Mario's Mexican and Salvadorian Restaurant

4123 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas
(214) 599-9744

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Timothy Edgeworth

The new location is great. The staff all had masks and there was at least 10 ft between the few people that were there. The food was wonderful as it usually is at Mario's. My club founder and I had a nice comfortable safe meal together as we discussed club business. I will go again when things get better.


Great flavor on the chicken quesadillas. I really like that they give you 3 different dipping items with the warm chips. My kids love the vegetarian black beans.

Rachelle Navarro

We drive in from Mckinney atleast once a month. Absolutely love the food and great service!!

Alan J.

This is actually a favorite place I come with friends.  Food and margaritas are quite good at this price point. HOWEVER, Mrs Mario is a complete shiitte to customers and wait staff. She lacks even rudimentary interpersonal skills  and the restaurant would undoubtedly be much more successful without her.

If Mrs Mario would leave I would up my rating to a 4 or 5.  

Mr Mario, on the other hand, is polite, attentive, and a nice host. The new location is quite nice with a good patio and much nicer building.

Jacob P.

was way better on Lemmon. Actually it was good food and experience then. New location has resulted in more changes than just a parking lot. Food was bland and mostly veggies in my fajitas. I will not be coming back unfortunately bc it used to be my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Taylor B.

Food was bland. Lacked serious seasoning, not even a hint of cumin, coriander, salt nor pepper! Bartender added 7Up/Sprite in my mom's that a thing? So gross. Waitress and manager acted like they didn't speak any English, which is ok, but c'mon. Manager put her hands on her hip and looked us up and down when we requested a new drink to replace the sugary soda "margarita". We were baffled! I was honestly looking forward to this "new" experience (having gone several times to the previous location on Lemmon) but this was the WORST experience and I will NOT be returning.

Sami Pitts

I've been waiting to check out this place since moving to Dallas. It was well worth the wait. Can never go wrong with Pupusas!

Lea Rhea Capote

Parking is an issue at the new location. Otherwise, just picked up and moved furnishings from Lemmon location to new space. I really like their chicken enchiladas, however the rice was not even warm.

KCraigJ's Wise Words

Delicious, beautiful food & a great space. Dangerously strong Margheritas- Lololol

Matt P.

Food tasted like you were eating at an office potluck. Very basic and just not at what I would call restaurant quality. That's only my opinion. Probably wouldn't come back.

Mike K.

I visited this past Friday night for dinner with a friend. The service was great considering it was a busy time Friday evening and packed on the patio where we sat. I ate the veggie fajitas and the veggies were doused in oil. If I would have known I would have requested no oil added. The guacamole was pretty good along with the sides for the fajitas. The margarita was huge and good but very sweet. Overall I wouldn't rush to come back. It was just okay in my opinion. I know a lot of restaurants have been in the space before so hoping it makes it although Mexican cuisine is a Dallas favorite and it's in a prime location.

E Johnston

The place was packed but the crowd was swiftly managed and served as usual with promptly and courtesy

Justin M.

Great food and patio for tss red brained pooch. Get the Silver Margarita! Try the seafood enchiladas. Welcome to Cedar Springs!

Erika Ruiz

Will never be back. Invited a friend for lunch, as we walk in a mid age lady was super rude. Looks like a manager or even the owner. I've been enjoying brunchs and dinners with friends here for years. I'm all about customer service. & so many more places I can go spend my money. If y'all don't get it together. This place will be closing very soon.

Andres C. Carbajal

yesterday I went to the restaurant with some friends as usual and we asked to sit on the patio so as not to have any type of risk and the owner of the place objected and in a very bad way did not let us be outside with the weather so good it was, saying that it was going to rain, we had a terrible treatment and it was not friendly. very bad treatment from her.

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Mario's Mexican and Salvadorian Restaurant

4123 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 599-9744