Oni Ramen

2822 Elm St, Dallas
(469) 620-2162

Recent Reviews

Gerard Babin

Absolutely worth the 30 minute drive. A friend recommended this place and it DID NOT disappoint! Fast service, great atmosphere, and phenomenal employees! Thanks for the great food!

Lanay Yuki

First time going there tonight, and I have to say best ramen and tokayaki I ever had. Little crowded but hey why wouldn't it be their food was amazing. I'm coming back. ???⛩⛩⛩???

Elizabeth G

Love this place! They have gluten free noodles which is the only place that I’ve actually found that offer this. Their broth is delicious too! Their inside space is fairly small but they do have patio outside in the back if you have a dog too. The parking isn’t great, just cause it’s deep Ellum but everything else is awesome!

Esperanza Arriaga

Photo with the Fanta is #1 fav with medium spice (Tokyo black). Other photo is for my #2 for my lighter days with mild spice (light assari). Always loved this place since day one. Everyone I bring end up loving it too.


I would visit again! I got the specialty Tonkatsu ramen with medium hot spice and it was delicious! I recommend removing the ginger because it throws off the flavor profile and I recommend ordering an extra side of broth. My only complaint would be the noodles ? they use the straight noodle instead of the curly ramen noodle. Different taste and texture.

Danny Hernandez

You walk in and order your food at a kiosk. Wait for your order to be called out and you pick it up. There isn't a whole lot of dine in space, but there's a really nice patio in the back with lots of open space. The ramen is delicious. Just be careful with the spice level.

Kerry G

Our young adult kid's love trying Ramen restaurants. Oldest took us to Oni Ramen in Deep Ellum, he thinks it's the best in DFW. It's an order on a tablet, kind of fast food with many seating for 30 if you squeeze into the 2 tops or counter. I always get vegetarian, pretty good with a medium shot of spice. Other 4 got different pork belly varieties, reports the deamon level spice was actually as advertised & he'll go down to fire next visit.

Braulio Morales

The food was great. It definitely gets busy, so huge shoutout to the staff for keeping the flow of orders smooth and quick. Their music was great when I was there. Hope to be back soon!

Jonathan Baker

Customize your bowls and taste great! Just a heads up, not a pro or con for me, but their broth is on the lighter side. So if you are looking for heavy/hearty borths this may not be your style. Give them a shot!

Taylor Walker

Veryyyy good flavor broths, and the meat was seared perfectly. Everything seemed fresh. Noodles didn’t seem to soften up even after sitting a few minutes. Maybe personal preference, but they were a bit too hard. On the pricey side ($15-20 per person), seating areas weren’t getting cleaned for as many people were coming in and out, obviously they were busy. The music was random but good. You have to walk in and order on the digital menu.

Greglan Burns

Tokyo Black is the MF’n bomb. I laterally gotta have it at least 3 times a week. I live 20 min away just to give you an idea of how good that ish is.

Jessica Mendez

We are from California and wanted to try a authentic Ramen noodle spot and this place is Awesome!!! Enjoyed a great meal, environment is comfortable just wish there was more drink options but such a tight space makes for a great conversations with Family.

Rich Workman

Good broth. Tasty noodles. Well prepared pork belly. Service was average and the place is a bit dirty and rough-around-the-edges but hey, some of the best food can be found in places like that. Good value and will return.

Ruth Avery

So good! I can't wait to go back! I can't remember the name of the dishes but the Ramen had the black garlic oil. You will definitely get full.

Krystal Peraza

Me and my boyfriend eat ramen almost every week, and I've gotta say this one doesn't go in my top10.Food temperature/ quality /quantity/freshness was very good... but taste wasn't great, needs to be more savory.Dinning out was cool but there was a lot of Flies... :/

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