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Alex A.

Were seated at a table with sun shining in our faces and misters blowing on our backs. Was told it will ten minutes for the sun to go down. It was more than 35 minutes before anything changed. They said they would bring popsicles to cool us down. Had to remind them three times and they brought it in the middle of our meal. They said they would bring ice for the water. Again two reminders and ice was delivered after we had appetizers. Not a single time our wine was poured for us except for when they opened the first bottle. Second bottle wasn't even opened by the server and we opened it ourselves as it was a twist off. Complete amateur hour on service. Really unfortunate considering how good the food was. They need to train people a lot better. We won't be back for a while. We have been going to this place for a couple of years and it just went really downhill. There are other places that know how to provide service.

Ashli B.

Uchibā... the Japanese word, Uchi, meaning house and bā, loosely translating to bar... sits on top of Uchi. And within the bā (or bar) you'll find a top notch bartender who knows his way around a Vieux Carre (New Orleans cocktail). While I would normally say, there was no better way to start our dining experience, times have most certainly changed. *Review for our visit, 2wks post COVID-19 reopen* Our dining experience actually started before we left the house as the restaurant is not accepting walk-ins at this time. Upon making the evening reservation for 730 over the phone, we were given a short list of instructions to follow. Uchibā, currently operating at 50% in house capacity, is taking every precaution to ensure their patrons have both a safe and enjoyable experience. (Much appreciated) Diners must wear masks during movement on the premises - being allowed to de-mask only when sitting at ones own dining table... which are being sat every other table. Each staff member, from the host outside taking names (to track for health purposes) to the waiters and on to the bartender, were donned in gloves and masks for the duration of our visit. Our waitress, Tram, was like every other staff member in that she was a pleasant breath of fresh air - or what fresh air would be like if you weren't wearing a mask. (bu-dum-bum) The takeaway being that this new normal did not change what feels like a sustainable, elevated customer service atmosphere. From the open, airy space to the music... it was a vibe. After cocktails, we dove head first into a plethora of petite plates with sizable flavor. Between us we ordered brussels sprouts, fried green tomatoes, a hot fried chicken bun, a spicy crunchy salmon roll and the wagyu short rib meatballs. While you can't go wrong with this menu, one dish earned a special nod of approval. If my taste buds had a heart, I would say the brussels stole it this evening as both its texture and flavor made for quite the melodic treat. And the treats kept coming as we sampled sashimi, gyutoro and vanilla ice cream topped with fudge. There is so much more I could say but, really, need I say more? Arigatō (thanks) to a reopen done right!!

Carolyn L.

Times are really, really, really hard for restaurants right now. At a time like this, I would never leave a negative review for a restaurant - despite a few favorites that have disappointed me in the past few weeks as they navigate uncertain terrain. As a result, I think it's more important than ever, to recognize restaurants that are absolutely killing it during a difficult period - and Uchiba has been absolutely stellar. Once Uchiba decided to start doing a family/couple style dinner special, they had customers reserve on OpenTable for their curbside pickup. This leaves no doubt whatsoever that a reservation has been received. The directions are clear and there was follow through - after I made my reservation, prior to my pickup, I received a telephone call so that I could personalize my order (with Uchi items if I want!), and, pay on the phone so that pickup involves minimal contact. (Another restaurant took my card, needlessly put the receipt in their beautiful traditional leather sleeve, and handed me a communal pen in order to sign. No sign of any disinfecting process as these items laid out on a table for communal use. Sigh.) When I arrive to pick up, the transition is quick and easy - I pop the truck, the host puts my food in the trunk, and off I go. All the items are well packaged to arrive safely at my home at the appropriate temperature. Whether you're dining in or picking up during times of quarantine, Uchiba has it absolutely nailed down. I love these people!

Jordan W.

Their staff is unbelievably knowledgeable about the sushi, drinks, ingredients, pretty much everything. Megan is an amazing server. The bar at Uchi-ba is wonderful, with a cocktail list to die for. I highly recommend Uchi or Uchi-ba for celebrations, date nights, or even just a treat yourself night. The atmosphere is so cozy and aesthetically pleasing and the sushi is top shelf! I can't wait until it's safe again to go back. I'll be asking for Megan as my server, you should too!

Emitom H.

