The Porch

2912 N Henderson Ave, Dallas
(214) 828-2916

Recent Reviews

Mandy Leonard Mueller

Food was amazing. The grill cheese and tomato soup was the best I?ve ever had. We will visit again.

Karen Lowrance Jones

Great outdoor seating, and nice inside too for more intimate meal. Varied menu with shared plate options, salads, burgers, and salmon, steak, and pasta options. Crispy Brussel Sprouts are really tasty. Good portions, great service


Great local spot for lunch or dinner. The Sunday brunch crowd is good also. Patio is really nice too. Service is always good. We often pop in and never have a problem getting a table. We suggest you try it.

Dan D.

A party of 5 friends met for cocktails and dinner one Thursday eve. The booth was near the window and cozy. We had a selection of craft cocktails and draft local beer, both very good. The entrees ranged from brussels sprouts side to chicken fried steak to club sandwich to steak. The server London was attentive and friendly. Thanks for a good time!

Stephanie Pace

Looked for a place to grab some lunch and found The Porch. We had to pay attention to the map and the sign otherwise we would have missed the restaurant on the corner. Lucky, we didn?t. Complimentary valet parking in the back, which I liked. Walk through the outdoor patio with lights to the front of the restaurant set a nice tone. There is also seating if you wanted to sit outside, but we preferred to sit inside.

Dallas Local

Very very good food! I love their brunch and drinks are great as well. Service was quick and friendly, but they got several things wrong on 3 different occasions. I assume it?s because they are always packed and things get missed or forgotten. If you go here pay attention to the tab, and go early to get a table. Other than that this is a great spot!

Cyrus Baty

We enjoy eating here about twice a month on Sundays. We LOVE the creole chips, but was told today they took them off the menu and replaced with salt and vinegar chips. They brought us a sample, and while they were good, they are a completely different experience from the creole chips. When you go there for creole chips, salt and vinegar won?t do. My other favorite food is the grilled cheese with tomato soup. One of the best grilled cheese I?ve had. The service is great. The manager even came out and apologized about the chips.

Kurt Philip

Great food! The Stodg burger is amazing, so many different flavors that combine to blow your mind. It's a simple burger done right. The Mac n Cheese is delicious as well, taste like what mom use to make.

Linda S.

Visiting this trendy upscale neighborhood and decided to try it out! The southern food did not disappoint. I wanted something lighter since it was late. The sweet tea was fresh brewed and ice cold! Yummy! I selected the buttermilk chicken cobb salad with avocado, bacon and roasted tomato. It was delicious. Fresh ground pepper was the perfect touch. This restaurant had a beautiful patio with fans because it is HOT in Dallas. The atmosphere was fun and staff was amazingly friendly. Their cocktails looked fantastic too! Give it a try...

Armando R.

The cheesiest of macs. The porchiest of porches. The patio has a really homey- cafe-like feel while the bar has an upscaley vibe to it.

Shelly Dickson Thompson

Great upscale casual atmosphere, great menu variety and daily specials. Can?t wait to go back.

Scott P

First time visit to this restaurant and it was great!! I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger with wagyu beef. The flavor was terrific. Everything was great the fries were seasoned well and service was very good. I look forward to going back.

Heather R.

If you're going solely for an atmosphere, check this place out. If you're wanting a good brunch, this is not the place. Food: For starters the brunch menu is extremely scarce. It bothers me when a place pubs brunch but doesn't give much to offer. I was stuck ordering the basic breakfast and even that was underwhelming. The bacon was overcooked and the potatoes were very dry. Atmosphere: Very beautiful, elegant establishment. It has a decent amount of seating on the floor and at the bar. The servers are really nice and helpful as well. Be mindful of parking in the Henderson area.

Kenneth J.

We came for a Labor Day Brunch. It was a last minute arrangement, so we didn't make a reservation. While we couldn't tell it was really busy, the host was able to seat us after about 35 minutes (we were a party of 7). Our waiter was very nice and attentive, kept the mimosas full. I had the salmon and avocado toast, which was absolutely delicious. We shared the hummus, which was a table favorite. We also got the butter cake, which was to die for. None of my friends had any complaints either. It was a fun time, I would return.

