Ginger Thai Restaurant

6434 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 111, Dallas
(214) 887-6175

Recent Reviews

Kevin Diaz

Excellent location for quality Thai food. Got there near seven, it wasn't very crowded. I will be back with my coworkers. It has an awesome feel to it. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Kansas City.

Amelia Shepherd

My preferred place for quality Thai food. Next time I'll be back with my friends. This place has a good atmosphere. I can see why they have a lot of positive reviews.

Nicole Crawford

Best Thai food in Dallas!! We order from here a few times a month and no issues. Thank you for being so consistent!! See you tomorrow!

anna & dyl

Best Thai food!! We order from them for pickup a lot, and every single time the food is amazing and with no issues! Highly recommend trying this place!! Please support small businesses during this pandemic!!!

Kent Graves

Phone service is not too good and they do not have sit down service. Food is good! I’m not going back until they open for seated meals.

Kelly Daugherty

One of my favorite spots to eat. great location, always clean, and very good customer service. I recommend this place!

Kazumi K.

2 star at max. I've given this place a try more than I should. Even a Thai staple, pad Thai was just so bad. Noodles were all clumped together and choppy and gooey. I think their luck is up, I won't be ordering from them again. But with that being said, I wish them good luck.

Olivier Renken

Amazing food and great service. I've been here twice and you can just tell when a place cares about the customer.

Suzanne N.

Do not order the Crab fried rice. Not worth it at all!! I can cook better fried rice than this at home! I've been to different Thai restaurant before & they always use real crab meat for their crab fried rice. What the point of getting imitation crab meat for it??!! So disappointed..all I get is tasteless rice, with onion, 1 fried eggs, and few piece of imitation crab!

Avery McElhone

This place is small and our favorite go to for a big party. Make sure you call ahead and let me them know to put some tables together when you are on the way. They do hella take out business so beat the rush and get there around 6

Liz H.

Didn't have the negative experiences with customer service some people did, as I was seated promptly and had a pleasant and fairly attentive server. However, I don't think I will ever return as the food itself was nothing special. It was so drowned in grease I wouldn't even consider it for just something quick and close by. The flavor itself was fine, not bad but below average. All in all, it may be a little bit of a farther drive but you can find better Thai outside Lakewood.

Chelsea Thomas

Probably like a 4.5 star. The food tastes fresh and not too greasy (I tried the veggie fried rice)

N G.

In all honesty reading all of these thoroughly written paragraphs of what went wrong with their individual experiences I have to disagree with them... personally I was greeted from afar and was shown to the table. Menus brought out pretty fast and the food was delicious (i did order mild but got no spice in our dishes and nothing I couldn't fix with a few spices which are brougHt out to the table). The ladies working the front were very attentive and I really enjoyed my meal.

Michelle S

Best yellow curry I have EVER had! I regret not getting an extra to-go order for tomorrow. Not only is the food absolutely delicious, but it’s BYOB! Great service, great night- thank you all so much! I will be back soon! :)

Tina A.

I have wanted to like Ginger Thai since moving to the area in 2017. In the past it provided "hit the spot" craving for Thai food, not the best Thai food, but ok enough for once a month. Then this past weekend I tried ordering a larger order for a party on Saturday. I called the order in on Friday evening, even gave them credit info, and the girl taking my order said it would be ready on Saturday in time for the party. Sent a runner to get the food and the folks there had NO IDEA about the order. Super inconvenient when I had a house full of people waiting for food. The mediocre food would be about a 3: edible but would not drive out of my way to get. Service for a preorder for a party was minus 2.

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