Freebirds World Burrito

5000 Belt Line Rd #350, Dallas
(972) 788-1828

Recent Reviews

John Hill

I've been in three times over the past few months, and every time the service has been great. It's clear that the employees enjoy working there, which makes it a better experience. Really liked the brisket in a bowl, but all of the options I tried were great.

Austin L.

The food was great except for this piece of blue plastic I found in my salad.... Very happy it wasn't a bandaid. I really enjoy the steak at Freebirds as a burrito or salad. I find this place to be better than Chipotle in every way with a lot more options to add in.

Eric Gould

Great food. Very fresh. Staff was friendly and helpful. Certainly Covid conscious. Awesome

Brendon Buxton

Not quite sure how a stone gets into a veggie burrito bowl. Thankfully I felt it in my mouth before chomping down and breaking a tooth.


We get takeout here all the time. Always fast and with good service.

David Meza

The people who serve you there are so rude and stingy with the meat the put in your burrito. The whole staff needs to be replaced.

Lauren Acevedo

Everyone is always so nice. They're speedy but they're not rude about it. I'm also a food delivery driver and I pick up food from here all the time. It's never been late, which as a delivery driver, I appreciate to the fullest. So far when I've ordered online, its never been wrong. When I write something specific in the notes like "sour cream on the side please" they actually read it! Very rare for other restaurants in my experience I usually just have to go in person if I want it correct but with this location of freebirds at least I don't have to worry about that. Honestly a really good freebirds and always clean.

Eric Hay

I've always been relatively satisfied at Freebirds. But the guy that served me was super quick and respectful. As I was eating there he was moving with a sense of urgency to get things done even though I was the only customer in the building. Loved to see that.

Tito vidal

MATT with two t’s this dude made me feel like I’m at home the never been here before and he broke down the menu to a way I knew what I was getting. Everything is great brisket with Spanish rice amazing

Ree B

IT IS NOT SAFE TO EAT HERE! I got extremely sick 8/21/2020. So did my brother and nephew. When I called in to speak with the manager Jeffrey Stringer, he immediately became defensive, wouldn't refund me my money and said they pay people extremely well to make sure their food is safe. I'm disgusted at the phone call I just had with this incompetent person. IT IS NOT SAFE TO EAT HERE. Whether it's careless workers, inappropriate handling of food, or just poor quality of food...don't eat here.

Rare Porridge

Very rude. HipsterWith the first time having a job. Will not come here again

Robert Freeman

A build-your-own-burrito type joint. Very similar in taste and quality to Chipotle, but personally I prefer Chipotle. I've eaten at this location and the staff were quick and friendly. My burrito bowl was good, but not the best burrito bowl I've ever had. Worth a try if you're into bowls and want a change of pace.

sean corcoran

Burrioto was good, but place was a little dirty, cob webs on the ligting over whe the the food is prepared.

Rachel Farley

We got 2 burritos from freebirds through uber eats and theres no option for lettuce, my burrito was 60% beans though i did not ask for extra. I did ask for extra cheese and it was only in half my burrito. And i asked for jalapeno and somehow got one random super hot pepper not sure it was a jalapeno in that bite. As for the other burrito we got it and it was already busted open halfway and some ingredients even the options that cost 1.40 ate left out. This will be the last time we get food from this location.

andrew rendon

Steak sucked and beans were dry af. 1st time ever I had a bad burrito from freebirds. Dont come in 30 mins b4 closing or go to the one in the colony always the best burrito.

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