Laurel Tavern Dallas

1920 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(469) 399-0613

Recent Reviews

Alex Webb

Great burgers and salads, great atmosphere, kid friendly with some classic games and shuffleboard.

Jessica B.

I love actual cubed ice... it's the little things. I've been here a number of times with friends. This place is great! Just make sure you have a valid ID. They're not going down for serving someone with an expired ID. Their fries are off the chain.

norma chalker

Love this place! Great date night if you are on a budget especially during happy hour. Good food, generous pour of drinks in a cozy environment. We also had fun playing played jenga and shuffleboard. Can't wait to go back!

Tyler Vonderheide

Fantastic place on lower Greenville. Relaxed vibe with fantastic service. Highly recommend Colin as your drink master and Kim as your waitress. The old fashion is mighty delightful plus you can’t go wrong with the jalapeño burger

Mike Grant

Great happy deals good beers on tap good service

Scott R.

I always forget about this place until planning a last min happy hour. Great bar snacks, decently made cocktails, a surprisingly good beer & wine selection, and generally low key. Staff is friendly without being in your face. Pretty ideal.

Lisa S.

I can not believe I waited so long to come here. OMG the burgers. Seriously, SO good. I think the best restaurant burger I've had in Dallas. My boyfriend got the BBQ-type burger and I got the one with avocado on it...and we were still talking about these burgers two days later. The beef was super delicious and cooked perfectly. The toppings complimented both burger sooo well! We also started with the fried chicken burger sliders, since I had read the fried chicken sandwich was awesome, and the appetizer absolutely lived up to the hype!! We sat at the bar to eat and really enjoyed the whole experience! Already trying to plan a time to come back...LOVED it!

Justin Michaud

One of the best burgers I've had in Dallas!

Ashlee H.

We ate here on a Saturday night at 6pm. We had a table of 8 women and our server took good care of us. My sister and I split a cheeseburger which was delicious! The garlic parmesan fried were also very tasty. I had the drink special which was a hot spiced summer and it was excellent. Everyone seemed happy with their meal, we had no complaints about the food or the service. At 6pm we were able to get a table for 8 no problem, but it is a small place, so you should go early of you have a large group.

Carlos Soto

The burgers are tasty but too small for what I paid

Allison F.

Came to Laurel for the bar crawl and got a beer, burger, and fries. The happy hour was posted everywhere but they weren't honoring it because of the bar crawl which was odd. The incorrect burger came out and I was miss-charged for two drinks. The server fixed it and was super friendly but not the best experience. The garlic fries were good but need like truffle sauce or mayo to go with them!

Scott Phillippi

Good burger and quick service. A-la-carte for the burger was a bit pricey

Daniel Cepeda

Great for as quick drink and their jalapeño burger is fantastic

Daniel C.

Great for as quick drink and their jalapeño burger is fantastic. It has become a go to to hang out and catch a game

Emma H.

One of my favorite spots in the Lower Greenville area! I visit fairly frequently and I am never disappointed. They have a great happy hour menu, good selection of beers and friendly staff. I'm a fan of the chili lime good! Can't recommend Laurel enough!

Jessica F.

Love it here - one of our favorite places! Make some of the very best craft cocktails and prohibition Era inspired cocktails! The food is divine! The staff has always been quick, responsive, and ready with great suggestions on food and drinks

Brittney Parrish

I like it here always quality food & service. The staff was sociable and attentive.

Maegan Kidd

This place is cozy and warm. I absolutely cannot get enough of the pretzel with mustard butter and the chicken sliders. Bailey is the best bartender in town. And all the staff are so kind and wonderful.

Jonah Watson

Got there about two, it was not packed. I look forward to a return visit. The bill was decent for the quality. I see why this place has so many great reviews.

Elaine Higgins

very delicious. looking forward to returning with my friends. it has a great atmosphere.

Michael Hopkins

This location is absolutely outstanding. I think I might become a regular. Bring your appetite because portions are filling.

Hoyt D.

