Taco Joint

6434 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas
(214) 821-8226

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Anne H.

Not understanding the love. We went on a slow Sunday and were completely ignored and the guy at the ordering station took about 3 phone call orders before acknowledging us. Maybe because we were the only actually brown people there? It kind of tells you something when no Hispanics are in sight at a Taco shop. Food bland. Not worth the poor service. Brisket was completely flavorless.

Carolyn R.

I don't know man. I guess I was spoiled growing up in San Antonio- home of Tex Mex. I haven't found a legit breakfast taco in Dallas yet. So disappointing. I like big chunks of potato, not these tiny bits that look like the kind you can get in the frozen potato section at Kroger. They didn't charge for the onion so I guess that's something. The clientele looks like the white, uppity SMU crowd so I guess it's no surprise that the food isn't that great. I ate it but will I be back? Nah. If you've never had a great breakfast taco before and have low standards, this place is for you. The fact that they only have one type of salsa should say it all.

Zachery Howard

Love this place, food is solid and the staff are awesome. Every time I come for pick up, everyone is wearing masks and gloves and it’s easy to get in and out. Salsa’s are great also

Rosalie Sanchez

We got food there a few days ago. I heard they are under new management and have made some changes. The taste of the food has changed and it was also cold when we got it. I feel they are headed in a new direction for the worst and we will not return! I dont think the new management has the credentials to run this restaurant and the proof is in the pudding!!!

Anthony Black

The Taco Joint is a seriously awsome incredible establishment .... its your choice all you want quality,quantity,deliciousness ? its all at the Taco Joint..

jordan hancock

Great place great food. When I come to Dallas always get taco joint!

Katelynn Martin

I am deeply sad about writing this post. Taco joint is my all time favorite taco place. I visit this location and the one on peak frequently. Today we went in for breakfast and I ordered my usual tacos(bacon egg potato and migas). The tacos came out cold and on top of that the tortillas were not correct. We believe it might be that the tortillas weren’t grilled before making the tacos, but this made our food bad. If it was my first experience, I would never go back.

Sylvia Weaver

Love this place, great service and food.

Doug Montgomery

Good portions at a fair price. Fresh ingredients.

Aaron Boatwright

Very good. I would get something different but what I had was good

Sarah S.

13 people sitting at the bar on Sunday morning without masks. No, they weren't all eating- drinking & waiting on food, sure. No attempt to even wear them while socializing or not eating/drinking. Every table inside was open. Only one spot on the patio was taken. No attempt to enforce distancing or the mask order. I feel bad for the bar tender, but management shouldn't be allowing this at all. Unfortunate that all to go orders are picked up here as well, so not only is the bar tender exposed to these people, but so is anyone going inside to pickup food. Unsafe.

Greg Case

The tacos are pretty big and a good value for what you get, and there’s a huge selection, from pork, to fish, to fajitas, etc. They have a Chile con queso with ground beef and guacamole which is out of this world good. Love this place! One of my favorite tacos and Tex-Mex restaurants in the area.

Rebecca Soliz

The blandest Tex-Mex known to man.

Brian K.

I got no pictures to show you of the Taco Joint, because that is just how hungry I was. You ever walk into a place and swear you were suddenly in another city? This place feels like you are in Austin. But you are not in Austin, You are in a strip mall in Dallas. Maybe that's worth checking out for its own sake, but the food is also really good. Go nuts and order one of everything. I'm pretty sure the "Big B" is named for me.

sean corcoran

Great tacos and friendly staff.

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