la Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe Mockingbird

3072 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas
(214) 696-0800

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Melody Townsel

After ordering ahead for pickup for two sandwiches, then driving 20 minutes with some assurance that those sandwiches would then be ready, then waiting another 45 MINUTES to get those sandwiches while watching Door Dash order after Door Dash order sail out the door, we know exactly where we stand with you. As did the customer before us who had much the same experience.

Ana Menendez

The TO GO is a hot mess. Ordered online, when I got there to pick up my order, no one answered the phone. Then I went inside, grubhub, Uber, people pick up order, .... all waiting. There should be 2 lines Togo. One for the online order and one to order Togo in store. Will not be coming back. Get it together and organize yourself.

Joshua Westover

So I really enjoy this food and I came and placed an order to go, I got home and the order was wrong I think between the masks and levels of background noise muffled what I wanted to have, so I get home and realized my sandwiches whereby sandwiches they where crissonts I called and spoke to a miss jada I believe was her name she was MOD she was sweet as can be and so costumer service forward she took care of everything I applaud her kindness in this world we live in now with COVID and such she went above and beyond for us Thank You so very much. We will defiantly be back again that and I love their tomato soup it’s to die for lol.

Fred Stovall III

Very friendly staff...cozy atmosphere.

A Stout

One of my favorite spots to grab something to eat. awesome location, clean, and great customer service. Very good job!

Trent Raby

Fantastic french bakery. The prices are great too!

Patricia Davis

One consistent in life is la Madeleine. Staff were friendly fulfilled my order quickly food was fresh and delicious this is one of my favorite la Madeleine's locations. Plenty of space for social distancing

Amelia Jensen

I love this place, great food & service. Looking forward to coming back with my relatives. Prices are reasonable. Menu is like a place in San Francisco I loved.

Daisy P

Service is awesome even when they are busy. The service here is outstanding.

Jack M.

Solely because of how poor the customer service is they act like you are not there and will just continue on like you don't exist.

Jasmine P.

La Madeleine is the coziest restaurant. It's perfect for a rainy day & their hot chocolate is amazing. They also give student discounts when you show ID, which is a big plus!!! It was the perfect place for me and my Bumble BFF to meet up!! They are also keeping up with social distance practices & they have GrubHub to go incase you don't want to dine in!

Alejandro Pérez

Great service all the staff did incredible job we come back soon

Irene Bruno

Too much dressing on the ceasar salad and the chicken was cut too big in the chicken salad.

Mike Byrd

the staff was very helpful and observant. prices are reasonable i would say.

Paige M.

Worst La Madeleine ever simply because of their horrible customer service. Yesterday I placed an online order through their website but quickly realized I needed to cancel it, so I called the store and requested that they cancel the order 20 minutes in advance. I was told that I would need to cancel it myself through the app, only to find zero way to do this because there is literally no option for it offered on the app. I also checked the website and confirmation email, both of which stated to call the store if I needed to make changes to my order. So I called the store once again to let them know that I was unable to cancel it so they would need to do it on their end. They said they would take care of it, yet I have still not received any confirmation that my order was cancelled. This morning, I called the store for a 3rd time, at which point I was transferred to the rudest manager I've ever spoken to. He's disrespectful as hell and he honestly just spoke down to me after I politely explained my situation; he literally said to me "next time just pick up your food like you're supposed to." ....Like seriously dude? Sometimes things happen, circumstances and plans change. We deserve companies that accommodate us and understand our needs in the event that we're unable to pickup an order, ESPECIALLY in the middle of a global pandemic. Not to mention, it turns out the employee I spoke to yesterday who promised they'd cancel it apparently just straight up lied to my face? The manager I spoke to today said he'd cancel it which obviously means the other guy just decided not to. Dope. Manager then spouted a bunch of bullsh*t about how I wouldn't get an email confirming my cancellation bc their online ordering system is through some third party, blah blah blah. Still waiting on my refund and I'm starting to think I'll never get it.

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la Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe Mockingbird

3072 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 696-0800