Rice Bowl Express

3926 S Polk St, Dallas
(214) 376-1078

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destiny banks

I give it 3 stars for the lack of chicken in my chicken broccoli. Not the first time this has happened, but I made sure if it happened again I would snap shots.Cheap cheap prices. Affordable.The sauce is very tasty, better than most I've had just the food portions could be better.Maybe I'll ask for extra chicken next time.

RiCksTa Gee

Such GREAT easy, fast, cheap food. Its a little secret we all grew to love in OAK CLIFF. fill you up for $6 dollars!! And change! ??? ? ? ? ????

Ruthie Guerra

The guy inside had very good customer service

Jonisha McCurdy-Verdell

Food was mediocre and service was slow. I have an hour lunch and it literally took them 45 minutes to get our food. It was only two cars in front of us in the drive through.

Nelson Sevilla

Yesterday was our first time we visited this fine restaurant. But It is obviously not the last. We passed a splendid evening with the courteous service, with the great cuisine and fine drinks and with the modest payment. We will definitely return there in a short time.

NikkiNikkiNiki NikkiNikkiNiki

These 3 stars are nothing special. This is one outlet in a local chain. It's reliable. It's typical. It's affordable. It's accessible. Most recently it's hot and fresh. I just wish they would hire more ppl to work. Since this pandemic, they seem to be busier and the waits are getting longer without any relief. They should have adjusted by now. Also, they regularly run out of condiments. How do you serve mounds of rice without soy sauce or duck sauce? They also ren out of the crispy wontons used with soup. Finally, it would be great if the could smile and be nice and say hello and please and thank you without having to be prompted.

Perla Lopez

I love the customer service and the food is always fresh.

Victoria Aldava

I love the and fried rice low mein. The customer service is good and so are the prices highly recommend.

Chuck Ferrell

Hot and sour soup lacks the depth and richness of all other I've ever had no "omagi" flavor. Was not offered steamed rice with my Mongolian beef so fried rice was arbitrarily spooned out. Beef had some gristle, which was not swallowable. Had to request hot mustard for eggrolls 5 pack. No sales receipt was provided. 1st visit. Ate 1/3 of the weak soup. All 5 of the smallest chicken egg rolls I have ever seen. The hot mustard was spicy hotter than the mongolian beef. The flavor of the mongolian beef was good just lacked heat and decent cut of choice beef. No thank's!!!!

Stacy Davis

Love the 3 meat combination rice

Samantha Ramirez

i used to love this place. but after i found cockroach wings in my lo main i will no longer be returning. GROSS.

Geo Vall

The girls before were faster, the guys in there take too long and they be on their phone.. 30 mins in the fkn line

Ana Cruz

Every time I go they never have lo mein or shrimp.

Diana Lewis

The shrimp fried rice with broccoli and minuture corn added is soooooo good.

Rhonda Strong

Love this Location and the staff!! is great!! Love you

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