

Rose S.

I'm giving this place 2 stars just because my daughter liked her roast beef sandwich. When we walked to our table the floor was sticky and the customer at the next table had her dog on a leash. The chips and salsa came and the salsa looked like pasta sauce and seemed like they just added a little bit of spice to it. It also looked like they used the same sauce on the migas. I didn't finish my migas because the chicken was not fresh and smelled bad. Their coffee and latte tasted good, though. I wont be back and cannot recommend.

D Largent

Wow! My wife picked this place because of the many gluten-free options for one of our sons. There were seven of us. We all loved our food. Price was reasonable for quality and quantity. Service was second to none. Nothing bad to say about this place.

Mallory M.

Great breakfast spot to meet up with friends. There is extra parking behind the restaurant, and quick service. The bumblebee chickenscratch was amazing! My husband got the bananas foster pancakes and they were the best pancakes I've had at a restaurant. The prices are fair & the setting is spacious. You won't be disappointed!

Sarah M.

This Little Cafe & Bar is amazing!! We found this looking for gluten free brunch places and decided to give it a try. So happy we did! Everything was so good and service was wonderful during the pandemic. The only thing I missed a pic of was a delicious turkey club with a pretzel bun. They have so many gluten options that are actually gluten free along with gluten free desserts . I have celiac and am very sensitive and I didn't get sick at all! I definitely recommend them everyone at my table loved there meal! I can't wait to go back!!!

Dani Ozoa

Great customer service and celiac friendly! They have gluten free fryers!

faith k.

My food (The Deep Bowl) and drink were delicious! Our bartender was very kind, patient, and made a very refreshing Hill Country Mule! Can't remember his name but he has cool colorful tattoos on his arms. Get him. He's great! This is a gluten free restaurant. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Jason Anderson

Edited review... The owner took the time to reply and comment. My wife did however in the restaurant send her food back and say it was terrible. Which in 14 years she has never done, and I barely touched mine. The server didn't even offer to speak to a manager, my wife physically left with our daughter, and I stayed to just pay the bill. I've increased this to a (3) star from (1) for responsiveness, but wait staff should know to get a manager if a customer says what they had was terrible, doesn't want to see a menu, and physically leaves. I still paid for my meal I didn't eat, coffee we didn't drink and left a 20% tip...Very rarely in Dallas do I experience an established restaurant that is this bad. I ordered the biscuits and gravy and it was the worst... The bread taste like a stale Walmart brand English muffin. Gravy tasted like it was from a can, and the turkey scramble was definitely a microwaveable meal.My wife's meal was bad enough to just send back and she left to walk around. Unfortunately even the coffee was burnt and bad. Worst dining experience since being back in Dallas.

Elisabeth Gonzales

Amazing place for someone that has celiac and really doesn’t have a lot of choices for places to eat at.amazing food

Chuck Roady

Had a great brunch here. The food was delicious and decently priced!

Alyssa Redden

Great for gluten free, great staff, tasty food!!

Michelle Burrow

Amazing food and drinks. Really happy that most of the stuff is gluten-free. Great staff. Jeremy is amazing!!!

Dmixx T

Very chill restaurant. Enjoyed the artwork and music. Server was great. The food was very good and gluten free/celiac safe. which is hard to find where I live. Would come back!

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