Single Wide

2110 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(214) 824-5588

Recent Reviews

Anna Wallen Gregory

Awesome place! Friendly bartenders, good drinks, good music!! Everything is cleaned and arranged for your safety! Masks & social distancing are in order so no worries!

Miranda Tatum

amazing little dive bar with an amazing staff. great selection of mixed drinks and liquors. even stepped out of my comfort zone on some of my drinks. great last stop on date night with my husband while we were in town! will be back again when in town.

Levi Tatum

Awesome atmosphere and cool little “hole in the wall” bar. My wife and I were in town for the weekend and stopped by. Liz took great care of us and made us feel right at home!

Mikaela Barnes

Always a great Monday when Holly is there!

Frank Conejo

drinks and music and fun .

Josiah Maughan

Small dive bar. Drinks were a bit pricey but overall cool, young atmosphere

Juan V.

This place is nice and unique very nice atmosphere. Cool choices of drinks and they have hot Cheetos witch was sweet.

Michael B.

Single Wide is a place that doesn't water down their drinks and doesn't ask a lot of questions. As you can imagine, I get along quite well with this place. Single Wide is a dive bar located in the Lower Greenville neighborhood of Dallas, TX. It's a bit small, like a single-wide trailer. Yet, its small space allows a lot of opportunities for intimate conversations. Drinks can be a bit on the pricier side for Dallas dive bars but are rather cheap for the Lower Greenville area. The selection of cocktails is actually creative and fun with lots of tweaks on classics. At $10-15 a cocktail and ~$6 a beer, your bill can add up rather fast, though. But if you can get past the prices, the atmosphere and theme are on point. It's a rather silly themed bar and it knows it. Bartenders are nice and friendly. Definitely worth a try if you're ever in this neighborhood. Karaoke is available here too, though I've never tried. 5/5.

Brian Hamby

I got my beer. I started drinking it and then I got a case of the hiccups. I started holding my breath, unfortunately I closed my eyes and while holding my breath. You know, it’s one of those where you have to try to get rid of them 2 or 3 times. Anyways, while I was holding my breath, the bartender came up to me and said you can’t be falling asleep at the bar. I tried to explain to her that I was just trying to get rid of my hiccups, but she took it upon herself to close my tab and tell me to leave. Would not recommend, regardless of what google or Reddit says, these bartenders are full of themselves and don’t know anything about customer service. Go to Grapevine instead. Do not go here.

Allison F.

Awesome bar with lots of local draft options! Prices are a little steep (6.50) for a draft beer! The place is different and has a cool vibe!

Scott Marrone

Music, ambience, friendliness

Jennifer S.

Just the trashy atmosphere I was looking for. Karaoke, overalls, koozies... and the Yoo-hoo Yeehaw was way too easy going down. I couldn't get enough! My favorite bar that we attended!

Diana C

Funky atmosphere and good drink specials

Drew Martin

Great location to meet with friends. Had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. Prices were decent.

Eric Carrillo

Small bar but it had a great atmosphere and the bartenders were attentive and friendly. Went on their 8th anniversary party and had a great time.

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