Trinity Cider

2656 Main St #120, Dallas
(469) 708-5444

Recent Reviews

Lyndsy Urban

This place is a gem! I’m usually not a cider drinker but the way they make their ciders doesn’t is divine! You HAVE to try a Sake Bomb which requires a chant in Japanese.Cideboob and feelin thorny were so good!Dustin was awesome and gave us some great food recommendations for our visit to Dallas.

AJ Khlaifat

The “cider” spot in Dallas for sure. Great spot to pregame. Evan is a great bartender if you ever run into him. Would recommend even if cider isn’t your thing. They also have non alcoholic drinks and free water.

Natasha Lind

We are Visiting from New England and stopped in on a whim...we enjoy cider and Trinity did not disappoint! everything we tried was delicious!

Peter Carparelli

Loved the location, and look of the place. That’s about it though for the positives. The cider (dry spell) was almost flat, and uninspired. It tasted as if the aroma of apples was essenced in watered down apple juice. Very disappointed. Couple that with servers who gave us awkward looks for wearing masks when weren’t drinking and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an inhospitable experience. Definitely won’t be back.

Crimson Does Life

Wound up here when the club my niece wanted to go to for her 21st wasn't open and we started wandering. The staff and patrons were super friendly and did sake bombs with us and then we tried the sampler board. :) Just the atmosphere turned what was looking to be a sad 21st around. Several of the ciders were lovely as well.

Jen Denryter

HOT TAKE: Some of the worst cider I’ve ever tasted. None of the flavors in the descriptions came across, & they both somehow tasted foamy yet flat. The location was cool & the staff seemed friendly enough, but this cider is just not good. We didn’t even finish our first round.

J Skyler

They’re really nice people. If you were born between 1997-1999 this is probably an ideal spot- millennial bartenders using current slang and a mix of what appears to be contemporary and personal spotify playlists.Limited seating, but it’s a small location. The cider is good.

Nola Johnson

Great atmosphere, perfect location, friendly folks and delicious cider! (And I am not a cider drinker!!) ??

Tracy Mackay

Excellent cidery!! Tasty hand crafted ciders, lower in sugar than most, and friendly bartenders.


My new favorite cider place. The staff is friendly. I recommend the Casper - any flavor of cider or your choosing with a “shot” of ghost pepper cider - great for those who love spicy! Also can get cider sake bombs. The cider was tasty and decently priced. Good vibe.

Ernesto Sepulveda

If I had to choose 1 cider company to outshine them all, it would be this one. Not only are the bartenders super friendly and personable, but the cider is amazing. I totally didn't drink ? an entire flight of their ciders (when I normally wouldn't touch the stuff), and wish that I hadn't finished them yet. I am making sure this goes on my list of must visit places for dallas.

Shady Dunlap

I always stop by when I get a chance!Such a great atmosphere with the process of the ciders being made right in front of you! From their “Oh So Sweet” watermelon cider to their Texas classic dry cider they are masters at the craft.If you are a cider addict like me this is the place to be!

Tracy Mackay

This place is a gem! I’m a cider lover and I have to say these ciders are some of the best I’ve ever had. Olivia the bartender was knowledgeable and delightful. Definitely get a flight so you can taste everything. We’ll be back!

Kyle McAtee

Wow. Great service here. The owners are definitely people persons (if that's a phrase), basically they are super chill, easy to talk to, and personable. Also have a ton of fun bar games and good ciders. Would highly recommend if you are in Deep Ellum. We'll be back

Dalila rollins

We were recommended this cider tap room by another local brewery, but we were very disappointed. The service was excellent that was the only great thing, so a big shout out to them.But on their product, the flavors were weak and unimpressive, next to many established ciders (e.i MI) and others. It just didn’t do it for us, maybe for the inexperienced cider drinker it might.

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