Kathy C.

Second time here and was a bit disappointed this time around. About a year ago, I got the spicy chicken sandwich and cornbread while my husband got enchiladas. This time I got the steak frites and hubby got enchiladas again. We also got the spinach and Parmesan dip which came in right away. It was too bland, had to add salt and pepper to it. My steak had a burnt taste to it. I ordered medium well but came out over well done. I had to dip it in the sauce that I didn't care for to get rid of the burnt taste. It came with spinach with mushrooms and steak fries which were ok. Highly likely that I won't be back again.

Ray C

There will always be new shining stars that dazzle and have crowds lined out the door to try the latest kid in town. But then there also the tried and true comfort zone establishments that you can rely on for what you expect. Tei Tei falls into that . niche. We come here for family occasions such as birthdays, etc because we know they are accustoms to serving larger groups in their tiny eating areas. It doesn't matter what you order here, it's made fresh from scratch and the flavors are there to prove it.

Abby Ordonez

I like the food and the atmosphere. Menu is a little pricey but the good always has a lot of flavor. The service is great. I would suggest for large groups to call ahead.

Willis Cobb

The restaurant was very nice,food was good, I had a short rib an pasta,my wife had a burger not bad.

Caroline G.

Great food and great service at the bar!! Had such a great time with my friends, will definitely be back! The drinks where so good but the service was exceptional!!

Drew D.

We went for a late lunch and there were only two small parties besides us. The food was actually good but the service was inexcusably poor. This is an upscale restaurant with an excellent and diverse menu that caters to a higher end crowd. There really isn't a good excuse for a server to have to flagged down every time you need something and to wait 35 minutes to get food in a dead restaurant. No one even came to introduce themselves or take a drink order. I am not sure if the staff is poorly trained or was just having a bad day. I won't likely be back for a while.

Mary A.

Ok, first time here and I was blown away by the food! The description and reviews talk about American food, but my sister and I had Mexican food for brunch and it was delicious! I had the carnitas tacos, and the meat was not dry and full of flavor. The flour tortillas tasted like the store-bought kind but I was able to get past that because of the carnitas. I had their house sweet tea and it tasted freshly brewed and the sweetness was not heavy! I am a sweet tea gal at heart so this was a big deal for me. My sister had the red chilaquiles and they were delicious as well. We even ordered dessert, their peach crisp with vanilla ice cream. It was sweet, warm, crunchy, and heavenly creamy all together! I will definitely return to try all their other food in the menu!


This is one of the best places to eat ever! Wonderful menu of delicious entrees. Ther short rib stroganoff was the best! The rib eye cheese steak was amazing. The service couldn't be any better. The ambiance was perfect, music nice and not too loud.

Stephen Spilsbury

Lovely atmosphere, excellent service, tasty food! Had a great time here on a date :)

Tabby Whapham

Go eat here!

Adam Harriff

Great spot. The food and service were excellent! I would eat here a lot if I was a local.

A Cast

It's an American food restaurant, id say average, don't see myself recommending this place. If you ask me the chicken fried steak was as good as the one at Texas roadhouse.


This place is so good! I got the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich and it was the best chicken sandwich I've ever had...sorry Chick-fil-A. My mom and I shared the Gooey Butter Cake for dessert, and it certainly did not disappoint. That was an excellent meal!

Nate H.

The Stodg burger doesn't look that impressive. Matter of fact, it looks like your ordinary burger. But let me tell you something about this bad boy, it was melting in my mouf before I even took the first bite. It had all the helpings of a burger made for a lumberjack, but it was delicate like a teddy bear galloping through the clouds. You take a bite into this thing, and the flavor rush is intense. I'm assuming that about half of a stick of butter is used in the making of this burger. The Thicc-and-juicy meter was truly off the charts on this one. My friends and I came to the conclusion that The Porch has a certain speciality in frying things. The fries and onion rings had a phenomenal breading that gave them an audible crunch. This will surely make your friend who ordered the side salad jealous, but they just have to live with their mistakes. I decided to go for a beer, which was definitely a disappointment after tasting how good my friend's cocktail was. You can tell that people come here specifically for them, as there was a Highland Park High School Class of '92 (or something) class reunion huddled over the bar, acting giddy about their drinks. Would be a good place to hang out with your long-lost sorority sister I suppose. Definitely will be coming back, as every dish that I saw coming out looked great - besides the side salads.

