Rice Bowl Express

3926 S Polk St, Dallas
(214) 376-1078

Recent Reviews

Ana Cruz

Every time I go they never have lo mein or shrimp.

Diana Lewis

The shrimp fried rice with broccoli and minuture corn added is soooooo good.

Rhonda Strong

Love this Location and the staff!! is great!! Love you

Chiyokko Turner

I ordered a shrimp fried rice with extra shrimp ON THE SIDE with other entrees and soup. The young lady that took my order did not tell the guys in the back so when I received my order expressed to her that the shrimp was not on the side she took the order out of the bag and took it to the back for the cooks to rehandle instead of giving me the shrimp on the side. You are NOT supposed to do that in food service for liability purposes because anything could be done to the food. The cashier was rude and upset when I asked for a refund for $37.22 for the entire order because I didn't feel comfortable eating something she took from me and went back to the kitchen area with where I can't see what's going on or anything else I ordered for that matter. They could've done anything to my food. I will never go back here again and I will be reporting this company for improper food handling.

Langford Hill

It's ok. My chicken was a little bit small and crunchy. But they ok

Leo Duncan

They close whenever the feel like. It's highly inconvenient

Charrye Watts

Good food and they give you plenty!?

Sarai Mendoza

Dis is one of my favorite late night places to go get food to eat with the family .

Oscar Aguilar

I dont know why everyone is leaving bad reviews, this place is amazing! I love the food its soooooo good.

Tim Riley

I love this place. Been coming for 9 years. It's our family meeting place

Gisela F

Super fast and great customer service. I'll update when I try my food.

Oketemo L.

Not authentic Chinese Food. Its Mexican Rice with soy sauce. The rice is usually uncooked or soggy with clumps. That's not a good mix in my opinion.

David Tennies

Delicious food, great prices. The young lady behind the counter obviously didn't want to be there but she did a good enough job. I had the orange peel chicken. There were a couple pieces that seemed a tad over cooker but it was delectable.

Rene Martinez

It was ok. Ordered the happy family during lunch. It was OK. I ordered the happy family. Good portion size. Bland. Meat wasnt fresh for sure. Shrimp was ok and chicken. Ill give another chance maybe.

Yellow Gold

I would give it no stars if I could. I bought 5 egg rolls and they were spoiled. They refried it and added lemon to it to cover up the smell I'm guessing. Tasted horrible. I guess I cant expect much considering it's in a run down area. I bet the owner doesn't throw out any old food at the end of the night. I do not recommend this place at all. Never again!

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