2653 Commerce St, Dallas
(972) 707-0607

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Went here for DJ Vry Wvy's Very Latin Night and had a bomb time! Drink were soooo good, great vibes, a little packed, but we were all vaccinated so we were chill about it. Definitely coming back!


Went last night, Saturday around 10:30pm for the first time with my husband and 5 of our friends. Friends were already sat down on our table but when my husband and I arrived, the guy made us go back out in line again, even though we already had a table inside to dine in. The guy or bouncer or whoever he is, asked for my ID, and when I said I don't have any because were just dining in & there was no band/show, he refused to let us in until we pay him cash right then and there. He said if we pay him, he'll pretend like he checked my ID. I rate 3 stars only because the tacos were good & our waiter provided a good service.

Mekia B.

Interesting visit at the Ruins! The aesthetic is certainly of the "spirits." Kinda eery to me. Very dark lighting and the atmosphere though, real chilled. Sunday night out for cocktails wasn't too bad of a choice. Demonic cocktail options, names are suggestive. But it fits the place soooo... Anyway. Menu is unique as well as the drinks. We ordered the No.1 but only order if you are a fan of Mezcal. I chose the veggie and chips on the menu. Forgot the name but it was okay, nothing too legit. I like street food from Mexico. This is no comparison, but worth the try.Staff was cool. All pretty meh moods. I'll go back because it was interesting to say the least.

Mahesh Hari

Cool restaurant with great interior design. We had a table of 9 & ordered a variety of dishes.The food was hit or miss & same with the cocktails. The service was insanely slow, not even remotely excusable. But regardless I’ll give this place 4 stars

Chris Lawrence

I keep coming back because their cocktails are simply delightful. Well made. Perfectly presented. Love it here.

Angel P.

I was a little confused when I walked in because there was nobody in the front to greet us. I went to the bar and was told we can sit whenever. The food was AMAZING. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed everything. Very authentic food, interesting decor, and great server. I would definitely come back when I come visit Dallas again. Please be aware though chips are not included but I did not mind as we got ALOT Of food.

Kencetta Jones

OMG phenomenal!! The food was *chefs kiss* fantastic. The service was great shout out to Lisa. After the nightmare across the street at The Free Mans they saved our anniversary night. I would so come back loved everything about it. ❤️❤️

George V.

Great bar. Friendly staff. One of our favorites!

Michelle W.

I visited Ruins with a friend to grab a bite and a few margaritas. Unfortunately due to the make of the rustic barstools, my new (cashmere) sweater got snagged and nice sized hole ripped in it. I was obviously upset. I explained what happened to the manager and he immediately went above and beyond to rectify the situation. While I am disappointed to lose a great sweater (RIP cashmere queen), I would be lying if I didn't say that it was a good feeling to have my customer experience valued at a bar. Sh*t happens. Such is life. But give me a business that owns and immediately jumps into action to fix the issue and you have a loyal customer for life. I know it's prob odd to give a 5* review from an inconvenience but in a world where we could use a little more accountability, empathy and basic human kindness, I have to give credit where credit is due. Also... try the red snapper tacos + the mango margarita with Tajin on the rim. Lastly, thank you for following CDC protocols. It matters.

Chelsea B Advocacy

Food was great! Services was not good! I would go back for the food if I had a different waiter.

Kirk Wallace

Had a few beautiful drinks here along with some tasty food. Really enjoyed the pechuga flight! Ruins also has a nice outdoor seating area. Our waitress suggested their bag nachos appetizer that shocked us on how yummy it was. Service was fast too. Would definitely come back.

Jett G.

I stumbled across this eclectic taco house and ended with five tacos after my first order of 3. The drinks are impressive too. Simple menu yet complex flavors and pairings that have me wanting more

Sandra E.

Pretty surprised with the music and food! I wanted to hear some Latin music and have a nice drink! Ummm don't come here for the Latin music! They play 80s music and it isn't Spanish at all! The food is extremely good and I can see why people rated it high. It's the FOOD! They have these nachos that are served from the chip bag! Prawn stars! Omg I will so be back for the food itself!

Adi Rosales

We stopped there to celebrate an event and let me tell y’all ,We were impressed ! They have roasted crickets in the menu traditional from oaxacan gastronomy and mole omg ! I was so happy to find the true traditional authentic foods from México. The only reason why is 4 stars its because they dont have paper menus and because its a bit expensive.I will be back for sure

Darlenne Martinez

EDIT CHANGING MY REVIEW! BE AWARE!!CHECKING MY CARD STATEMENT TODAY NOTICED THEY CHANGE MY TIP AMOUNT! THIS IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE, THEY RUIN ALL OF WHAT A COSTUMER CAN THINK OVER A COUPLE OF DOLLARS MORE! I WAS NOT DRUNK NEITHER MY HUSBAND AMD ALL I CAN THINK IS ALL THIS POOR DRUNK CUSTOMERS HOW THEY PROBABLY RIPPED THEM OFF! DEFINITELY NEVER COMING BACK!!Really unique restaurant, the food and drinks were really good! I liked that they had sanitizer available at the table. Service was fast and the waitress were nice too! we waited less than 5 minutes for an entrée, same with drinks. If you want to go and have fun for a while at a restaurant/bar this is a good option! We are coming back soon!

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