Melios Brothers Char Bar

2026 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(214) 826-8800

Recent Reviews

Jann Browning

Great chops and coffee .. always served with a genuine smile. Gonna be sorely missed.

Pearl Martinez

Have been coming here since it opened.The best food, and hospitality.Great quality food May the Melio brother's be blessed beyond measure

Arleen Nelson

There always quick about food service and very friendly going to miss them my dads favorite place

Noel Aten

Always awesome. I will miss these guys after so many years.

Michael McShane

Went for last meal at Char Bar before they close Sep 22nd. As usual the meat was perfect and the hickory sauce was delicious.

Laura G.

Got the pork loin dinner special and it came with TWO whole patties. Baked potato was perfect Iceberg lettuce and carrots for salad. Service was very friendly. The old man at the counter has been there my whole 20 years of coming here. Love this place forever!

Richard Allen

Been eating here since my mom first brought me to Char Bar back in '74~'75. Soon (09/22/2019) it will be closing for good. Best Chop Steak ever!! I'm sure going to miss all of the Melios Brothers and the atmosphere of the restaurant. At least I have the memories.

Redbone Duhh

Used to be the darn best place to have some Sunday breakfast. Just recently, actually this Sunday we drove all the way across town to eat here. It's supposed to open at 8 a.m. we actually got there at 7:45, waited, nobody showed up at 8. Long story short we drove back by at about 9:45 still nobody there no open signs no nothing. KINDA BS when a company doesn't show up to open the doors at a posted time.

tammilee truitt

Great food. Classic Dallas experience. Hurry and go. They are closing after more than 40 years.

Aldo Q.

I just read the news that Char Bar is closing in September. I regret not coming sooner, especially because Char Bar is one of those places that we drive by every week. The Chili Cheese Burger is great, and at under 5 bucks it's a great option. The place was busy during lunch but they move fast and get the food ready very fast. Not fast-food fast, but still very quickly. We'll be coming back several times before they close for good.

Nikki Faries

My first date with late husband was here in 1982 sad to see them close always good food.breakfast,lunch and dinner ..but i wish these guys lots of luck in their new adventures.

julieta vasquez

It was a bit pricey, but the service and food was great we were informed that it's going to close for good in September, ð??¢ð??¢


After 4 dozen years on competitive Lowest Greenville, Char Bar is shuttering because of higher lease costs. The Melios Brothers have done a commendable job of serving high quality food at reasonable prices and their patrons love them for it. We went there for lunch to pay our respects. Warm greetings, friendly service, very good food served piping hot. My wife enjoyed a fresh, crisp Greek Salad served with Feta Cheese and pita bread. I had the Gyros Sandwich and a side of Onion Rings, both so hot, I had to let them cool a bit before eating. Char Bar is a hole-in-the wall, a time - capsule of hard work, good times and bad. it is unpretentious and authentic like its owners. It is the real deal. . You have until September 22, 2019 to pay your respects and enjoy some really good food.

Wack Elroy

Love This place I drive all the way from Canton tx for this food

A W.

Went for lunch with coworkers and I would definitely go back for the steak special. I got a stripe steak (cooked to my liking), baked potato, side salad, and toast for $16. The meal was good and definitely worth the price. There is definitely a diner vibe and you will smell like food when you leave.

Amalia Rosas

I always come here when I can w/ my mom, and it's always for breakfast. The breakfast is always superb and delicious. My mom loves their hash browns. They are always tender not overcooked like in some fast food restaurants(Denny's, IHOP, etc) As for paying with Cash, I have always been paying with Debit/credit card, never had a problem with it.

Mj Rmz

Love this place, the food is delicious. Family friendly restaurant.

Derek S.

We came to Greenville road looking for a breakfast, we found A warm welcome and great breakfast! Simple and tasty, made with much love . This is a Neighbourhood Jen .

amy goodwin

Great NY strip steak special.. Delish and tender. No sweet tea, which makes this Texas woman not so happy! Great salad bar and large portions of fries. A must try in lower Greenville.

Zackery Hill

Nobody cooks steak and makes blue cheese dressing from scratch as good as these guys and nobody ever will . I recommend for any and all. They've been around for 40 years and the food still taste the same .Nothings changed except the juxe box . Will always be my number one restaurant in dallas !!!


