The Porch

2912 N Henderson Ave, Dallas
(214) 828-2916

Recent Reviews

Travis S.

A staple on Henderson. Menu is off the chain. Brisket sliders come with amazing slaw on them. Stodg burger comes with an egg and is amazing. They always have a salmon burger too which is bomb. The specials are always different and someone in our group must try them bc they are always really cool and delicious. Cocktails made at the bar are very tasty. Wait staff is very friendly. Great brunch spot but but also a very solid choice for late lunch or dinner. They have an enclosed patio or PORCH lol that looks out towards Henderson so you can people watch and enjoy the nice weather. I have never been during weekly happy hour so I am not sure the specials they run. Which, in my book to get 5 stars you have to be for the people and run happy hour specials or bar specials. Bottom line. You can never go wrong with The Porch.

Keira M.

I've never had a bad meal here. From appetizers to entrees, you simply cannot go wrong with any item. It's a little pricey, but after getting our food found it was worth it. The cocktails are also always unique and on point. My favorite is the Stodgy Burger. The burger is always flavorful with the egg on top adding to the delicious flavors. Also, the Grilled Broccoli with salsa Verde and bread crumbs is a must-have. I would love to come back here!

Ola Iyaomolere

The atmosphere was a very chill vibe. The good and service was great! I had the salmon burger and it was honestly the best salmon burger I’ve ever tasted. I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends.


OMG! You better get here early because this place stays packed! Once you are in there and taste their food you will truly understand why it stays a packed house. The food is delicious, the drinks are amazing and the waiters and waitresses are all nice and friendly. I love coming here to eat.

DeQuilla H.

Looking for a bomb brunch spot?! Well look no further. From drinks to eats, The Porch is we're you need to be! The restaurant is located right off Henderson. However, if you make it towards the back of the building complimentary valet is waiting on you! They have a cute courtyard with hanging lights and the interior has a modern feel. The food has that fresh, farm to table quality. And it's so delicious! We ordered a few things: Chicken Fried Chicken Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Parmesan, Bacon & Lemon Smoked Ham Mac & Cheese Casserole Banana Bread French Toast Hot Fried Chicken & Biscuits I can't stress how good everything was. Chicken is fried in a light crispy batter. The hot sauce on the hot fried chicken was the pinnacle of that plate but the real excitement is the casserole! So creamy, cheesy and tasty af! This is one of my top spots for this essential side dish that is often ruined. Brussel sprouts were my next favorite bite. Make sure you stop in!

Sarah B

The spicy chicken sandwich and the grilled cheese with tomato soup are usually my go-to choices and neither have ever failed me. Good place to stop for lunch if you are willing to spend a little more.

Brian Connery

Solid comfort food with a northern Texas flair. We had the smoked chicken enchiladas, the meatloaf, and the gooey butter cake. Everything was good.

Melissa C.

The waitress was extremely attentive and checked on us regularly. I enjoyed the last 30 mins of happy hour. $5 drinks!!! Loved the strawberry crush! So did my date And inexpensive apps. So good, but small servings on the hummus app. I think it would be a challenge to share. Love the warm pita bread. Had the snapper Pontchartrain which was a bit spicy but good. It was the special of the night. Super good Brussel sprouts. The grilled cheese was a little rich for me but a win for extreme cheese lovers. It's came with tomato soup which I would marry if I could. All around wonderful dinner with mandatory valet In the back parking lot. I parked myself and he asked me for my keys and handed me a ticket. Bring ones...

Ryan E.

I was pretty disappointed with The Porch on a Friday night. Two friends and myself sat outside in the covered patio which was the perfect temperature for a chilly night, but our service was less than satisfactory, with extremely long wait times before our server took our order, and even longer for drinks and food to be delivered. My drink was loaded with crushed ice and watered down, and the food was no better than average. Once the checks were delivered, we noticed that there was an appetizer added to our bill (I assume it was from another table), but seeing as how long it took to get service, I did not wait for our server to correct it and instead went directly to the hostess who quickly remedied the situation; the main reason this review receives 2 stars instead of 1. We went here at the recommendation of a friend, but after this experience I doubt I will be returning any time soon.