Updating with praise for the Dinner for Two! What a deal. For $65 you get a salad, 2 hot fried chicken buns, a crispy rice bowl with your choice of protein, 2 fried milk sundaes, wine or sake, monkey bread for the next morning, AND a $25 gift card for when they reopen. I would recommend everyone add this to their quarantine to go list. The fried milk is one of my favorite desserts in the world and they replicated it in a to go version very well. A few tips: - I would recommend booking on OpenTable in advance vs. waiting to call that day. The prime times were booking up as my friend and I were deciding which time we wanted to go. - We chose the bulgogi wagyu for our protein, which was tasty, but I would be curious to try the pork belly next time. - The main dishes come in sturdy tupperware containers so you can wash and reuse!

Sydney Street

If you are thinking about ordering their $65 to-go package, DEFINITELY order it ASAP! The food was absolutely delicious - as usual from Uchiba, but the value of the package cannot be beat. $65 for an Uchiba four course meal for two and a bottle of sake with delicious monkey bread to be baked the day after? Amazing! We ordered the Wagyu Beef as our protein though my favorite part of the meal was the Fried Milk parfait. We enjoyed our meal as a picnic in scenic Turtle Creek and it was such a fun experience I guarantee we will order again before the restaurant reopens for dining. Thank you, Uchiba!

Daniel Cepeda

The food here was really to die for. Same level of quality as uchi, easier to get into. We came for happy hour, which turned out to be a revelation. The cocktails here were by far the best Asian themed cocktails I've had. For the food, both yucca plates, the kurodai, and plenty more was scrumptious! The fried milk dessert was not what we expected in all the best ways. And, finally, our server Megan was truly the best. So friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. We truly enjoyed our experience

Daniel Cepeda

Anything yucca and the kurodai are to die for. You can't go wrong. Don't forget the fried milk dessert!

Daniel Cepeda

Anything yucca and the kurodai are to die for. You can't go wrong. Don't forget the fried milk dessert!

Daniel C.

The food here was really to die for. Same level of quality as uchi, easier to get into. We came for happy hour, which turned out to be a revelation. The cocktails here were by far the best Asian themed cocktails I've had. For the food, both yucca plates, the kurodai, and plenty more was scrumptious! The fried milk dessert was not what we expected in all the best ways. And, finally, our server Megan was truly the best. So friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. We truly enjoyed our experience

Ashley Giardiello

Absolutely blown away by our dinner experience here. The service is some of the best we’ve had, the atmosphere is amazing, and the food is mouthwatering. There is not a single thing to complain about, even the valet is amazing. We will be back without a doubt. The toro and brussels sprouts were our favorite. The pastry chef deserves the highest accolades for the fried milk. Our biggest regret is having not gone sooner.

Cameron Hartman

Uchiba is an amazing casual option to the restaurant in the bottom. Awesome for sitting at the bar or tucking away at a table for a date. PRO TIP: whatever you do don't sleep on the Fried Milk dessert!!

Allison D.

Amazing food and service! Plenty of options for all kinds of eaters, from raw meat/fish lovers to vegans. Delicious! Cannot wait to go back!!


If you want excellent sushi with a tasteful and sophisticated flavor palate you will find it here. Lovely decor, food presentation and excellent service.


The food is great, service is slow. Had to wait 1 hour for our food. Our main course came before our sushi did, which is not how we ordered it

Austin Keller

Absolutely spectacular. We sat at the bar after about a five minute wait on a Saturday night. The menu was incredible and I struggled to pick out what sounded best. Luckily our bartender, Fry, knew the menu up and down. We will certainly be back and can not recommend it highly enough.

Andy S.

Overall a very good meal. We have been here twice and have likes everything that they offer. We have tried almost everything on the menu and my top favorites are the brussel sprouts, Hama chili, crab dumplings and katsudon. I would absolutely recommend this restaurant but just be willing to shell out some of your hard earned money...to leave full with drinks you should expect to spend ~$70 per person.


Some dishes are better than the other. It doesn't have to be the expensive ones. The sushi very good, the bun is less good... The desert is a must!

Brittney K.

Came here for dinner for my boyfriends birthday. The hama chili was our favorite dish! Also tried the tiger bao, king crab dumplings, and the wagyu beef yakitori and nigiri. They were all flavorful! The hatchi no hiza was amazing! Would come back here for special occasions!


