The Grapevine Bar

3902 Maple Ave, Dallas
(214) 522-8466

Recent Reviews

Roy Kaiser

Wally's is perfect for any occasion. The food is great, but I go for the cheese and wine. Their boards are beautiful: the meats are incredible, the cheeses are perfect, the pairings are spot on and the knowledge of the people working there makes this experience even more amazing. I've gone here with friends and sat for hours because the environment is so lively and fun.

Raul M. Gates

One of the poshest wine bars in the country. Dont fall of the chair looking at the prices of wines here - the price per glass is a shocker but the bottle prices is more palatable - yet expensive.

Reggie Laxamana

Cute bar atmosphere. Large outdoor area with basketball and additional seating.

Jason Redman

Amazing place with all walks of life very bohemian and eccentric!

Shannon R.

Best bar in the world. Love at first sight.

Mary Mendy

Great atmosphere and John is the best. Ask for him and trust he will take care of you. Thank me later! I will be back soon. Thank you John.

Jalopy Mind

Best staff best atmosphere hands down. Treat em right and tip 20%

Marlenemia84 1990

A great dive bar in crazy Dallas. I love it here

Ryan Taylor

What a spot. Awesome vibe, awesome drinks, and a gay bar if you want it to be.

David Kinnamon

Probably one of the only bars I've been to where everyone fits in. Good drinks and fun outdoor space.

wallace wilkinson

Best in Dallas. Feels small and friendly, but plenty of room in garden. My favorite!

Van N.

This bar gives a chill Austin vibe to the otherwise hustle Dallas bar scenes down the street. You its a low key patio bar with a starter pool table in the middle (the have bumpers on the side to make the pool table). The crowd is very warm. The bartenders on the other hand very rude. My friend ordered a beer that was not available and she rudely told him if he looked up he'll see all the beers they have. Like it was a sin to not know that already. We only had one beer and left. Theres plenty of bars in town.

Jeannie Odza

My favorite bar in downtown Dallas. Local bar with great music. Even a basketball hoop in garden. No itty bitty measures for drinks - so don’t plan to drive ?

Angela Kaseopaya

it's kinda small, 1 pool table, but good music and the outdoor bartender was great. everyone is welcome, so if you can't handle being around a variety of people don't go, it's not for you.

Kevin D.

Rude bartenders, rude door staff, rude owner and crappy service. I stopped by on a Sunday afternoon for a drink and as I was walking up to the bar I saw some slack jawed, sloppy looking guy hanging around out front. As I began to open the door he quickly got between me and the door and asked to see my ID. I thought he was joking since he didn't have any ID that indicated he worked for the bar or even a shirt with the bar name on it. So I I asked him if he worked there and he wouldn't answer, he just starred at me. Again I him if he worked for the bar and then he became very belligerent and began to raise his voice and clench his teeth. At that point, I really thought that he was some random guy asking for ID as a joke or that he was on some kind drugs or something. I stepped around him and attempted to open the door and then he aggressively slammed his entire body against the door slamming it shut. The door handle jerked violently out of my hand and caused me to fall. After I got up he told me to get away from the bar and that I was permanently barred. Realizing this guy was a bit "off the beam", I decided it call it a night and go home. The next day I called the bar to speak with a manager about the incident and the guy I spoke with was very rude and told me that the guy at the door told him about the incident and that he was in the right and that I was in fact permanently barred from The Grapevine. Funny thing is, I asked him if he knew my name or what I looked like and all I heard was complete silence on the phone. LOL, of course he didn't. This used to be a fun bar, but not now. Check out all the negative reviews on this place.

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