Cameron B.

I'm came for the Gooey Butter Cake. That's the post. The service is always good here to.

Donna B.

Service is fantastic and the food is great. We went twice (once for dinner and once for brunch) in one weekend. Both meals were really flavorful, fresh and satisfying. The porch/ patio is really well heated in the winter so don't be afraid to sit outside.

Miraie W.

This place is solid. Food was delicious, wait wasn't too long (even on a Saturday night at 7:30), service was great. We tried the ahi tuna crudo and the porch salad with salmon. Food arrived in 10 minutes, cooked perfectly and tasted great. Also tried a cocktail which was a little watered down but ok overall. Would recommend.

Avery Ferrante

Straight up too expensive. Place is nice and food is good sure, but nothing special at all for a much higher price than comparative places. Complimentary valet around back which was nice. Service is good as well. But when two salads and some drinks cost the same as going to Nick and Sam's....

Efrain R.

Every year a group of friends and I meet at a random restaurant in Dallas so to catch up and reminisce the good 'ol times. For months we went back and forth trying to decide where to go. I did some research and found this place called The Porch, and well... LONG STORY SHORT, boy am I sorry that I suggested my group of friends to try this place. SHORT STORY LONG; I got there and met with the only parking option, which is Valet Parking. It's complementary but even so, I've never been too fond of Valet. I go inside where no one acknowledged me and I decided to go and sit at a table close to the bar and wait for the rest of the group. One by one everyone arrived while waiting for anyone to notice us. We eventually pulled over a waiter that seemed in a rush to avoid us. He just said "You need to go to the front so that the receptionist can sit you. We were wondering what was wrong with you". Yeah, they were wondering what a group of people was doing in a restaurant. And please keep in mind, the restaurant was practically empty. That was a bit of a Red Flag which we all ignored. We finally got seated and one of us ordered a drink. Her $11 drink came and it tasted HORRIBLE. The waitress took it back but didn't even ask if she wanted something different, or if ANY of us wanted to order a drink, which we all did but because of her attitude, we decided against. Not like she gave us any other choice. A few minutes later we started to order our food. One member in our group says to the waitress "I'm not too hungry so I'll just have a small salad". I kid you not, the waitress goes: "Are you sure you want a salad while everyone is eating something else?" And she continued arguing until she talked our friend out of ordering anything at all. It was a sight to see. The food was OK though very overpriced and the Iportions where tiny. WE DECIDE TO ORDER DESSERT One of our friends had asked the waitress about the Butter Cake earlier. Now that we were ready she lets her know that she wanted to try it. Without even asking if anyone else wanted anything (which we all did) the waitress takes off running. A few minutes later she comes back with one dessert and five spoons and takes off again. Looks like we are all going to share and not order any additional desserts! We asked for separate bills and for some containers to put in our leftovers. The waitress offered to take the leftovers and pack them for us and we agreed. What happened next IS A FIRST FOR ME. She takes the leftovers and puts them all together in one container. I guess she thought that we all lived together in one happy polygamist relationship? Then comes the bills. She comes with separate bills as we asked. She looks at my friend who ordered the dessert and says "I put your dessert on his bill". I'm like "OKAY! Looks like dessert is on me". We couldn't help but laugh at this. I'm glad none of the girls ordered drinks otherwise I'd really be screwed. Poor service, so-so overpriced food, bad service, a horrible, overpriced drink, bad service, a dumb waitress, and did I say bad service? It comes down to a place we will NEVER visit again. Dear The Porch, if you are going to charge premium dollars you should provide premium quality.

Tyny B.

