2653 Commerce St, Dallas
(972) 707-0607

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Came here for a concert. The concert was great, the sound was amazing for such a small venue. Drinks and food were reasonable. Food after the concert was tex-mex taco truck type food. the atmosphere was very good and the staff was polite and attending.

Braulio Morales

This place has a great theme and drinks. Went on a Sunday night, it wasn’t very crowded we were seated promptly. Look forward to being back.

Andrew B.

It's ok. Similarly rustic vibe as Armory, where I am a regular, however less polished. Staff is friendly, food comes out quickly, I've only had the tacos but they are pretty good. My main concern, from someone that enjoys fine dining and often entertains clients to four figure tabs, is how expensive their drinks are for how little actual drink you are getting. Customer beware: there are two prices on the tequila list, the first is for 3/4 oz. The second is for a 1.5oz standard pour. Que triste, this is not designated on the menu. I was happily charged, however, the second price as if I was ordering doubles. For example, I like El Jimador. 100% agave, notoriously cheap but good quality stuff. It is an $18 bottle of alcohol at the store. Unlike the standard 400%, Ruins make back the entire bottle on the first order. That's closer to a 1700% markup. It's not news that alcohol is the biggest profit maker in hospitality but looking at my tab after for 2 street tacos and a few drinks (even considering one of a rare and exotic variety), I was floored. I'll even cut them some slack that the price of the drink carries more than the raw product itself e.g. overhead, but c'mon, especially with the way the menu reads their prices are silly. It's hip, if you're looking for a southern hemisphere beer there's a good chance they have it, most of the staff is chill and they've got decent food. Stay away from the dishonest tequila menu unless you are satisfied with a thimble of the good stuff for beyond top shelf prices.

April V

This was my 2nd visit to this place. Customer service has been great both times. I had the pastor nachos this go round and they were amazing and reasonably priced at $5.50. I was expecting to order something additional bc I wasn't sure this would be filling. WRONG! The nachos come in a chips bag and everything is piled on top. It was flavorful and spicy?. This will definitely be my go to item as I continue to explore the menu.

Dawn H.

Amazing! The food is delicious. Service was so friendly and the drinks are unique and refreshing.

Connor Hutcherson

The tacos and drinks were both delicious! The bartender was super helpful when there was an issue with my order and fixed everything very quickly! Highly recommend

ZelandCaton L.

Living so close by, Ruins has become a local spot for us. The amount of people we have brought here is crazy! Ruins has an awesome vibe w great friendly staff.

Andrew T.

Overpriced drinks and mediocre food, definitely more of a place to go if you just want specialty cocktails I guess. Make your drinks worth the money and I'll come back.

Dana S.

I wanted to love this place, but my food just didn't hit. Everything was cooked fine, but the flavor was not there. It tasted like there was no seasoning at all. The best thing on my plate was the beans and that came out way later than my food so I couldn't even fully enjoy. The place itself is actually cool. It's in deep ellum so of course it was crowded and is by a lot of bars. I feel like I would come again for the drinks or something and just to hang out, but I don't plan on making it my go to for food. But definitely a place to stop by if you're out late and just need somewhere to go after. I really really loveddd our waitress though. She was so cool and sweet!! If I could just rate her I would lol.

Monica Villafranco

Food is awesome little pricy but worth it, nice atmosphere and good drinks...oh and the elote is bomb..

Angie Rodriguez

Everything! Friendly worker great food and music

Zane Stephens

OK they have really good food and a great friendly vibe, I lost my phone there and luckily the waitress found it saved it under the bar and I went there to pick it up and tried to give her 40 bucks but she wouldn't take it. Pure class, and good people, highly recommend.

Israel Rt

Great place for unique drinks! Amazing atmosphere and equally amazing bartenders. Food was awesome and delicious. Will definitely be back again.

Dan G.

Oy, It Hurts me to do this because I was really looking forward to this visit, but it set a new high water mark for the worst dining experience I've had in 20ish years. Our company group had reservations but our earlier event was shorter than anticipated so we arrived 45 minutes early. The restaurant, patio, and bar had about 15 patrons, but we were early and I can respect that they may have staffed accordingly so no harm done on not being able to seat us... BUT they could have been nice about it.. they were simply rude. No big deal. We went down the street for a round of drinks until our reservation time. We returned in time for our reservation and it went downhill from there. 20/25 minutes before anyone took our drink orders and 25 minutes before drinks started being delivered, one by one to the table. We ordered apps. I asked the waitress if that would be enough for the table and was assured it was. Not! Twice the amount would have been adequate. After another 20 minutes she finally came back to see if we need more drinks.. we'd been there for over an hour and a half at this point. Then she took, our entree orders. She wrote them down. Took an hour to get tacos and none of it was right. There was complete chaos around what was being delivered. I ordered 3 tacos, I got 2 of the 3. No idea what happened to the 3rd despite asking her. Complete chaos. By this time everyone gave up and had been going to the bar for drinks because the waitress did not give a damn. For gods sake these are street tacos! When I order à barbacoa taco, i don't expect you to have to go slaughter the animal and cook it before you serve it to me. If it's on your menu I expect you have it ready to assemble. Should take 20 minutes tops. That's just the service. The food was a 2 on a scale of 10. The ceviche was bland. The nachos in a bag a mess. The guacamole had more lettuce than avocado. I'll never know what the Javalina tacos tasted like because I never got it. The chicken taco was dry and the al pastor were meh. We finally left around 10pm and he whole dining experience had become a joke to the entire group. Rude welcome, inept service, and bad food. If I could give it 0 stars I would. The new tag line should be " Ruins, that's what we'll do to you team dinner "


Legit tacos and margaritas, and tequila selection is limitless. Best selection of tequila I've ever seen.

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