Flower Child

5959 Royal Ln #542, Dallas
(469) 501-2510

Recent Reviews

Myles James

Great spot for plant-based eats.

Brittani Fasci

The food was delicious and the service was good.

Joseph Walker

Light clean airy good location

Cynthia Lockhart

Meh, first time at This Flower Child, normally dine at other Flower Child locations. Portions here are significantly smaller. My salad only had drops of their house dressing. The mushroom onion mix had lots of cooked onion skin, couldn’t even chew it. Service was lacking as well. We won’t be back to this one.

Rina S

I had lunch here today and it was a great experience. The 'mother earth' bowl is a must try and the outdoor seating is plentiful. Do not miss the seating at the back of the store to enjoy some outdoor art as well. Def recommend this location.

Cynthia Miranda

Great healthy food, with an amazing fresh lemonade selection.

Demetrios C.

If you've been to one Flower Child you've been to them all! ... and that's a great thing! Well, I can only speak to four of them: three in Dallas, one in Charlotte. The food is consistent between locations as well as between visits, which is so impressive given the complex flavors and recipes. Training is the key ingredient to such a restaurant's success. There's nothing I won't try at Flower Child. Every meat, every side, every bowl. They're all like flavor explosions. Each bite of their bowls will taste slightly different from the last bite. There really is so much going on. Their baked goods are gluten free and quite scrumptious: brownies, cookies, and those unbeatable lemon/olive oil muffins!

Keith S.

As always, excellent food and service here. They do a great job on the covid safety with signage and process in place that make you feel reassured

Christine Jannasch

I had the forbidden rice bowl bowl w ckn...very good

Kaitlyn W.

I have previously frequented the Addison & Lovers Ln locations, so I was excited when this location opened since it's close to where I live. My go-to order is the Flying Avocado, and I can say that menu item is made consistent across the locations I have visited. It's basically a turkey and avocado wrap with a basic green side salad. I think the portion for this menu item is good for the price. I have ordered other items in the past but have been sticking with the wrap, because per other comments, the portions can be a bit small for other menu items. Specifically, if you order the plate with 2 sides, I find it a bit overpriced for the amount of food you get. I've tried the salmon, steak, and chicken plates, and have been disappointed with the amount of meat each time... Lastly, since we are in the age of covid-19, I do want to comment on that in case any Yelpers are concerned about safety. I am very pleased with the measures being taken to provide a safe experience! All staff are wearing masks, and tables are blocked to support social distancing. I observed staff sanitizing tables between diners. There are signs and stickers on the floor so customers know where to walk and stand. They are using compostable silverware that comes wrapped. So if you're itching to dine out safely while the pandemic continues, this is an establishment I wholly recommend.

Juan Barrientos

Delicious! Tried the Shrimp and Avocado bowl and it was very good!

jesus a

They don't even put plastic ware in their Togo orders. As expensive as food is there.

Allie W.

The food is fresh and tastes great. I left feeling good eating a healthy meal. There are vegetarian and gluten free options. The restaurant is cute and is a fun spot to meet with friends.

Virginia Wind

First visit, but my daughter says this is her favorite place to eat. The food was quite good. Very fresh. Interesting menu. I would go again, but I don't live here.

Julie Hainline Falls

Love the atmosphere and the food is real good

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