Rusty Taco

4802 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(214) 381-9107

Recent Reviews

Snowyassass1n Walker

I will not say this lightly, these were the best tacos I have ever had in my life! They have won me over as a customer for life.

Michael Harrison

Really good and had the patio outside set up for dining so worked perfect for our lunch group. Had the tacos and all was cooked perfectly. Will be back!

Linda Pecina-Gillard

It was a nice place to sit and visit outdoors. The food was good. You just order at the counter then take your food outside or you can sit inside if the weather's not agreeable. It was a beautiful night when I went.

Adrian Meza

This place will taco anything. You can probably find chinese food in their tortillas. I bought their tacos , and it tasted like a chicken sandwich. If i wanted a chicken sandwich, I would of bought a sandwich. The ingredients that make a taco, are not found in their tortillas. For those that have tacos in mind go else where. Dont get their random combination placed on a tortilla. You can get 3 tacos and spend $10. I honestly had better mouth watering tacos cheaper.

JB Barger

Tasty tacos and nachos every time I walk through the door. Enjoy the patio if you have the time.

Prashant Sareen

Pretty good tacos but Chips are not that great. Thats why giving them 4 stars.

Real Estate

Food was great . It tasted awesome, but it took 30 min to prepare after I arrived in the online order pickup lane.

Andrea Tinonga

It's just so yummy! Every type of taco I've tried is incredible. The tortilla chips are probably the best I've ever tasted. I particularly love the fried chicken taco with queso and bacon! The margaritas are great as well. Stop by, sit on the patio, hang out with the metal Mariachi (sweet idea for a band!)

Valerie V.

I haven't had a bad experience with Rusty Taco yet but the best I've had was at this location. The brisket, grilled shrimp, and pork tacos were full of meat and toppings, and each came with a little piece of lime. Chips, queso, and all the salsas were fresh and delicious. I took the food to go and it held up through travel time and eating, which is very impressive for a single corn tortilla to do! The service here is friendly and quick, and I can't wait to go back.

Ashley Guzman

they got some great margaritas

Leslie Kuch

Delicious tacos, especially love the tres grande with fresh warm chips!

John Rica

Great tacos, margaritas, and service. Went back this morning for breakfast tacos that did not disappoint.

Ilse G.

Came in to place a to go order and Jade took a call in phone order instead of taking ours first even though we had been waiting. The phone order was extremely long and after she took the order continued to ignore us and greet and help the man that just walked up. Terrible customer service. Never coming back to this location

Itzayana C.

I came in the service was horrible, the girl took an eternity to take my order! On top of that an old white cane in and she took priority to his order! & JADE gave me an attitude while placing my order!!

abdullah gokcinar

The brisket and stake tacos are really very bad. They were cold and taste really bad. I couldnt continue eating. Wouldnt come again.

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