Mario's Mexican and Salvadorian Restaurant

5404 Lemmon Ave, Dallas
(214) 599-9744

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Ogden M.

The food and service always amazing! I would give a 10 but the hostess spent the whole time talking on her personal cellphone... new customer would walk in and she would look bothered cuz she would have to pause her very "important" personal call... the phone from the restaurant would be ringing and we would not answer the phone... the lady have so bad attitude and zero professionalism... also if you are hungry or want to eat something go to the back don't eat at the host stand! other than her needing a couching everything is amazing

Muhammad A.

Can't believe I've been in Dallas for a year living walking distance and just discovered this place. The specials and happy hour here are amazing. They have a special on food everyday of the week which led me to get the chicken enchiladas which were way better than they look I promise. The free tortilla chips come with 3 different dips which were all really good (bean dip and 2 salsas). Definitely love when the chips and salsa are really good at a Mexican place as it makes the experience of waiting for your food so much better. The service here is amazing I don't think my glass of water was ever empty the whole time I was here. They were also really good about getting us more chips and salsa. Overall really satisfied with this place and would definitely recommend it. Also a great happy hour spot. Will definitely be coming back a lot in the future. Chicken enchiladas- 4.3/5

Macy W.

The food here is really good. This is my second time coming and I have no complaints at all, regarding the food. I like the combination pupusas, and brought my family here to try Salvadorian cuisine for the first time. My dad enjoyed his plate and my mother did not like the pupusas. She requested to exchange it for something she liked and the waiter seemed afraid to go ask. The manager came over to see what was going on. The manager informed my mother, "that's the way pupusas are. If you don't like them, don't order them." Even after my mom explained this was her first time and she didn't know what to expect. The manager was reluctant to exchange anything, but eventually gave in. Food overall is a solid 4. Today's customer service experience with the manager is a 1. Wait staff overall are very polite and helpful.

Melody G.

Would rate it 5 stars because of the food and because I've been eating here for years now, but the last two times I've been I've had rude encounters with what seems like a new manager. She doesn't smile, is very short in tone, and walks around the restaurant just looking mean. The major incident was the last time we went my boyfriend said his pork pupusa tasted funny. We told our server, who was very polite by the way, and he said he'd try to get it fixed. He came back a few minutes later and said we'd have to pay for a new pupusa. This didn't make sense especially because only one bite was taken out of the weird pupusa. We asked to speak to the manager and this woman came over. She rudely asked what was wrong, we explained, and she replied, "No the pupusa is fine have you ever eaten here before??" We told her we had multiple times and never had any issues with the food until today. She again replied "No the pupusa is fine. It is good." We told her it wasn't good and if we could just please get a new pupusa or get refunded. She became aggravated and said "No! We made it for you, it is good, you have to pay if you want another one." We just looked at her like really? Told her to forget about it and she walked away. When the server came back he immediately started apologizing and told us he knew what she was doing wasn't right. We just brushed it off, paid, and left disappointed at the experience. I have never had bad service going there by the way. The servers are always so polite and attentive. This lady though, needs a new position or to be gone. Her unhappy face when you walk through the door, and lack of a smile, or any customer service just really is a buzzkill.

Seth L.

This place was amazing. I didn't go with much expectation. I was invited to go by someone that was from El Salvador. They said this was the most authentic el Salvadorian place in the area. I got the Jennifer, plus a side of plantains. The paupsa, I got with chicken and cheese, recommended by my friend, and it was all awesome. Put the sauce and the cabbage on the papusa, again, suggested by the el Salvadorian friend. I couldn't stop eating. It was all so good. The rice cooked with the black bean leftovers was amazing. Seriously, try the El Salvadorian part of the menu. I'll be back.

Michael Villanueva

Great food and the mango swirl margarita was delicious! Nice atmosphere and service was GREAT! Definitely will be going back 😁

Chuck Griswold

I would suggest trying this restaurant, the food is different and good, they have meals in both Mexican and salvadorian, while some might think they are the same, they are not. I love Mexican food, but now I digging the Salvadorian cuisine as an alternative and something different

Kelvin F.

One of my favorite mexican places in dallas. The best chips and salsa. Favorite dishes: Fajitas Montada (w/steak), Alex, and Brisket enchiladas. The margaritas are reasonably priced on or off happy hour.

Kevin Reynolds

I have always been a big Mario’s fan and still find their food tasty. However, the past few trips the service has become slower than the pony express. Not sure what’s changed, but I hope faster service reruns soon.

RockaRolla Wmn

Killer food! EVERY time my fiance & I have gone there, we are happy with the blackbean dip & the 2 salsas they provide with chips.

Laura C.

I've always wanted to try pulusas. I found this gem. Their pupusas are delish. We'll be back to explore their menu.

Kym Wilson

My family and I have eaten at this several times in the last few years, the last time was Mother’s Day 2019. Has always the food is amazingly delicious and full-filling. You won’t leave hungry! Service is always impeccable and spot on! Put this place on the top of your 2019 Bucket list and you don’t have Bucket list make one! You won’t regret it! Enjoy!

Tyler A.

This place is fantastic. I'd put it up there with some of the best Mexican restaurants in Dallas. 100% recommend.

Chris F.

So we decided to come in on 6/7/19 and waited a bit for a hostess... We saw someone in the bar area and we asked if someone could seat us... After about another 5 minutes she cane over and gave us the impression we were inconveniencing her and she was reluctantly seating us. At the table there was no smile, no thank you, no acknowledgment of any kind except a very sour glare... I also noticed she gave the same level of attitude to other people she sat. I would have asked for a manager but the way she was walking around I was afraid she WAS the manager. The waiter was great and the food was awesome as always but if that is how we are going to be treated when coming in the door we are going the think twice about coming back.


Our waiter was awesome. Can’t blame him for following orders of a rude MANAGER. She closed the umbrella on us because of supposed “wind” and was afraid the umbrella would break (THERE WAS NO WIND). We are paying customers and got cut off on drinks after the 3rd one, yet it’s happy hour and we spent 2 plus hours with a group of 8 people. We expressed our thoughts to our waiter and let him know it wasn’t his fault. However the manager... she needs a little more practice on her CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Maggie L.

Excellent meal and service this evening. And we enjoyed sitting on the patio. Excellent ribs, Charro beans and rice. Also love the guacamole. Pretty much all around Perfect.

Cris Martinez

We always have a great time. We love Alex at the bar. He treats us amazing

Zach C

Best restaurant been to in a while and excellent service. I am not from Dallas and I am happy that we made this our one stop while in town. Brisket enchiladas are the best enchiladas i have ever had!!! By far.

Glenn Philp

(4/12/19) This place really has one of the worst services. Everytime my family has come here it has taken over 20 minutes to place an order for food and to get the check. We will be sitting with empty drinks (beer or Margaritas) which is lost sales. Honestly, if it wasn't for the LGBT community I don't think it would still exist. I feel food safety and cleanliness is also lacking.

Karen B.

Had a business meeting here and they brought chips and hot sauce to the table -- never asked And then charged us $21 for chips and hot sauce. Really? We will now all go elsewhere to drink margs and meet. And they suck!!

Mario's Mexican and Salvadorian Restaurant

5404 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209