This is without a doubt the best sushi experience in Dallas. The creativity and thoughtfulness of the dishes are top notch, and the service is fantastic. Can’t recommend enough!

Kristi F.

My friend and I ate at Uchibā for the Uncommon Ramen in January. So damn good! The mushrooms in the ramen were my favorite part and they weren't even psychedelics. Our server, Veronica, was the best - super friendly and we always felt like she was within reach. At her suggestion, we made a reservation for the next one in February. The only off part was the valet. As I was rolling out of the drive, a valet guy motioned for me to stop and roll down my window. He asked if I gave a tip to the other valet guy who brought around my car (I'd already tipped, via cc, with a dude at the stand). Not sure what purpose that served, but it felt almost confrontational. First time in my life someone asked me to my face if I'd left optional money. Rather off-putting.

Wes B.

This review is based purely on the monthly event Uncommon Ramen at Uchiba, specifically 1/27/20 guest Chef John Tesar. I have attended Uncommon Ramen more than 18 times over the last two years, and this meal was by far the only time I was 100% let down and entirely underwhelmed. The broth felt extraordinarily weak without much flavor at all, and was far too delicate. This next part may sound like a nitpick but service is usually top notch at Uchiba, enthusiasm and excitement about the guest chef is part of the Uncommon Ramen experience, but last night our server lacked passion for food that has become standard expectation. The appetizers took about 25mins to come out which seemed a bit excessive especially since they were ordered with our drinks. It doesn't bother me to pay $22 for ramen when it's truly unique and uncommon but for that price point, I could have walked into Wabi House or Ten Ramen and had a much tastier while affordable meal than I had last night. Egg was overcooked and honestly a crime against ramen. I am hopeful next month Uchiba is able to redeem themselves through the return of Aaron Franklin because that was the best Ramen of last year, but no longer can I blindly recommend Uncommon Ramen to those who have never been after the meal I received last night.

Michelle N.

Driving down to Dallas, I had a mission in mind...to go to every Uchi in every city I go to! This is by far the most regrettable Uchi I've been to. I thought everything was mediocre compared to all the other ones. While we were on the way I called Uchiba to set reservations for that night. When we got there I was so confused because they have a uchiba which was upstairs and Uchi which was downstairs. I walked up to Uchiba and they said they I had reservations for downstairs and I said no...I called Uchiba. She said they have the same number but whoever answered was suppose to ask me which restaurant. We ended up having to seat at the bar which I guess is ok... As for the food, I don't think I enjoyed any of the food surprisingly! --Foie Gras Mousse - (2/5) Sesame rice crackers to dip into the creamy foie gras. This dish is definitely an acquired taste..it was a bit intense to me even though I have had something similar to this. It was a very meaty, gamey, sweet, and savory taste. There was a lot of fried shallots, and little pieces of apples of the mousse which kind of cancels out the gamey a little, but still very strong. I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. --Hot Fried Chicken Bun - (2/5) The breading was falling apart, the sauce was too sweet and thick for a "hot fried chicken", but it was a little spicy. I guess this had a more asian twist to it. --Crispy Tofu - (1/5) The crispy tofu was definitely not crispy. The skin around it was very thick, and very chewy. --Baviche - (2/5) I should have went with my guts and got the Hama chili since that never fails. The ocean trout was very fishy! --A5 - (3/5) It wasn't tender or soft. For Japanese wagyu, I am highly disappointed --Gyutoro - (3/5) The short rib was tough. --Otoro - (3/5) The marbling was overpowered with fat that you had to just keep chewing. It wasn't the melt in your mouth type of otoro we were looking for. --Surf & Turf Maki - (3/5) Wagyu tartar and king crab. The king crab was good, but the tartar was a bit too chewy. I didn't find anything great about this either. Service was ok, food was worse. I don't think I'll be back unfortunately. I'll stick to the Uchi in Houston or Austin.

Stephen W.

We went here for dinner on a Saturday night. We had an early reservation and good thing we did that because the place fills up. The service was mostly impeccable although there were a couple of glitches but nothing that ruined the experience. We ordered a few things from the happy hour menu (5-6:30 even on Saturday) and mostly from the regular menu. We ordered a lot of things but standouts included: -fried chicken bun is SPICY! They should call it cayenne pepper bun. Wow, it was hot. It may have ruined my palate for the delicate flavors that followed. -the duck leg nigiri was very dry, as in Sahara desert. It needs a sauce or something. -the short rib meatball skewers were delicious and among our favorites. -the individual sake salmon nigiri from the happy hour menu were very flavorful and among my favorites. I had one then another because they were so good. -the mushroom dumplings did not have much flavor. -the zero sen roll did not have much flavor. -the hot rock beef was not as good as before, rather chewy unless you cooked them to well done temperature. -the fried milk was nothing special and the wife did not particularly care for it. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I am glad that we tried this restaurant, but we prefer Uchi.