Brian Lapidus

The food and atmosphere is great. Good for lunch, dinner or drinks. I’ve never actually sat on “the Porch” though. Only sat inside. Ha!

Madeleine L.

Always friendly service and delicious eats! Still haven't found anything on the menu that I don't love. Current favorite is the quinoa bowl but you can never go wrong with their grilled cheese. Also, the butter cake is a must-try! Insanely delicious.

Z B.

So I came in around 8:45pm and I saw the bartender use his dirty hands to wipe a wine glass rim and he went all the way around the glass "to clean the spots" how gross. I informed the manager Dominique and never heard back. Once I got and all night the next day I had the worst stomach ache and cramps. Was it the dirtiness I saw from the bartender idk, but I will not be back. To bad because the chicken fried steak was good.

Sara C.

Really good solid food and service! Came in on a busy day and it was freezing outside this day. The area is a little crowded but they do have COMPLIMENTARY valet parking! just make sure to tip! My friend and I got seated very quickly and our waitress was so sweet. Forgot her name Only bad thing was that a glass of mimosa was $5 but she gave us so little... it was like little smaller than half the glass -_- All the food was great! I got the Salmon burger and it sounded bleh but it actually tasted really good! Saw that spinach dip was popular in yelp so we decided to try it It comes out hot and it definitely met its expectations. The vibe in here is a little on the louder side

Janet A.

Just found this place mid afternoon the day after new yrs so great hang over food. I suggest their regular food before brunch food. Not to impressed with their brunch options. Enjoyed the cheap mimosas and late brunch hours. I'd return but not as my first option for brunch.

Cassidy B.

Oh, The Porch. I had heard so many rave reviews, seen ads, been impressed by photos. Then, I went. The layout was pretty cool, though parking was a bit messy. I was there at about 3PM on a Weekday, and I was able to snag a spot in front of the apartment complex, though I don't know if that is technically legal. Everything around, as my other reviewing friends here have said, is forced Valet or pay-to-park. Once inside I expressed I was waiting on a companion, and, after much confusion on the part of the hostess, was directed to my companion that had already been there 20 minutes. The biggest thing - my server Ray, was exceptional. Likely the best service I have had anywhere in some time. The second best thing - the drinks were wonderful. The craft cocktails were very complex and delicious. The thing that sort of bummed me out is that I really could not find anything that fit my preferences on the menu. I did end up ordering something, but it was unremarkable, weeks have passed, and I cannot recall what it was at all. There are quite a few options in this area, so I may not return unless I want a cocktail or two only.

William Stensvold

Great atmosphere and wonderful service. The Salmon and Avo Toast on the brunch menu was delicious. The Fried Chicken and biscuits also was a group favorite!

Vanessa Shelley

I am now a fan of Brussel sprouts. The entire experience was excellent, from the Valet to the Manager. The food was delicious.

Elizabeth Li

5/5 stars Came here on a Saturday evening for a birthday party. It was super crowded. Made a reservation for 11 people at 6:30pm. They gave our table away 5 minutes after our reservation because all of us were not present at the restaurant, even though more than half of us were present. Didn’t get seated until 7:10pm. For drink, ordered Sage Advice cause I really liked it last time. It was just as satisfying and amazing as I remember. I ordered two. For appetizer, order spina

Yvonne U.

Came to celebrate our aunts birthday! Brunch ends at 2:30 Boooooo! I didn't want the food on the menu but drinks, but it's okay because the rest of the food is delicious! I got the spicy crispy chicken sandwich with fries with the side of the Mac and Cheese omg omg omg so freaking DELICIOUS! (but the chicken wasn't crispy) My fiancé got the Fried Chicken biscuit he didn't like that they put the hot sauce on the chicken he thinks they should put it on the side, and my aunt got the quinoa bowl with chicken she had no complaints lol. We ended it with the dessert, the Gooey Butter Cake it has a cheese cake textured which through me off because I'm no the biggest fan of cheese cake (I know don't kill me) BUT with that being said it was still delicious the table favorite! The Con: the service our waitress was a little on the hostile side I don't know if it was because she was about to get off or having a bad day really did not appreciate her attitude throughout. The Pro: The food, the mac and cheese is a must to try and the Gooey Butter Came. Also the price point didn't break the bank at all,and the ambiance will def def be back!

