Nori Handroll Bar

2814 Elm St, Dallas
(469) 436-6674

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Kathryn M.

Went here for New Year's Eve dinner and it did not disappoint! I had never heard of this place, the inside is so cool it's just one long room with really nice lighting and wood panels. They start you off with a little towel to wipe your hands which is nice...we ordered 2 cocktails, an espresso martini & a lychee martini "alexis" which were both very good... they have a few different menu options, the tradition menu you can can get a tamaki/handroll set, they also have a la carte items & side orders, or you can get the "omakase" chef choice for $100. We each got the tamaki/handroll set "hungry" which had 4 pieces and then we shared the chicken karaage & rock shrimp tempura and we left feeling satisfied. The handrolls were so good, I especially liked the spicy tuna & negitoro, they just melted in your mouth. The shrimp tempura side wasn't impressive so I wouldn't order that again, but the chicken karaage was tasty. You don't have plates, there is just a paper placemat infront of you which is something I had never experienced. It was a very fun and kind of interactive dinner, and the staff was also very nice, and the handrolls came out pretty quickly one by one. So for 2 cocktails, 2 sides, & 2 handroll sets our bill was $95! You should try this place out, i'll definitely be coming back!

OliverF1000 ..

Wonderful! Every handroll tasted great- cool vibe inside the restaurant, friendly staff. Would not hesitate to visit this place again!

Cri S.

Bit too expensive for my taste. And the taste is difficult to deconstruct. Not sure what it is but the natural flavors of the proteins is just completely disguised that all you are left is the texture. Which makes the handroll experience weird. The effort is appreciated but price for the entire experience is not justified. Deep Ellum is already an inconvenience as it is so the price and experience is just another nudge to avoid the area.

Nick N.

The seaweed is what brings me back. Crispy and fresh every time. Oh their fish is spectacular as well. Everything was delicious, you cant go wrong with anything on their menu. It's a bit on the pricey side, but you can taste the freshness in the fish so you do get what you pay for. parking is a nightmare since it is located in deep ellum. 4 stars because service could be a little better.

Michelle U.

Made reservations via email ([email protected]) for omakase for my husband and I for 5:00pm on a Saturday. We were the only ones there so it felt like we bought out the place ;) The omakase is about 15 items for only $100, which is cheap compared to most of the omakases in Houston. The fish wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was still fresh and really good. For $100, we left EXTREMELY full which I appreciate. I'm not sure if they change up the menu often, but the omakase had a bunch of scallops and uni - two things I absolutely love! My favorite courses were the brussels sprouts (the hoison sauce is delicious), scallop special, and nori mini don. Another thing I loved was you get to pick two handrolls (options: salmon, negitoro, spicy tuna, red crab, lobster, scallop, or unagi). I have to give a special shout out to Chef Jun! He made our entire experience amazing. He is a fellow Korean so my husband and I talked to him the entire meal. He is so kind. If I'm ever back in Dallas, I would come back to Nori to dine with Chef Jun.

Christii L.

This review is long overdue. I visited this restaurant a few months ago, and this omakase experience did not disappoint. The freshness of each bite. The flavors of individual bite. Umami would be the perfect word to conclude this meal for us. It was a nice treat when visiting Dallas. The only con I can come up with though is the parking was our demise. It took almost an hour to find parking, and ended up walking for about a mile to get to the location. I would at least try to get there an hour before your reservation time to have amble time to find parking. Otherwise, this was my most memorable meal in Dallas.

Colin Y.

The simplest way to describe my lunch at Nori Handroll Bar would be "a religious experience." Incomparable service and attention, a beautifully refined menu, and without a doubt one of the best sushi experiences of my life. I ordered the "Hangry" selection, which starts impeccably with the salmon handroll, and gets better with each roll, until it culminates with a lobster Handroll. It was art. The additional salmon nigiri I added complimented my meal with the most buttery-smooth salmon I've ever had. I could go on and on, but the short version is: NORI HANDROLL IS AMAZING.

Vince P.

It's practically impossible to go wrong with anything this place has to offer. Everything was delicious, staff was pleasant and The vibes were pristine! Here's a look at some of their fancier Nigiris! @phidingthefam

Peter Scranton

Best sushi experience in Dallas, hands down. Nothing comes close. If you have ever been to the Tsukiji Fish Market, you'll agree. While many sub par Japanese restaurants try to make a roll spicier than ghost peppers in an effort to hide the poor fish quality, Nori focuses on the fish. Nowhere else in Texas have I had such excellent sea bream or fatty tuna. The price came out to $40/ person plus drinks, and for the quality of fish, that is frankly incredible.I will be back. I only wish I had discovered this place earlier.

Samantha Cox Norris

I generally order to go from here and it’s always amazing! I get the lobster roll, the spicy salmon and fatty tuna roll(pictured below). I finally dined I’m a few weeks ago. And it was a great experience. The sushi is so fresh and tasty. You sushi is served from a slate plate, made to order right in front of you. The portions are good as well. The drinks were great as well.

Tina Huynh

This is my favorite sushi spot in Dallas. The team is attentive to every detail. The drinks are delicious and half price on Thursday. I was please with every rolls. Will come back again.

Sean P.

Love this place. 5 stars every time. My gf and I go at least twice a month. Quality of the hand rolls are best in dfw area by far, I don't go anywhere else anymore I just come here. Our tab for two people usually comes to about $70 before tip and alcohol.

Anna H.

Went for a wonderful dinner for two. There was a very short wait but since seating is limited any party bigger than 2 would be a problem. There is just a bar for seating and no actual separate tables. The experience was amazing and the food was even better. We split the 6 roll special to a full taste of everything- the hand rolls were all cut except the scallop. We ordered 2 Bottles of sake and a couple outer specials. We ordered the toro uni truffle caviar nigiri but they were out of truffles- we ended up getting it anyway and wasn't disappointed! The salmon sashimi was amazing with the roasted garlic and the citrus ponzu sauce it complimented the sake very well. Rolls comes out usually when you're about finished with precious so the nori is still crisp when you bit into them. The most unexpected amazing one that I keep wanting to go back for it the scallop hand roll. I don't necessarily like love scallops but it was amazing with a slightly spicy sauce it was covered in before going into the hand roll it was an amazing flavor! Can't wait to go back- Also no reservations (unless you are doing Omakase)

Shaan D.

My friend was in town and is very picky about going to high-quality sushi places, so we popped in for lunch on a Saturday. There was only one other party at the bar and the server let us know it was because of the mass shooting that happened in September. Really sad to see because this place was awesome. The fish quality was spectacular, fresh and flown in from Japan. I enjoyed the negihama maki. Also got the madai nigiri which was tasty and the otoro nigiri, which was delicious (especially at the unbeatable price of $10!). I was a little disappointed that they ran out of some tuna because im a huge tuna guy, so I will have to go back for that. We definitely enjoyed our experience here! Please go for lunch if you can to support!

H. Mob

Over priced, most places charge you same price for better quality fish and TWO pieces not one like this place!Service was ok, will not be back.Did not earn the value to join my good sushi list!$100+ for 6-7 pieces!

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