Kendall Clarke

Fun tapas style restaurant, so you get to try a lot of different plates. My favorite was the dumplings with king crab... I swear this is what the food in heaven will taste like!

Davion Vang

I regularly arrive grabbing some food in this place. I like the fast customer service and well cooked dishes. Keep up the good work.

Genie L.

Start with dessert first. Get the fried milk. It is literally, THEE BEST dessert I've ever had, EVER! Woooooooooow! Y'all, this place was goooooooood. Like, for real-for real gewwwd. We had 5:15pm reservations, and our 30-minute uber ride took 45, but we called the restaurant and they were really nice about holding our table of 5. We sat upstairs in the bar area. The music selection was fun. Started off with 90s R&B and rolled into loungy house music. The service was phenomenal. Quan was our main server and was a superstar, but all staff was great and friendly. We drank and ate for about 3 hours, and never felt rushed. Quan gave us some really good recos, that did not disappoint. The Barrel of Heaven whiskey drink was fab. The Bring Good Luck was my second fave drink. My friend had a Japanese whiskey that was really good, too. We ordered so much, I'm gonna try and remember the names of everything (in the pics posted), but here are my fave items, in this order: Fried milk Yucca fritte Mushroom dumplings Yellowtail sashimi in citrus sauce Pork belly yakitori Wagyu sliders Beef yakitori Yucca chip with edamame hummus Crunchy tuna roll Salmon roll Yellowtail cut roll Scallops You guys, GET THE FRIED MILK dessert! It's. SO. GOOOOOOD! Next time I'm in Dallas, I'm coming for the fried milk. No joke. It's so good, we ordered a second round of it. We legit had 4 orders of the fried milk, in total. No shame. Oh, and ask for Quan. He's fun.

Mark Cooper

The food is always fresh and flavorful, staff members gives awesome service. I really like how neat it is and ambience. Worth a try.

rapid roller

I came here expecting ramen, but apparently that is only one special night per month. I decided to splurge and eat here anyway and do not regret it. It is fine dining so expect to spend some money, but everything I tried was really well done and interesting. The fried milk dessert was particularly great. I have dreams about it. I'll be back sometime when I'm feeling spendy.

Lisa L.

Before I go into detail about the food, please be aware that when you reserve a table through open table, the restaurant is not taking note of the special occasion you have included with the reservation. It has happened twice, previously in Uchi and my most recent dining experience in Uchiba, where they were not aware of the birthday celebration even though we stated it in our open table reservation. For our most recent Uchiba experience, my partner and I came in on the day of my birthday during happy hour to celebrate. We were dressed up and ordered a ton of food, so I thought it was fairly obvious this wasn't your typical dinner. After ordering our dessert which hadn't come out yet, I stepped out to use the ladies' room. My boyfriend informed our waiter that we were celebrating my birthday, and the waiter responded with "oh, you should have told me. I would have ordered you another dessert." I was a little sad after hearing this, because we had yet to receive our ordered fried milk nor our check. Therefore, there was still time to receive a complimentary dessert. I worked as a server for over 5 years while I was in school, and I always knew to bring out something when I was made aware that there was a special occasion. This not only makes their dining experience better but brightens that individual's special day. I had higher expectations for a restaurant that is as high of a caliber as Uchiba and Uchi. Ultimately, I was just more sad because who doesn't want a free dessert with a candle to blow out on the day of their birthday. This has not only happened once, but twice and it was my partner's birthday we were celebrating at Uchi the first time around when his birthday went unnoticed. What is the point of asking if there is anything we are celebrating or things to note on open table if they don't get accounted for. If I had known this was an issue, I would have called in or notified our hostess/waiter when we got seated. Maybe if our server had checked our IDs when ordering drinks, he would have known. We're still in our twenties... Now to the food. From the happy hour, we got the shishito pepper skewers, salmon nigiri, yellowtail nigiri, Wagyu tartare nigiri, and hamachi chili. The hamachi chili was so good. Thankfully, I ordered one for each of us because it only comes with 3 small slices which is not enough to share. The drinks we ordered were so good and a great price. It is worth coming to happy hour alone for these drinks. My partner got the one that was similar to an old fashion, and mine included vodka and yuzu. If you haven't had anything yuzu, then you are missing out! It is so amazingly tart. Before I continue, I will note that their happy hour gets so busy. They were backed up on sushi and drinks. We waited over 20 minutes for our second round of drinks to come out. Our second half of the sushi order took so long that our waiter brought out a complimentary appetizer (agedashi tofu). The soup that the tofu was sitting in was heavenly! While the free app was nice, our orders took excruciatingly long and it made me wonder how much longer other people were waiting because I felt like we got our orders in early on. The sushi pieces are so tender and packed with flavor and freshness. However, the size of the sushi pieces are SO SMALL. They are like the size of my thumbs, and I have a small petite hand. We ordered about about 8 pieces of nigiri each and had to get an addition 4 each before happy hour ended to get full. Our favorite was the Wagyu toro! It came out warm and was recommended that we eat it right away. Such a heavenly piece of sushi. While there are great happy hour deals, you have to order a lot to feel satisfied. We ordered some things on the regular menu as well, including the hot rock, scallop sushi, fried milk, and oysters. If you are dining here, know that the bill can easily rack up. However, their happy hour is amazing but do not expect fast service. If you come in with the expectat