Corban Garcia

Hands down my favorite restaurant I’ve ever been to. Every time I visit, the best mean of my life gets topped again! Love every dish I’ve ever ordered here and would HIGHLY recommend coming here.

Raymond Cooper

This is surely one of the best restaurants in the region. Every time I go there I am deeply satisfied. They manage their very high level service and the highest level of food they provide. You surely will enjoy this this place. Highly recommended.


This is always one of our favorite places to eat. Service is excellent. The grilled cheese and tomato soup is my favorite on a cool day. Nice patio.


We had a very tasty meal here. The service was great, from the valet parking on a rainy night to being quickly seated and rapidly served. Some different dishes that were terrific.

Monica H.

The food was amazing after a long flight . We had several Appetizers that did not disappoint. I'd have to say my favor were the brisket sliders and the corn bread

Rach S.

I adore this place. First, the interior is beautiful and the patio is charming. I always find myself ordering the same things, hummus appetizer and the salmon burger for lunch/dinner. They never disappoint. We sat on the patio on a Saturday at 1:30 and it wasn't very crowded, although inside seemed full. We had a new server who we'd never seen before, she was kind, took our drink orders and came back after a bit for entrees. Split the hummus to start, I had my favorite salmon burger with onion rings, and he had beef stroganoff. Hummus was a little different this time but still tasty, with nicely grilled pita and fresh veggies. Salmon burger was perfect like always. The onion rings are beyond enormous, I can never even finish one. His stroganoff was delicious, homemade pasta, tender meat, and good sauce. He asked for hot sauce, server wasn't sure if they had any but would go check, and 12 minutes later, she found a bottle and returned. I kept telling him it didn't need it, and after almost finishing the plate without it, he agreed. Thankfully he wasn't waiting for it because I was done by then. This place is great, reminds me of places back home. Reasonably priced, good service, nice atmosphere.

Stan B.

Have y'all been to The Porch on Henderson? If not, then you need to head down there and grab a Stodg Burger w/ salt & vinegar chips and a cold draft beer or the Spicy Chrissy Chicken Sandwich with Seasoned Fries and Sweet Tea. Or be adventurous with a couple of signature cocktails.....walnut old fashion, basil spritz and sage advice are all winners in my book. And I would be amiss if I didn't suggest the SMOKED MAC & CHEESE! Dear Lord in Heaven that dish IS Heaven in a Bowl! With our warm winter the weather this is a perfect time to come on up and sit a spell and have a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner out on The Porch. Four Stars for The Porch Happy Eating Y'all!

Bobby Edwards

Excellent Service, I got a burger and it was the best tasting burger I've had in a long time. Fantastic flavor! We also got the pimento cheese appetizer (I dont like pimento cheese) well worth ordering it I was very surprised. All the red pieces were on top so easy to scoop off.

Scott B.

I really like the Porch. It's in a great location right off of 75. my son and I went there for happy hour and split a ton of appetizers and a few drinks. The bill was very reasonable and we came out there very satisfied.

Jim R.

This was a good, calm dining experience. We came during happy hour and had two appetizers and a couple beverages. Additionally, we had splendid entrees. We can vouch for the qualities of tuna wrap, onion rings, salmon on arugula, and short rib stroganoff.

Donald J.

The food was great. I had the spicy chicken sandwich. The waiter wasn't the best but he was nice. I would go again

Viri R.