Saturday night, 8:42 pm. Google says they close at 10. Business tells me they are already closed..."we close at 9." So, almost 20 minutes from now. I recently read this place may shut down soon as the owner may sell the place or retire, that's why I came here. Go ahead and close, buddy. Your heart is clearly not in it.

Abby T.

I have been coming here since I was little with my parents. The Melios brothers are sweet and awesome people!! They can tell you about Greece while making you some great food. Try the pancakes, they are huge and fluffy!!

Susan Smith

Okay I am not a picky eater at all. I would eat food from a rat infested place if the food is good, anyway. The ribeye tasted like it was boiled. The salad bar consisted of iceberg lettuce, huge chunks of onion and bell pepper, and bottled dressing from the store. The chicken fried tasted like a freezer burned sadness battered in an angry cup of flour, the gravy that topped it was essentially milk and flour only. The staff did seem very nice though

Ranell Foster

Outside of the building is what drew me in. It just doesn't fit the rapidly changing neighborhood around. I then went inside and was transported to the past. I was skeptical at the moment but then when i got to the front of the line, I saw bunch of letters from various Dallas mayors and city council members over the years talking about it as a Dallas institution.

Donna Mann

I love Melios Brothers Char Bar! Their food is fabulous and I love the atmosphere. It is a staple of Lower Greenville Avenue. If it were ever to close, Dallas would be a sadder place for it.

Matt Torrez

Great place for all 3 courses! Been comming here since I was 5 , know all the brothers and they great people!

Susan M.

Dallas Favorite for Breakfast. Seeing the smiles of the Melio Bros is our favorite. Love the ordering process, takes about 60 seconds! Food never disappoints. We love Char Bar!

Christina Tice

Great steaks, delicious gyros. One of my favorite places.

Leonardo Granados

The place to eat if you need good, quick breakfast. Courteous workers as well as quick service. Steak and eggs was amazing for the price. 10/10 would reccomend to friends.


i've been coming here since i was a little girl. If you want great food at an affordable price, without all the fancy, you'll love this place too.

Adriana Morales

Awesome steaks! No frills. Love it!!

John Parkin

so many restaurants closing in lower greenville and this place I'm sure is older than I am is still going.

Sean S.

I got yelled at for coming in last night. The owner is very mean and hates everyone. Got the ribeye and wasn't good. I'm not sure how this 'Dallas institution' stays open. The place is always empty and I'm sure some developer is salivating waiting to knock down this prime piece of property. And I've gone in several times over the last year or so since I live right down the street. Every time I go in and order something the owner tells me I can't have whatever I've ordered for whatsoever reason and then tells me what I WILL have. Someone else in these reviews compared him to the soup Nazi from 'Seinfeld'. Very, very true! Won't be going back. Will stick with John's Cafe down the street. Thank you, next!!

Tellisha Silva

Great atmosphere. Delicious food

Noah Wilcox

The best burger on Lower Greenville is right here and it only costs $4. This unsuspecting joint has been around forever and held up competing against all the other boujee restaurants on Lower Greenville and with great reason. They're friendly, the environment is relaxed. it a very quick bite. and it's delicious. If you're like me and just appreciate a simple plate that is done well, look no further. I can't attest to their breakfast yet, but I trust that it's outstanding as well.

Vanessa Ordonez

I would definitely recommend this place for a steak. My family loves this place. It's a great family owned restaurant with great customer service. Be sure to bring cash, they do not accept debit/credit cards.

Constance Washington

This was a very nice place. The staff were friendly and helpful, as it was our first time eating there. The food is cooked to order and it's nice to see the guys preparing the food right in front of you. There's open seating and it wasn't too crowded.

Jesse Perez

I have been coming here for over 20 years. I know the owners and they are so nice. The food is good and this place has really come a long way. A lot of great family memories. The place is old so don't expect new tables or floor or restroom. But it's a humble great place to have a GREAT meal.

Brett Rummel

As I'm sitting here loading up my fries into a to-go container, I'm recalling how great my chopped steak plate was. The steak, as well as the fries, were cooked to perfection. I loved that I had the whole restaurant to myself. The stern, yet genuinely kind gentleman that was working was extremely helpful. The food was reasonably priced. This place is truly wonderful!


Everything is good here! Excellent service and wonderful people! Try out this family owned business and youâ??re guaranteed to enjoy!