On a weekend trip to Dallas, the missus and I stopped by The Porch by way of personal recommendation. We opted to linger on the top half of the menu as we felt the Burgers, Sandwiches, and Specialties sounded a bit heavy. But our meal ended up heavy enough! Portions were generous and everything was delicious and had its own personal and distinctive flair. Standouts were the short rib sliders (tasty meat and sharp pickled cabbage) and the jalapeño cornbread with honey butter. I'm not usually much of a cornbread guy (the missus swears by the stuff), but I have now seen the light. We sat outside on the Porch porch which was the right move and very pleasant as the sun was setting. Inside felt a bit dark and sports bar-y. Waitress was helpful enough but seemed a bit disinterested. It happens. Anyway, a fine restaurant with healthy sized and meal-carrying sides and appetizers. Food hedged on the comfort side of the ledger-which was nice so far away from Toronto!

Eunice Maris

The food is great, but on the two occasions I've been there the service was terrible. The waiter did not come by with utensils and napkins until well after we received our appetizers. They did not come by regularly to check if we needed any refills, which everyone at the table wanted. At one point it seemed like they just forgot about our table. After getting our main dish, the waiter did not come by again until it was time for the check. I was extremely underwhelmed with the service.

Lisa B.

Stopped in in father's day with my dad and my husband. Our service was impeccable and the food was really good. I had a Greek salad, my dad had a club sandwich and my husband had chicken fried steak. We all said it was the best good we'd had in awhile. Love that there are valets in the parking lot. It's free parking, but you can elect to tip the valet. Super convenient. It was a perfect restaurant for Father's Day lunch.

Jin M.

Came here in the middle of a rain storm and the air was on too high. It was freezing. It took me about 2.5 hours to warm back up after eating here. That is the reason I deducted a star. The other star deduction is because there was nothing phenomenal about this place. My side salad was the best thing. The brussels sprouts were too salty as was the grilled cheese. Service was decent.

Ash A.

For the last several years we have passed 'The Porch' on our way to some other eatery or on our way back from another. We always exclaimed "we should come here" many a time simultaneously. So finally after almost 4 years of bypassing it, we stepped into the long awaited "The Porch" today and requested to be seated outside on the porch of course! I know your immediate question is "was it worth it?" Short answer....Na Long answer....Nope Let me elaborate: while the service was decent, the tables were shabbily maintained at best. Ours was not clean & wobbly. Our waitress was sweet and took our order efficiently but then our appetizer came to us in a Togo package. We explained to the server that we were eating in (hence at the table! Lol).... she took the bag back, a bit confused and returned with our appetizer on a platter. Fifteen mins later, we had another server come up with our dinner entrée in a Togo packaging again. This time we were really confused and again explained that we were dining on the Porch itself! The server then consulted with our waitress who then took the Togo bags in once again and eventually came out with our burgers on serving now we couldn't get out of this funk and get comfy. Our food: 1) Cucumber Cooler - flavorful but sour and the piece of cucumber floating looked days old. 2) Spinach & Parmesan dip: It was ok. I have had much better ones so i can't rate it too highly but it was acceptable. 3) The Stodg Burger - I ordered mine w/ seasoned fries. I found the burger to be almost flavorless and I could separately taste the meat, sunny side up egg and the sauce. The ingredients did not gel together and it was super soggy. It was not enjoyable. The fries were over salted but flavorful. 4) The classic Cheeseburger: Wify wanted cheesesteak burger but they were out so she had to settle w/ the classic. She is big on the bun (no pun intended!) and according to her, she did not enjoy the bun at all. It was too soft structurally and did not compliment even a regular/classic burger. In fact in her option, the bun failed the burger. So, we were rather discouraged to stay and chat any longer and decided to leave as soon as our meal was done. In the end, I guess what I learned is that sometimes it's not worth the wait :( #onetimerrestaurant #Airwolf

Kattina Bryan

Great service, excellent food and prices. I stopped in on a Sat for a quick bite. The Porch Salad very good. Great place to go if you're dining alone, the staff very friendly.

Melina Halikias

We ordered the tuna appetizer and it was underwhelming. Ordered the stroganoff and it was decent. My date has the stodge burger and said it was dry and not as good as he remembered. So all in all, food was alright. Nothing to write home about.