Wow! Exceptional service. The staff are all so welcoming. The bartenders are always on it. The manager is super kind and attentive. Also... Jalapeí±o burger for the win!

Nick L.

Fantastic service! Great food! Better drinks! Thanks Bailey! Baby beers are good! Jalapeí±o burger is awesome!

Salem S.

The manager is unprofessional. I could not believe how rude he was. Will NOT be coming back, I suggest you take your business elsewhere!

Marc H.

This place will take your money and not give you good service. Even after we showed them a dispute on a charge they argued and would not refund a charge being placed twice. Manger was rude and unacommadating.

Mona W.

I wish I could say great things about this place as I had really high hopes, but after a run in with the general manager, Russ Neipp, he left a sour taste in my mouth. He refused to hear my concerns and cut me off when I tried to tell him that his bar charged me twice for the same bill. He refused to listen to me and encouraged me to "please leave his bar and come back another time" without hearing my explanation. By not looking out for the customer experience, he left my day/night a nightmare. He was disrespectful and unaccommodating to a paying customer. He over charged my drinks twice and refused to rectify the situation and told me "come back another day." When I asked for his supervisor he refused to relive that information as his excuse was "I dont want to." I am more than happy to be a compliant customer when the bar owns up to mistake they have made, but when the general manager, Russ, refuses to treat you as a paying customer and says he has "more important business to attend to," it makes you concerned how the establishment is run.

Gia Kahn

Great drinks, friendly staff and delicious food. What more could you ask?

Shannon W.

seriously awesome burgers and their garlic/cheesy fries or whatever are the business. indoor/outdoor seating is avail and trust they have ample fans and misters for when its 100+ outside. i also like how many games they have to play because i love losing in connect four. my one issue: i never finish whatever i order and always regret it the next day cuz im walkin around like where did i leave the other half of that burger?!

Demetria C.

Happy Hour Tuesday- Thursday 5-7 & Friday - Sunday 4-6 The staff is extremely friendly and they make amazing specialty drinks. My favorite was the margarita. I'm not sure about the food because we came here just for drinks. I do plan on returning real soon to spilt a few appetizers & sip on the amazing cocktails, at which time I'll update my review on the food. FYI: You can sip over a game of checkers or connect four..... I love that!!

Steven N.

Great little spot in lower Greenville the crispy chicken sandwich is a must try and their queso con chorizo. Dog friendly small outdoor patio out front with water bowls for the dogs.

Taylor Y.

Great food and atmosphere. Burgers are great. Order the meat and cheese board also. Kale Caesar salad is great too. It has garlic pretzel croutons that are awesome. The Grove drink is good too. Overall great place in Lowest Greenville!

Laura B.

Cheese plate was great and so was the service! Go on Tuesday, it's happy hour all day!


Legit burger and fries. Portion was nice. Friendly service.

Claire W.

Great happy hour prices with a variety of food and drinks! I like the atmosphere here a lot - it's great for a small or large group. Cute patio if it's nice out.


We tried to visit around 5:00 PM on a Saturday, but when we walked to the back for the seating, there were reservation signs on all the tables. We had to turn around and walk out. That was a bummer. I'm not a fan of restaurants that rent the whole place out and then say they are still open for business. I'd rather they mark themselves as closed for the evening for an event.. . We drove several miles to specifically visit this restaurant. As a bar/tavern, you don't expect to call ahead for reservations or availability.

Nate Cowart *Bird

I like world tavern it was a nice place The dog had a really great time sitting on the patio in the evening the service was wonderful I will definitely be back.

Betty Roberts

One of my top locations for tasty bar food. Got there near five, it wasn't very busy. I will be bringing family next time. Similar to a place in Denver I loved.

Michael Berg

A preferred spot for delicious Bar food. one of the best spots in the area. this place has a nice design.

Desiree Flores

A favorite place for delicious bar food. Food was so fresh. The place has a good feel to it.

Christina Wright

A top place for bar food. Great food with quality ingredients. Prices were average for the menu.