Taco Bell

8407 S Lancaster Rd, Dallas
(972) 228-2220

Recent Reviews

David Shields

Well its also Long John Fish & chips. We recieved the customer service that was out standing. It in a rough area. A real treat. Definitely eat there again. I like the bottle vinegar which state don't have should I use umpteen packets of vinegar

Lindan Schulz

Yummy food, somewhat clean bathrooms.

Cynthia Dial

I always love Taco Bell especially the 5 layer burritos & the nacho Bell grande

Craig Reynolds

Love the frito burrito off the dollar menu

Rebecca Critz

The a/c was not working at all.

Dominique Peters

It was HOT!! with no air running, manager running out the door ( talking to some young guys) instead of taking orders. I waited for 30-45 minutes for my order. Bad place to eat....No stars from me.

Jaime Lopez

Food is definitely not what it use to be, now it's of very poor quality.

Robert Linderman

Great food great service very clean location

Dora Williams

Chalupa was cold and hald the menu was unavailable.

nancy hernandez

Very friendly and fast service!

Todd Dunham

Great taco bell.

dortex desmond

I will love to visit again

Christopher Stewart

This is a combo joint: Long John Silver's & Taco Bell. On this occasion I ordered a super nacho platter which was good, but would have better if I had added jalapenos. My wife ordered a combo fish platter, but the fish was either over-fried or double fried. Wasn't up to the usual standards that we come to expect from this location.

B Foreman

Redfish entree was very good.

Curtis Sanders

Good for quick bite

William Anderson

Taco Bell is the place that I go once or twice a week which next a quick snacks the prices are reasonable the food is good and they help is always nice and friendly

Fernando Car

They don't have enough people working. Cooker was on the cell preparing orders. Food was cold an nasty. Took over 20min to get my order and it was only a t 6

Williemae Sitole

I was very pleased with the service at this Taco Bell. Fast efficient and courteous from start to finish. The young man that took my order was very patient as I took my time to make my order. The young lady that served me was awesome in getting me my order, she made sure to ask me if the items she was about to give me was correct and then when I asked her if she could give me a drink with no ice she had no problem refusing it for me as I didn't order it special as I always do with no ice. This young lady is the future of customer service. She is happy to have her job and shows it in her work ethic. I wish I remembered her name as I would love to tell her manager what pleasant and courteous person she is. They both deserve accomdations. The true face of customer service. I applaud these workersð??ð??

LaCrecia Ayers

I don't eat much but I'll rate good

Reu Harvey

I remember when this taco bell use to be good but no more, which is So sad or is that Taco Bells in Texas.

Leona M.

Just ordered a meal in the drive thru. There was one car ahead of me who grabbed his order as I finished at the speaker and the next one pulled up to order as I grabbed my order to leave. Not a busy day. My food appeared to be done but upon biting into the shrimp I noticed the inside appeared translucent or undercooked. I put it down thinking I'd try the fish. Took a bite and chewed...grossed out... I spit it out. The insides fell apart once I took a bite. Seemed like everything turned to goo. It's undercooked and wet. Seafood cooked at too high of a temperature to try and speed up the order. Not safe.

Ted Cowboyfromhell

Ordered a burrito supreme....there was nothing supreme about it...or the staff...never going to taco bell again.

Rolando M.

Very SLOW service and poor customer service. Seems like management cares very little and it reflects in their work crews.

J Bivins

It was it was a okay service was good place was clean and no, comments against

tobias gertz

Terrible. I'm not enjoying posting this negative review. This place is recommended to be avoided. Do not go here. I repeat, stay away.

Diana Yanez

The guy at the drive thru was super nice

Darlene Crosby

I don't eat there very often but the food was fresh and good

Tonya J

Horrible customer service! Wait time is forever, employee don't care this is not fast food. Manager Tammy needs training! Offers no comp when you have to drive back for your complete order. Sad...

Snow L.

Has very bad service always have issues with the cashier don't go there bad place to go

Gary Edwards

One person in front of me in line. They ordered a 12pk of tacos. Girl making food had to ask about what they wanted on them at least 5 times. I ordered a quesarito. After 15 minutes I left without my food or refund because I have things to do.

Brooke Rhodes

Taco bell is my fav.

Keenan Cole

When we got to the order intercom the employee was able to pull up our order immediately. This led us to believe that this would be a seemless transaction. The food was already paid for and it took us 10 minutes to get there after ordering. We waited 30 minutes in the drive thru for pre-ordered/prepaid food. We spent $30 on food, but got $0.03 worth of taco sauce. There was no communication about the delay or offer to refill our sodas for the wait... It was as if she was doing is a favor. I only rated 1 star, because 0 stars wasn't an option. Taco Bell has got to work on their timing and customer service.

José Luis Macías

Relatively clean. Quick service

Rosales V.

Hours are not current .. It shows online that they're are 7am to 1am Monday thru Thursday I got there at 11pm and they were closed.

T Turner

The only good thing I have to say about this place is that it was quiet.

Madai C.

Very sweet people, and this Taco Bell is merged with a LJS. It's also very clean and well maintained.

Chris Lambeth

Good food, fast service, friendly staff. This is a Taco Bell / Long John Silvers store in one. Of all the long johns I've been to, this store is the most diligent about keeping their fryer oil fresh and filtered.


Tacos and shrimp for lunch perfect combination this place is a Taco Bell with a Long John Silver inside of it so got a couple of tacos got some shrimp french fries and coleslaw awesome combination people-friendly the cashiers were more than accommodating very patient I didn't know what to get since there's two menus but I went with the tacos and shrimp can't go wrong

Tee P.

01/15/15 Visited for quick dinner, it is a combo Taco Bell/ LJS. The service is trying to Improve, still a little slow, but the drive - thru employee, was very accurate and detailed.

Dayna S.

Man man well since I been here it looks okay to me so far and food is really good and can't wait to come here again with kids. The place is clean and nice. I wish other places are Clean like this lol but never know how it's is until u get there