Taco Bell

9820 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas
(214) 349-1139

Recent Reviews

Mary Young

Its american version of mexican food.

Charlie Mishibinijima

Can NEVER get my order right. A combo meal should be placed in its OWN bag.... Not in with all the other meals. Plus they keep forgetting a few items.... Not just 1, but a few.

Dee Dee Wilson

I went in for take out.I was the only customer. The cashier Jennifer started doing drive through orders while I waited for two burritos for over 20 minutes. I cancelled my order. Still had to wait an additional 12 minutes for a refund. Kevin said he was the manager but he couldn't even get the register open for a refund. Neither of them cared, and then the so called manager sarcastically said God bless you...really? What an insult and complete waste of time!

Ashley Nichole

The quality of the food here is terrible. Not to mention the fact that my order is incorrectly made 80% of the time. Tonight I asked for no lettuce in my chalupa thinking that maybe I'd get more than a bite of meat and a hot burrito instead of cold. Thet added lettuce anyway and the amount of meatthey give is a joke. Not even a full bite

Justice Parker

I just want y’all to know since y’all not answering the phone cause y’all know what y’all did! My Cinnabon delights were cold and I’m not understanding why if y’all had me waiting for 12 minutes! I do not recommend this Taco Bell!

Austin Weaver

called to make a complaint and they hung up on me. this location is terrible and they regularly make mistakes with order.

Daisy Mora

In is Taco Bell they have good service.The employees were very nice, and plus my food was delicious. It wasn’t cold or nasty. The food was amazing . Pretty much I had a good experience.

Shane Stephens

Neither great nor horrible. You get what you pay for in flavor. I had a shredded chicken quesadilla, beefy fritos burrito and bean burrito. I would avoid the bean burrito from now on. The quesadilla was the best item I ate today.

Mary Griffin

The associate could not get the.pricing correct. Was so frustrating for.my daughter. She is a very regular customer wherever she goes.

Kristi Farr

The toco was very good

Javier Ramirez

Missing tacos on my order for lunch no hot sauce when I requested.

Beck S.

This Taco Bell needs HELP, every single time I come here (which is usually late at night because I work late) I get a bag full of Luke warm food with old taco shells, NO NAPKINS, and not even the correct sauce that I have asked for. Not to mention the guy at the window clearly doesn't want to be there. I just want my cheap "Mexican" food after I get off of my 8 hour shift. This is coming from an old employee of the company for 3 years. It is not that hard...

Jay Z.

The worst Taco Bell in the entire franchise! I'm not kidding. They always mess up orders, don't have all the ingredients that are supposed to come on the items and on top of that food always tastes old. Stay away! I want to give them negative stars!

Allison Kato Ramirez

My order was repeated back to me and I was told I'd have the total at the window. The order wasn't repeated back at the window and I was given a total, which I paid for with my debit card.

Chris L

Just went there on a family members behest to get 2 of the chalupa boxes. I dont like chalupas but he wanted the codes. I go and after getting my order I realize the girl didnt ask me about any sauce. When I get home, there are no codes or boxes, she put everything into a bag. Maybe the staff should stop flirting so much and pay attention to their job . Done spending money here

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