Taco Bell

9820 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas
(214) 349-1139

Recent Reviews

Chris L

Just went there on a family members behest to get 2 of the chalupa boxes. I dont like chalupas but he wanted the codes. I go and after getting my order I realize the girl didnt ask me about any sauce. When I get home, there are no codes or boxes, she put everything into a bag. Maybe the staff should stop flirting so much and pay attention to their job . Done spending money here

Lameshia Gilyard

I had a Door dash order for a Power Steak Menu Bowl with extra avacado ranch, onions, and steak. Even paid the door dasher a tip to receive a Rice and Bean with guacamole bowl, instead a STEAK POWER MENU BOWL.

Babak Amini

Not a very good taco bell other locations are better but I mean it's a taco bell how good can it be

G Salazar

Love it they are fast plus they have a nice attitude..

Vivek Jain

Can't get their orders right.

Monique Rogers

Drive Thru was Slow, but food was Hot & fresh.

Chris Puente

Well...its a taco bell, try a bean burrito with extra beans cheese red sauce and no onions...thank me later

Justin Fain

Hardly any meat on my tacos and way over loaded with sour cream and tomatoes. I wouldnt really even call it a taco, and this is "taco" bell...

peter paul

We went to Taco Bell this morning for breakfast and got the sausage & egg burrito for breakfast and the burritos were huge and fresh and tasty, got a combo & it came with hashbrown and orange juice. The customer service was excellent and very friendly. We will definitely will come back to this taco bell location.

Guadalupe Arredondo

Same franchise in McAllen Texas charges $1.20 for two crunchy fried tacos.

MLB1 Brown

Kool & friendly alwayz! Late Night shift ð??¯

katrina williams

Stoped making beef meximelts. Why when you have all the ingredients!

Delia Jade

Whoever is working a closing shift in the drive thru at 11:01 on Tuesday, July 23rd definitely needs to be fired. Itâ??s the same lady who works late that always get my order wrong and itâ??s always the same thing. Tonight i ordered a crunch wrap with a Mt Dew and she forgot about the Mt Dew. And she did the same thing about three weeks ago and forgot two Mt Dews. The food is great but the service and the â??always forgetting somethingâ? is ridiculous. fix it. and fire people that need to be fired.


I got the Chalupa box, but it kind of sucked. It was soggy and seemed like it had been made earlier and left to sit.

Will P K.

Worst Taco Bell ever lowest of low never open at 7 the soonest it is ever open is 11 no breakfast food is also stale wet food thanks for shit the only reason they are "in business" is because there is not any other food in the area thanks lake highlands

cynthia ramirez

I ordered 2 Chalupas 2 crispy tacos...I asked the lady if it can be a combo because I wanted the drink. I proceeded to ordering a combo with 2 chalupas n 1 taco combo. The price given seemed high so I asked what I was charged for. The manager on duty was Sandra.. she came n explains the whole order but since I donâ??t work there n donâ??t purchase often I was confused. So I tell her again. First order I need 2 chalupas 2 tacos! N the rest she argued there was no combo. I said well if a combo is 2 chalupas n 1 taco then just add my taco! Omaiga. I asked for the number to call but she was very rude n said to get out of the line n closed the window. So ok I started drinving off when I hear her say â??Pinche Vieja hija de tu pinche madreâ?! I looked back n she was sticking her head out the window literally screaming while she had customers in line! Oh my goodness! Talk about bad customer service!

Jeremy Warren

Love taco bell cause they have good varieties of food and good prices!

Dameon Dudley

I give it a pass eventhough I went at happy hour and had to ask for my candy for my watermelon slush.

Krystn Enem

Loved this outlet. The servers were really nice. I asked for recommendations and I loved how I was treated and loved the meal too

Jason Jennings

What can I say Taco Bell is Taco Bell. If you want something better than go anywhere else...


Good late night snack def fresh good food....5 dollar box is always changing...don't do delivery it's not TBs fault but Jesus Cristo delivery needs to get it together

Miles Meekhof

Get the number one without onions. And lots of fire sauce!

Cesar Gamboa

A steak burrito one of my favors and the quesadillas and my number one favor is Doritos tacos chips and queso and I recommend Taco Bell

Jen B

Its Taco Bell so u can't expect too much....but I will say sometimes the imside is clean with good service and other times not so much.......

