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2100 Greenville Ave, Dallas


Reviews for Ragin' Crab Cafe

Was on Lower Greenville area during dinner time, but everything was packed of course. Decided to go to Ragin Crab for a try. First thing we noticed was that this place was so empty during dinner time, especially being in this area. We sat at the bar, having a drink before looking at the menu for food. I got a lobster poboy with an order of chicken wings. My friend got a order of jambalaya and fried shrimp. The Bartender kept trying to make jokes he thought were funny, but actually...read full review

Worst restaurant I've been to in years. Food was late, cold, and the place was covered in flys. Staff stared at the phones when it rang and wouldn't answer it, although there were only two of us in the entire restaurant. Place wont be there long.

The food was honesty not the best with the freshness taste of the food. We love to eat seafood and this was way below what Shell Shack would serve. Pretty upset I spent over 90 dollars of food for it not to taste great. There are so many flies inside it truly makes it hard to enjoy the food. The bartender made a us drinks that were so strong that it was undrinkable. The whole Experience was pretty bad. If you are in the area I would strongly recommend you go to Shell shack instead.

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