Haystack Burgers and Barley

6465 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 500, Dallas
(214) 434-1588

Recent Reviews

Jay Silverman

Great burgers and the patio is dog friendly ?

Donna Shaw

I've been wanting a hamburger with the beef taste. Know what I'm talking about? This Haystack is so good & fresh. Highly recommend you trying thisMockingbird/Abrams Hillside Village

Misty Moyse

Lakewood food is awesome!

Mary Anne S.

Great burgers! Polite waitstaff. Very busy, could use more help in the kitchen! There was quite a wait for food... but it certainly was worth the wait! Loved being back in my "old neighborhood "! Please support this "native son" keep Lakewood vibrant!

Robert T.

Dropped in at lunch and ate on their spacious patio. That was the highlight. Got the Haystack Burger and Kennebek fries. As advertised, the burger is big, juicy and (especially) messy. Which is fine if you want to eat a grossly oversized burger with a fork. I'm still unclear why burgers in the U.S. have grown to a half pound of beef. No wonder we're such an obese nation. Anyway, it was tasty, but way too many salty ingredients in there overall. Fries were fine, but not worth $3.50. At the end of the day this is just another pricey burger joint, and nothing to write home about.

Cindy H.

Yummy burger and fries. Love they cooked the way I like. Staff very friendly and helpful since it was 1st time in. Wish they had a bar

Cathy K.

The burgers are awesome here - the salads, not so much. But hey, it's a burger place, right? Good selection of beers, nice patio for safe outdoor dining. We'll be back!

William Washington

The burgers are juicy, tasty and large! The French fries are crunchy and fresh! And the Haymaker is refreshing

Joel C.

So good! Love Haystack...such a great addition to the neighborhood. Great burgers. Cold beer. Crispy fries. What else do you need?

Frank Rodriguez

Meat didn't have flavor

Wendy Musil-Gabel

Cheeseburger was really good!

Doug Caldwell

OooRah! They are open for dining in during hot summer months. Yea. 1st visit to this location as we have eaten at their Richardson and Frisco locations. We were in the neighborhood for another errand so we stopped by for weekday lunch. Well worth it. Great big burger, see photo. Next time one burger for the two of us would be just fine.


My husband and I ate here today for lunch. Food was unique but not warm/hot, pretty expensive for a sandwich, and we immediately didn’t feel well after eating here. Hope they do well in the neighborhood but unfortunately we won’t return.

Cora Alexis

My roommate and I got food poisoning from here 07/26/2020

Tom O.

Great burgers and service! Can't be beat!! Haystack is the best burger! It hits the spot with the fresh fries.

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