Poke Bop (Lakewood & Lower Greenville)

4140 Abrams Rd, Dallas
(214) 821-7653

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Nick T.

First time trying poke Bop and I purchased Satoshi Spicy Tuna. I have to say, it tasted great. I would buy it again. Only one negative thing I have to say is the portion size, I was still hungry after finishing the whole bowl. For $11.95, I expected more.

Adam Lusk

food was actually really good. the lady behind the table was also really nice

Donna White

Fast friendly service. Fresh, delicious food.

Joey C.

We still love this place. My family has been eating here at least twice a month since they opened years ago. Since covid started, we order it delivered and I've been impressed with them getting our complicated orders correct.Thank you Poke Bop for being a great, locally owned option in our neighborhood for fresh, healthy, fast food.

Nancy M.

My favorite Poke place! My good friend I always get the Salmon crunch and it is time and time again so good. We ordered here from the other day and one of my other really good friends never had poke before. She ordered the Korean bulgogi bowl and she loved it. Would highly recommend Poke Bop. It's now all of our go-to's. Fresh, tasty and delicious.

Lilly W.

Hi owner of Poke Bop, I wanted to reach out to you because I have social media software that can help you attract more customers. I have worked with many other restaurant and retailers before and it worked out really wel for them. If you are interested, I can give you a free week trial for you to test it out to see if you like it. Let me know if you are interested, so that I can send you some more info! Lilly Wynn CEO of Rainbow Ramen Email: [email protected] Phone Number: 7139247370

Faith Ritchie

My absolute favorite! Lots of options at a reasonable price for fresh seafood, I particularly like their boba tea and Satoshi Spicy Tuna

Alyssa E.

Terrible food! The fish didn't taste fresh. It wasn't my cup of tea. Thor the price the serving wasn't enough. The sushi bowl I got was outrageously spicy. The staff was really sweet but the food just wasn't good. The teas weren't great either. They tasted really chalky. My boyfriend ended up getting pretty sick off the food later in the day. I wouldn't recommend at all.

Cain A.

Poke bowls are always a go to for me but this place fell pretty short. Staff was very friendly, but the food was bad. Flavorless, the rice was a little blackened and did not look appetizing. Also got coffee boba, which was good. Since the bowls were a miss I then tried the sushi, which was also a disappointment. The rice on this felt hardened and stale. Probably wouldn't come back except for a boba.

Brian E.

Terrible value. They charge for add on's that are typically standard at other places. Paid $32 for two bowls, the scoop for fish keeps getting smaller. We are done with this place!

Alice C.

I like Poke Bop, but a lot of their employees lack good hygiene practices so I can only imagine what happens when they are cutting stuff up in the back. It defeats the purpose if you barehand touch the part of the glove that'll come into contact with food when you're putting the gloves on. Also touching the iPad with gloves on and then touching the food. Dumb. I won't be back. Don't want to get sick.

Melanie M

My husband and I tried this incredible place last night. We drove quite a ways because there are no Poké restaurants near us. The store is clean. The man working was so friendly, and very patient with us, since we took a little while to decide. Everything was fresh and delicious. On the ride home I decided to try mine. It was so good! The smell was so delectable, my husband couldn't wait to get home, he had to pull over so he too - could enjoy his bowl. We will definitely be returning customers. The green tea rice is now my favorite. I would take pictures but devoured ours. ? 100% reccomend Poké Bop

selene cantu

Poke bowls are amazing here. Ingredients are fresh and the restaurant is super clean. My go to poke place!

Sarah L.

Ordered tonight and half of my order was wrong. They bought the food in a wet paper bag and it fell out of the bag as soon as I took it the sauce fell out all over my wood floors. As well as my food. I doubt I will return.

Liz H.

Employee on his phone was more worried about playing a game than anything. Rushed through making it while still looking back at his phone, which was out on the counter. Glove on one hand (had it on when I walked in, and was using gloves hand on dirty phone) and other hand bare. Come on dude.

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Poke Bop (Lakewood & Lower Greenville)

4140 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75214
(214) 821-7653