Annie C.

Seriously how do y'all get away with selling this crappy food? It's like 95% shell and 5% meat. And the chalupa bread was so hard I couldn't eat any of it. Y'all need to learn how to make tacos because this is horrible.

Jonah Wise

mexican food and the atmosphere here is excellent. Honestly my favorite evening place. Next time I'll be back with my friends. The place has a good atmosphere.

Edith Rosas

Horrible service. I was in the drive through for 25 mins. Couldn't even place my order at the speaker. Had to wait to get to the window and the guy was rude. Didn't even apologized. order was wrong and the food was cold. Worst service ever

Meadow Gobert

Can't help it....I love The Bell. The LH one is clean and consistent.

Nichole Womack

Made my food fine. Had to make different order due to them being out of avacado. Also, the guy making the food was on the line with gloves eating.. then went to making food. Be careful!

Bill R.

Stood in line several minutes behind a family, trying to get a quick meal in before my kid's practice. After 5 minutes of no one acknowledging our existence, my daughter and I walked out and went to the fairly well run Subway in the same shopping center. The family? Cobwebs by now.

Mark C. L.

I am upping this little place to four stars just because the music on the overhead speakers is so fascinating. So I look up on the internet about Taco Bell and its music. Evidently, they are very intentional about their music. https://soundcloud.com/tacobell At the store, there's a mashup of decades going on. You might hear something from the 40's, the blues, jazz... then be in the 90's with some alternative tune. I used to not like that so much when I was younger. I called it the "eclectic" station, like the PBS stations were (and may still be; I haven't tuned one in in like 30 years, seriously!). They played stuff from all genres and times and it really didn't sound so cool, but I guess I just like the choices of the people curating the music for Taco Bell. In recent months, I have found myself subconsciously craving tacos every Wednesday night just before choir rehearsal. Now I have to go every week! Service is really off sometimes because they are understaffed and can only move so fast, but I still enjoy the experience of sitting there and hearing this music and munching on a couple or three crunchy tacos and often a MexiMelt. Not too much and not too little. One packet of their Diablo Sauce per item and we're ready to go! They give you a small cup and you can get water for nothing. So all of this costs less than 8 bucks. Or 4 if you're just getting a couple of tacos. You go in there with your spare change and get a moment of sonic respite from the world. The cool, crispy, moist lettuce lends a nice counterbalance to the rest of the filler, which is beef sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese. So simple and so cheap. It hits the spot, and if you have a spare 15 minutes or so, it's not a bad little hang! I have discovered a new game, too. It's one I've been playing, and probably all of us, since childhood. That would be... how and where and in what order do you bite a crunchy taco to keep the shell from breaking and the contents spilling out? I'm getting better with each passing practice session. :-)

Andrew Siegel

Foods ok, service is ok, price is ok... you get what you pay for

Dominic Lechuga

I love Taco Bell. But this location is sooo slow. Which sucks because it's the closest one to me and in a convienent location. But if it's busy that drive thru will trap you for quite some time.

Sarrah Debusk

Never again.. they need to figure out how to move faster. 30 mins in drive thru line. And I was trapped. Couldn't leave.

Angel Castro

Good option, 5 bucks box is cheap and good way to eat.

Daryl Briggs

Okay I've been their several times before. The place is usually neat and the employees are polit and courteous. The food is great. Food handlers should be more conscious of wearing gloves when handling food.

Vishal S.

Probably the worst Taco Bell I've had. Underpaid kids who could are less what they are doing with your food. Gross stay away. Hopefully corporate reads this and does something.

Rachele O.

So fresh! Word of advice go when they first open and get the combo burrito exta beef extra cheese no onion

Richard J S.

Employees seem nice but obviously don't care about the quality of the food. Even if it's Taco Bell, if it's your job, you should care about making customers happy. Meat was dry, Meximelt proportions were way off making it a dried lukewarm beef taco. Crunchy taco shell was stale and soft taco supreme had sour cream on one side and not the other with 10 speckles of cheese. Obviously qu is not important and food handling rules are not being followed.

cooper r

I stopped here for quick bite, ordered quesadilla and some soft potato tacos. I like the quesadilla a lot and these was one of the best one I had. quick service in the lunch time and tidy tables.