4770 Vista Wood Blvd, Dallas
(214) 376-3841

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Norma Flores

First time visiting this IHOP location. Hostess are young but really try and do their best to keep up with everyone coming in. Waiters are awesome and very tentative. Not disappointed!

Christopher Stewart

Always love IHOP breakfast menu. The steak omelet was on point; however, I was disappointed with my cheesecake pancakes because my strawberry topping wasn't included in my order. I will see if it is included with my next order.

Kathy Hollins

Food was great. Service was excellent. Daisy was very attentive and friendly.

Tasha Stacy

This is terrible for an Ihop. Stopped here around 2 am to get some crispy hash browns and a short stack of pancakes. The hash browns were not crispy she brings me another plate and they still weren't crispy they were jus soaked in oil and soggy and the pancakes were so undercooked it was still white and all I could taste was flour.

Felicia Love

Get there at 1:30, tell us itll be a 30 minute wait, ok cool, then tell me itll be another 30 minute wait because, you guessed it we are shortstaffed, they knew they were shortstaffed when we got there, shouldve told us it would be an hour, not 30 minutes. Its not the customers problem that you're short staffed, should either adjust your schedules accordingly for the weekends, or if you have call offs, call people in, or just tell the people that walk in it will be an hour or more wait from the get go. Oh and both the hostess and manager was rude....

mariyah tha boss

It's a good place to take a family or friends for good food friendly service and a menu variety.

Melissa Axthelm

Great service and good coffee. Had a build my own omelet hash browns, and pancakes. Could not eat it all. Had to take the pancakes home. Omelet was fantastic!!

Rosamargarita Rodriguez

I liked it my son-in-law Juan my daughter Benita told me to Breakfast it was very nice time for asking THANKS you JESUS

Cassie Edwards

This location is a hard pass for me! They had ZERO customers at 6pm and my order was still messed up. The eggs weren't OM at all and the scrambled eggs were hard scrambled (brown). Missing meat on the sampler and both my omelets were made with the liquid eggs instead of egg whites like I ordered. I can't imagine how tough things have been for this chain through COVID but this location won't keep customers with a nasty restaurant and wrong orders. I worked for this chain for many years as a server and have a great deal of understanding to certain things because I lived it but please management do better for your customers!

Kierra La'Sha

Pack it was but took no time for us to be seated. Food was great service was fast.

Renee Collins

Ordered online and requested curbside pick up. I got there and followed the instructions on the sign texted the number and waited, only to find out that I had to come in and pick it up. I sat there for over 10 minutes. I went inside after I called the restaurant and picked up my food.

Carina Metso

Great service. Awesome waitress. She brought our food out fast and was very attentive. This was one of the only places still open past midnight. And the cupcake hot chocolate is a must have!

Kenneth Molett

(timeframe)Covid protocol, very pleasant and courteous staff, food was of good quality, I had the Belgian waffle breakfast.

Taby Perez

Friendly service and seems very clean. We had the Poblano omelet and the Spinach Omelet ?Our waitress was very friendly and did an excellent job! Rosa was our waitress.

Erika Kiser

They had many empty tables and plenty of people working, but had nobody in the front doing the check in. Waited more than 10 mins and still nothing. People that were already seated, left. Nobody waited on them. I ended up leaving and going somewhere else. Horrible place.

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