Pizza Hut

4787 Vistawood Suite 110, Dallas
(214) 375-0005

Recent Reviews

Davetta Horton

NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!!! Ordered 2 pizzas, wings and Cinnamon sticks at 4:35 pm. Called 4 hours later to see if there was an ETA on it couldn't get a straight answer. Also this is after attempting to call numerous times as someone would pick up the phone and simply hang up the phone. Trash location. Straight up Trash with a capital T.

Stephen Craig

The food was good, but, some of the staff were rude didn't want to help me

Adialena Martinez

My new favorite place to eat love the bread seasoning

Marivel montenegro

Great stop on i35 Thornton frwy

Epiphany Jordan

I ordered a pizza and paid for extra sauce and when they delivered the pizza, not only was it cold but it also did NOT have the extra sauce that I paid for. Also when I came outside , to get the pizza I saw the delivery guy having a whole conversation with the neighbor! I had to tell him to bring me my food . So when I called the lady on the phone said ok you will get a $25 credit for the error for the next time you call in and order . I did that today and at first she tried to tell me that my last order was in April. Little did she know I had the text message with the receipt that SHE took a picture of and text to me and when I read it to her she said “ok if you’re reading all of that you’re good” I placed the order and it’s been over 2 hours since i ordered and when I called back they put me on hold for 15 minutes twice! Horrible service and something needs to be done !

Earlandrya Jefferson

This is the most unprofessional place ever!!!!!! Waited two hours for my order! The guy had the nerve to l after an hour and a half and ask me did I so want my pizza. Like seriously if I didn’t want it why would I order!!??! Then for it to get here and it be wrong and cold and where was the seal??? Like I will be getting a full refund because I am definitely calling corporate!


This pizza hut is an entire joke. I ordered my pizza at 7pm. It's about to be 9pm and I still haven't gotten my pizza. I called to check the status and the girl literally told me "your pizza is on the way, you'll get it" and that was it. She didn't ask me any information just told me my pizza was on the way. I got a text an hour ago saying the pizza was on the way but no one can tell me what's going on? A joke.

Gilberto Moreno

Really awful service the delivery takes 35 min to be ar Home i live 6 min from the store i cant belive how takes to long to delivery if i can give 0 stars i don't give any

Andrew DeLeon

Make sure you check your order before leaving. They got my order wrong twice in one visit. Too bad it's the only location in my area or I'd go somewhere else.


My first time here, the cashier seemed to have an attitude upon me ordering... IS IT, PICK UP, ORDERING OR TAKE OUT?.. HELLOOOO?!

NawfDallaspat Gaming

order 2 large pizzas and wings at 7pm still waiting at 8:48. called at 8:45 to see what the problem was because they sent us a text saying our food was out for delivery. They lady on the phone told my wife it's on its way and it will get there when it gets there and hung up, no reason it should take this long when the store is 5-10 min from me. I've already ordered my kids something else to eat.

Ashley Maui

Honestly gets a zero star!! I ordered at 8:30 pm in hopes it would get to me in an hour at most.. never showed up!!! I called and this rude girl said they canceled my order because they were “backed up at the time”. And I would have never known if I didn’t call them to see if I was getting the pizza. The app still took my points and wasted my time! You have one job!!!

Yesica T.

worst pizza hut ever! never answer the phone! never delivered my food !!! who runs this place?!

alicia perryman

If I could rate this pizza hut location a zero I would. So unprofessional, rude, horrible customer service, etc. I contacted the corporate office on multiple occasions to report how dissatisfied I was with EVERYTHING. I was given a credit to this store, but when I went to use it, the quality of service was still extremely poor. I would not recommend ANYONE order from this establishment. You will be highly disappointed!!!!

Michael Porterfield

If it were possible to leave a 0 star review, then I would gladly do so. This location is, by far, the WORST at both customer service and phone etiquette! I placed an order at 5:30pmCST and as I am typing this post, it is now 7:09pm CST. I have called a total of 37 times to speak with someone concerning my order and as far as I got was talking with folks to help place a new order. This location (Vistawood) NEEDS to be shut down IMMEDIATELY! I don't care if you don't like your job and I don't care that you are annoyed at the fact that you have to do your job! I am a customer and I will not tolerate disresepct whatsoever! I even called the Pizza Hut Customer Service number and they seem to be lackadaisical in their jobs as well. What will not happen is Pizza Hut will NOT get me for almost $40! For anyone who is considering ordering pizza from THIS location, I suggest the Fort Worth avenue location because this one is GARBAGE!

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