Lovers Pizza & Pasta

6434 E Mockingbird Ln #113, Dallas
(214) 823-2262

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Tifani B.

Wanted pizza for my birthday and this place did not disappoint. The Works pizza was fresh and delicious at a great price. Some of the best pizza I've had. We also got the lobster ravioli and mussels marinara. They were also amazing! Plus delivery was free. 10/10 would eat here again.

Sumbel A.

Ordered a gourmet pizza and chicken ala pana for delivery.The pasta was inedible, the rolls were so old. And the pizza was ok, just didn't taste very good.But the worst part about this meal was how sick it made me feel. Same with my husband. Very poor quality.

Irwin Demetrius

I celebrated my birthday this evening in this excellent restaurant. Well we passed a brilliant evening and the restaurant was certainly the reason for this successful evening. The team contributed in a sweet way, the meals were appetizing and my guests were so pleased. We shall no dout visit again for more celebrations. Thank you very much.

Psalm L.

Awesome pizza, pasta and everything, this is my regular place, they never let me down. They also have Seafood combo pasta which is my favorite too

Holly H.

I paid extra for gluten free pizza, which was anything but gluten free. The pizza wasn't bad, but it is not worth two weeks of feeling sick. It's unethical to market pizza as gluten free when you go to no effort to avoid cross contamination. Cross contamination might be fine for someone that's gluten intolerant, but for someone with Celiac disease, it's absolutely not. Take "gluten free" off the menu unless you actually plan on taking appropriate measures to ensure it is gluten free.

Jose Castillo

the pizza is always tasty and when I go I always enjoy my meal.


I highly recommend this place, good portions and it tastes way better than olive garden. It is cheap but still maintains good quality. Worth going.

Richard Crites

Asked for a carryout out orderPizza was amazingCheese bread was amazingFair price5/5 would eat here again

David M.

They make good Pizza and the people are friendly, but none of the workers wore a mask. I will not go back again, I feel very unsafe there

P&PG Humangrowthcorp

I highly recommend this place, good portions and it tastes way better than olive garden. It is cheap but still maintains good quality. Worth going.

Marc Studebaker

Very nice restaurant. Generous portions, great food. Small and intimate, with a warm atmosphere. 10/10 will be a return customer.

Cassandra G.

Ordered from here for the first time and highly disappointed. First I called and was left on hold after providing my address. The rep came back and said sorry we couldn't figure out your address the system was having issues. I ignored that and proceeded to order. I ordered a large sausage and pepperoni pizza and asked it if could be cut in squares, as it's easier for kids to eat it that way. I was never told a total before the rep hung up the phone taking my order. After receive my order it was incorrect. The pizza was sausage only, no pepperoni and cut in diamonds. I called to the restaurant and the same guy is on the phone telling me I'm wrong and the ticket says sausage and cheese, cut in diamonds??? Who would even ask for diamonds? Also I asked him can you tell me what I was charged for and he says, cheese and sausage. Then says, that's what you ordered sorry. No care in the world for HIS MISTAKE that I'm paying for!!!

Leanne G.

Lover's pizza is our favorite pizza delivery option in Dallas. The pizza is consistently delicious and their salads are fresh (and a great deal). The crust is nice and chewy and they are generous with the toppings. We like the vegetarian pizza or simply black olives and mushrooms. They always use fresh ingredients. We also like the dinner salads with the raspberry vinaigrette dressing. They have other salads that are also good, but the dinner salad has a good range of veggies. We order one for each person, and it makes a great side.

Tim Johnson

I absolutely LOVE this place - we always dine in! Food is amazing and never fails us. We always get an appetizer, pasta dishes, and a slice of pizza. Quality and price keeps us coming back - Closest to NY Pizza I have found. ...I'll give 4-stars as your counter girl and gentleman need to smile and warm up a little. Again, we love coming here but cant forget the basics of customer service, otherwise would have been 5-stars.

Jamez Z.

Really love this place. Does remind me of Brooklyn amd upstate pizza. I worked in a place like this when younger, Thanks Mr. Bob Miller at Casa di Bella!! Just smile man, its gonna work out!!! thanks for what you do we appreciate you and your team.

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