Hibiki Sushi

2651 Commerce St #120, Dallas
(469) 248-0516

Recent Reviews

Evan Kalstad

Sadly, I can’t share any photos because we absolutely devoured everything already. This place is the best sushi I’ve had in my life. And I’ve had lots of sushi. Their extensive list of rice-free sushi is especially good. I just told the sushi chef to make us a bunch of rice-free rolls and everything was amazing!

Joe M. Posada-Triana

We ordered 13 rolls to go and their team made sure we got them asap. Also, the sushi was amazing!

Mustafa Shabs

The food and service was phenomenal. SHHEEEEEESSSHH ?

Chi Nguyen

One of our favorites sushi spots in town. Fresh sushi with a large selection of sashimi, maki rolls and many other grilled items. The chefs are very friendly and fun to talk to.Photo Credit: IG - @the__foodbaby

Karena Davis

Very amazing and great portions. Love it!

Ashley N.

Service sucked. Food is average. Got seated and our server came by and just said she'd give us a few minutes to look over the menu-- she never gave us a menu or a qrcode to scan. She walked away before we could tell her and waited another 10 minutes until we finally got someone else to give us a code to scan. Our sushi arrives and she just places it down and immediately walks away... She never gave us any utensils so we wait 15 minutes!!! Trying to get her attention the entire time!!! and finally we ask her for chopsticks, no apology or anything! Then she immediately asks us how our food is.. How are we supposed to know? We couldn't eat because we didn't have any chopsticks. Also had to stop and ask her for napkins and straws. Literally asked for EVERYTHING. Food itself was decent, just the service SUCKED

Mal Boykins

I've been back about half a dozen times and it does not disappoint. The crazy names of some of the sushi rolls will wonder, but by all means give a shot. It'll definitely be worth it.

Juan Vila

Best sushi I’ve had in Dallas. Top 5 Dallas restaurant in general. 10/10

Brittney K.

So good I have no pictures to prove how good it was. The food was one of best sushi I have ever had. I travel. I eat a lot. A lot of sushi. This was exceptional and unique and the flavor...gosh wow. GO HERE NOW. I may eat here every night for the rest of my trip. The end Top 3 1.) rock shrimp 2.) crispy rice roll (can't remember official name but the waitress will know) 3.) Shichito peppers

Dawn B.

Had a Saturday afternoon lunch with my daughter. We enjoyed the sushi and appetizers. I plan to go back for happy hour.

Neha S.

Delicious, and reasonably priced! They have a CRAZY selection of signature rolls. If you're a sushi lover, you will definitely find something you like here.

Yohance H.

Can't go wrong with Bam Bam roll. The deep fried tofu is silken soft, not firm. The Cajun Edamame is really good, not too spicy. We also had Jackpot & Caterpillar rolls. Friendly service! We will return!!

Amanda A.

This place is beyond amazing. The fact that there is no line completely baffles us. The chefs are beyond creative. The staff are attentive and nice. We drive 45 min to come to this sushi spot. There are so many choices of rolls it is such an experience we enjoy. This is our every Friday night sushi spot moving forward!

Yessica Salinas

The sushi here is good the only thing I can complain about is that I decided to drive 20 minutes to grab dinner from here and they closed the kitchen half an hour before the closing time that you guys advertise on your Google page... It's okay if you have to close at 9:30 but please correct your hours... It's not okay to say that you are open when you're not ?

Sebastien L.

Big slices of fresh fish at a very reasonable price. I had the biggest and tastiest soft shell crab appetizer EVER! (For only $9!) Then it was followed by scallop, hamachi and toro nigiri, all washed down with a cold sake and a Kirin on tap. I can't see why anyone would have nothing but positives to say about this place!

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