If you are in the area, THIS PLACE IS A MUST!!! I stopped by at around 5 and there was not a lot of people waiting for a table. The ambiance in here is pretty dark, but it is so cozy! I loved the decor inside. As far as what to get, I got the Stodg Burger and it is hands down the best burger I have ever had! The beef was cooked to perfection, the cheese, the egg was just an explosion of all kinds of delicious flavors. This place is big enough to bring in a big party or just a couple of your friends for one-of-a kind food experience!

Barrett R.

Went to The Porch for brunch on a Saturday. I must admit, I was immediately turned off because they only offer valet parking in the back. I think this is a total scam, because I arrived when the restaurant opened and there was no one there! I'm perfectly capable of parking my own car in the parking lot, but instead, I have to tip someone else to drive it 5 meters and park it. Ridiculous. I get it if it's busy! It was not. The brunch menu was small, 5 items or so, and none of them were exactly what I wanted (I'm vegetarian) so I got the veggie burger with a side salad. The burger itself was good. I loved the melted provolone cheese. I wish that bun had been warm or toasted, though. I had a hot tea to drink, and they had an assortment of Rishi teas. Overall, it was okay. But in a city like Dallas with so many choices, I probably wouldn't come back for something that's just ok! Good ambiance for a casual brunch.

Elizabeth L.

Second time here. Came on a Friday evening around 7:00pm. Found parking on the street. Was seated right away, surprisingly. It was quite crowded, but noise level is ok. Ordered Sage Advice: combination is very satisfying. Warm ginger beer pairs nicely with earthy sage flavor and slight bitter gin is balanced with mildly sweet blueberry. Alcohol content is quite strong. For entree: Ordered Chicken Fried Steak, subbed green beans with jalapeño cornbread. Mashed potatoes are slightly chunky, with mild fat content. Gravy is peppery, but that's about it. Steak batter is very flavorful and crunchy. All the flavor is on the batter, other items are supplementary. Meat is cooked well though, not tough - can be cut with fork. Overall flavor is satisfying. Would order again. Cornbread is really big. Served in mini cask iron skillet. Sides are crunchy and inside is soft. Very dry-probably why it's topped with a lot of whipped butter. Dryness is not fixed by large amount of butter. Jalapeño flavor is evident, but not overpowering. Overall, very disappointing. Another entree ordered is the crab cake salad. Size is small. Finished it in 10 minutes. Served with a lot of tomatoes. Service is very good. Server came by to check on us at regular intervals. Water was filled promptly. Empty dishes were taken away promptly. Leftovers were boxed for us. Boxing was well done: labels with initials for the item along with date and a sticker from which it came. Overall, 4/5 stars, took off one star because everything was good, but not exceptional. Not sure if I'd recommend the place, but will probably come back.


Stopped in for a business lunch yesterday. The Porch is a great place to eat. Friendly service, nice atmosphere and good food. Valet Parking in the back (tips only). Really enjoyed the visit!!

Jeff D.

I thought the food and service was outstanding. I got the Grilled Cheese/tomato soup, which was good. I'm so conditioned to canned Campbell's Tomato Soup and my own Grilled cheese that i think is better, but the porch version was good and rich. My wife got the CFS which i had a few bites and thought it was VERY good. Maybe the beat CFS I've had ( and I've had a bunch, including Mary's in Strawn,Tx ). We also got the Spinach/Parm dip, which was great. All in all, great dining experience. Just wished they had a location closer to Frisco.

Robert Wright

Very friendly place. Excellent service and tasty food.

Ryan Bricarell

Brussel Sprouts are hands down amazing! I know it’s a side, but I seem to get this as an appetizer every time. Burger and salads are always tasty. If your looking for a relaxing lunch, highly recommend this place.

Angel Bautista

American food, yeah, excellent. Visited about four, it was not full. Service treated us so kindly. Prices were decent. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I liked.

Doug Brown

Great brunch spot in a nice area. The food is pretty typical so just gets 4 stars. Nothing special but cant go wrong with this place if you just want a chill brunch on a sunday!

Mandy Leonard Mueller

Food was amazing. The grill cheese and tomato soup was the best I’ve ever had. We will visit again.