Haystack Burgers and Barley

6465 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 500, Dallas
(214) 434-1588

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Dustin Burson

This place has good food! Nice and clean. One of the best burgers around and the chicken is good as well. Great job guys.

jk nevernotorious

the customer service is great! as soon as I walked in i was welcomed and not in one of those generic ways you see all the time when everyone just says 'welcome to blah blah'. the manager Chris even came and said, 'hello!'. if you're looking for a place with great customer service to take the family, Haystack is the way to go ??

Jon Heinrich

Been here twice and the cooks do not understand how to cook a burger. Both times my medium came rare and when I sent it back they just put the cut end on the grill to make it look medium. The part past the browned cut was stil very pink.My wife asked for well done because she didn't trust the cook It was medium (a slight pink) in the middle. Everything else was great but come on it's a burger place. Teach the cooks what color Well to Rare is or how to use thermometer to measure internal temp.Not sure I'll gut it a third time.

Devin Alsobrook

My burger and onion rings were delicious! The food was fairly quick to arrive and i liked the fun beer glass. The patio is super cute too!

D R (SkibuffDFW)

I walked in to an unmasked server who was about to take my order and asked him why he wasn’t masked and he said, it was his personal choice and that the employees aren’t required to. I then turned to the manager Chris who tends the bar, and with a mask on himself, he said he left it up to his employees’ personal choice. Problem with that is, there’s now a mask mandate for ALL businesses and bars in Dallas County. He gave me plenty of attitude as I took his general manager’s info to complain. If a business is not going to comply by the law and take the health of their employees and customers seriously, in the middle of a pandemic, then I don’t care how good their food tastes. I won’t be giving them my business.

Michele Imburgia

Great service from bartender, I didn't get his name though. Menu had creative ideas. Loved my salad with pecans and burger!

Nathaniel Sherwin

Much like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, we need to remember one rule at Haystack Burgers & Barley in Dallas: Always carry a towel. I, myself made this mistake, of not grabbing one of the insanely large napkins as I made my way to my table outside and believe me, the decision was regretted. Never the less, the review was done!So, when I went to Haystack, it was a very open, and brightly lit space which seemed refreshing in the light of their farm-themed menus. I was able to place my order at the counter within minutes of arrival and I ordered the Escabeche Burger and the Kennebek Fries.These fries were perfect fries. Not mushy, but fluffy insides with a crisp outer shell created from the frying process. The Kennebek seasoning hit the spot!The Escabeche Burger was wonderful, it wasn’t necessarily the largest burger I have ever eaten, but it does rank among some of the bigger burgers in the area. It was a thick, juicy patty with decent sear. The bacon didn’t destroy my teeth or pull the sandwich apart and the jalapeños and onions really played their part in a wonderful mingling of flavors. I have to say that these are some of the best ingredients I’ve tasted and each item on this sandwich had an extremely loud flavor behind it, nothing was lost on my tongue as I ate it.Overall, if you’re looking for an extremely satisfying burger with fresh, explosive ingredients, give Haystack a try. They definitely use top-notch combinations and don’t forget the rule, always carry a towel! 5/5If you would like to read more reviews about DFW's amazing local burger shops, look us up on Facebook (@BurgerByteDFW), Instagram (@BurgerByteDFW), and Twitter (@ByteDFW)#DFWBurgers #GoodEats #Foodie #DFWFoodie #Burger #Burgers #DallasBurger #DallasBurgers #DallasFoodie #FortWorthBurger #FortWorthBurgers #FortWorthFoodie #DFWBurger #ShopLocal #ShopDFW #SupportLocal

D Largent

We went today for the first time. It's the best burger I've had in Dallas. I had the Haystack Burger and my wife had the Pattymelt. Awesome food!

David Spires

Exceptional. The chicken fried burger makes me wonder if Grady Spears developed the menu; it was that good. Indoor seating, no masks, cold Blood & Honey on tap, decent wine selection. Will try the grilled portabella salad next visit.

Holly D

Who’s idea was this anyway! Cheers to you! This is the best concept I e seen for a burger joint in a long time. Uptown with a splash of back home wherever you’re from. You rocked my socks off today! My husband ordered the same burger everywhere we go so while it’s boring to me, it’s also a great litmus test. It wasn’t just my burger that was good but his too. You can see the tastiness rolling off these burgers ? The fries are perfect! Slight crispy outside and smooth potato inside. Yum! I also got the stuffed jalapeños also. They’re not beautiful but they taste so good. It’s that good pain where the taste draws you back in even though the heat bites you back a little. Will definitely be back as soon as we can be back in the area.

Brett Beattie

Definitely not for me, the burgers had a really weird flavor profile. Food and ingredients seemed to be high quality, but I won't be going there again.

Issam A.

Nice and clean. They actually give you real silverware and cloth napkins, very nice for a hamburger joint. The meat is fresh and tasty, and the size of the burger is just right. I give it thumbs up.

M. P.

Outstanding burgers are grilled to the specified degree of doneness. Much better than average quality beef and fresh ingredients. We've only picked up online orders. Can't wait to try their beautiful patio, or handsome inside dining. Friendly, attentive service, too.

Jonathan Taylor

I usually love this place but this is the second time I've picked up my burger and the bottom bun is soaked. With either condensation or greese. It's disgusting.


Yum! Try the Reuben if you're a fan. If not, the big ol' burgers will leave you stuffed.

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