4770 Vista Wood Blvd, Dallas
(214) 376-3841

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David Lacy

I gave a one-star because they really don't deserve that,I'm the only customer and it's three people in there and yet they still don't get the order right. And then I'll call them and the guy that took my order says not his fault.

Kevin El Flaco Rodas

The hospitality and service was definitely professional and comfortable

Alexandria Robinson


Tina Christiano

I want to commend the manager Sharonda on her service that she provided to my son's that is totally incapacitated in a wheelchair she was very polite patient and understanding

Toni Harris

I ordered the following:

Myra Elliott

The food was fresh, well prepared and delicious. The service and price was EXCELLENT !!?

Broderick M.

Took the kids to eat cause and we found a piece of the brillo pad in our omelette. Told the server and he immediately took my son's plate. Spoke with manager and she says... I'll give you half off your meal...I immediately got pissed but my son was whatever... received a replacement and was cool. Couldn't believe she offered half off and then defend her kitchen...NEVER EATING AT THIS LOCATION AGAIN! The server was apologetic and said he would take care off us if we came back... that was nice of him.

Raul Gutierrez

It took them to give us a table and after we got our table we keep waithing around 20m so the waiter took our orders. After he went and olny ask what we wanted to drink it took him more then 8m to take our drinks 20m later we got our food. Never going back.

Wes Garcia

The service was excellent, Kiki did a great job for our large group. The food wasn't 100% what I wanted but overall not bad place to eat.

S A Lee

The waiter, Destiny, changed the amount of the tip charged to my Visa. I called to let the manager know what had happened. She said she would call me back after taking the last 4 numbers of the card. She didn't call back and the 2nd call I made, another manager said Destiny didn't work there anymore and didn't seem to concerned about it. She asked me what did she want me to do.

Kerry R

Hostess was great but the waitress was horrible saw her only 3 times during our dinning experience food was room temperature didnt get drinks for 10 minutes even refills took long time and restaurant was not packed when came time to pay bill no other. Staff could find her

Grecia Flores Martinez

Came in at 10:20pm, ordered food, and waited. 20 mins...30 mins...50mins.... over an hour!! At 11:40pm a few other customers who were equally as annoyed, started making a scene, in regards as to why our food was so late in coming out/also as to how IHOP staff were ignoring people coming in, waiting to be seated. Boyfriend and I decided to leave (& go to Taco Bell) after a couple who had gotten there after us got their food first!! Never eating here again.

Brian Cooks

My wife and I ordered the chicken quesadilla from the appetizer menu. We were eating the quesadillas and could taste the difference right away. This guy is a fabulous cook. The cook name is Antoine. We also had a great wave waiter too.

Eliab Martinez

Very nice place and very attentive personnel

Dennis Boyd

Fairly new location, short wait on a Sunday morning to accommodate our party of 10, great staff, and the food was good...

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