Amiee L.

I LOVE LOVE this place! I stayed at the hotel next door (Stoneleigh) and ran over at 5pm for two days in a row to have the happy hour. I sat at the bar & the bartender couldn't have been nicer. When you get there at 5pm pretty much your sushi shows up pretty quickly. They run $2/piece during their sake social and it's worth every bit. I like the upstairs because it's more casual but I know that the sake social also runs downstairs too. 5-630pm Salmon & Yellowtail were my favorites!


This is one of my favorite places — a must visit during my business trip. My last visit in October 2019 was outstanding. The service was excellent. I recommend that you try several dishes.

Dan Taylor

Always an amazing experience at both Uchi and Uchiba. Food is delicious and service is impeccable. Props to bartender Josh tonight at Uchiba! We came in, ordered a drink and one app and he overheard us talking about how much we loved another item on the menu (hummus/yucca chips) and he sent it to us on the house. Really can’t get better service than that! Will continue to be lifelong loyal customers!

Alexandra G.

Just like Uchi, this place is awesome, but with slightly more affordable prices and a different atmosphere. I just want to go back there and get a bunch of Brussel sprouts and mushroom skewers. The service is really good in general, but you can tell that the service at Uchi is slightly better... maybe because there seem to be less servers for more people. All in all I can't wait to just go to their sushi bar and eat a bunch of vegan sushi in the near future!


Excellent Japanese cuisine with a fun vibe. Their Atlantic salmon and baby squid are not disappointing. The service was amazing. It was our first time to try Japanese food and I would like to try some more Korean dishes. A must try!

Frank Breeden

We love going out. Yesterday we visited this magnificent place which we didn’t know before. We enjoyed a delightful experience there with high-qulity food and a nice team and a great chef. We added this venue in our list and we will surely go again very soon. We deeply recommend.

Mo Patellio

Escaping the Chicago food scene, Uchiba in Dallas has definitely impressed me. The cocktails are well crafted. The food is outstanding and offers enough vegetarian choices on each segment from appetizers to dessert. Everything on the menu is delicious. Freshness, originality of presentation, and creativity is well executed by the entire staff. Even had a chance to meet with very passionate executive sous chef James Daversa, Jr.  Please check out the pictures associated with this review and on Insta @ifooditie

Jo F.

Absolutely the best restaurant(s) for sushi hands down! Service is always too notch. I allow my sever to choose my tasting and so far they never disappoint. I started my journey with this restaurant establishment in Austin at their mothership Uchiko and was blown away then so I had to try this place as it's much closer to home. If you're into great food and great service with an awesome experience then this is a must try.


We had a few options the counter chef recommended, which were all good, but I thought each dish had a touch too much lemon. Overall, great experience and would go back!

Helena Papacostas

Food is amazing and service is outstanding. All together a great experience.