Walmart Bakery

200 Short Blvd, Dallas
(972) 232-6403

Recent Reviews

Ken P.

Horrible!!!!! I don't have anything good to say. I came looking for a wire for my internet and guess what!! They close down the entire electronics center. No one to help you get anything! Only thing they can say is they are closed. I come to Walmart about 2 times a year and this just drilled in why I do not shop here.

Yesenia B.

Money services opens at 8 yet when that time comes the one thing they don't have is money. When you open the service you state is provided should be available at that time not 8:10. Customers' time is valuable and should be respected.

T F.

Walmart employees in general are unhelpful ....this Walmart by far is one of the worst I've visited. I asked the employee if she would check to see behind a box in a locked case for a pair of headphones for me ....she refused because she knew her stock....I hate that most Walmart's are filled with people who don't seem to want to do their jobs!

Lynda S.

WORST Walmart experience EVER! Yelp, please add negative stars because this store deserves less than a zero star (which isn't a choice either). The employees MUST be drugged because without exception they were moving as slow as the sloth in Zootopia. The cashier kept texting while checking us out. A pile of dirt and debris had been swept into a pile in the ladies clothing area. It was there for at least 20 minutes (I observed it while waiting an interminable period of time to check out), so not sure it was ever finally picked up.) Seemed to be an excess of employees, many were just chatting among themselves. Employees seemed incapable of making eye contact. Didn't know where items were located when asked (e.g., lightbulbs). Shelves were filthy and with large open space since the remaining products weren't pulled forward on the shelf (e.g., shelves with sugar bags were spread with sugar and sugar bags were spread around; in spice area it appeared onion powder was out of stock until I bent over - it was on a lower shelf - and found a few bottles pushed WAY in the back - no one had touched that shelf in days). I will NEVER go back to that Walmart. I kept thinking these are the people who want to get paid $15/hr PLUS benefits - give me a break. The whole lot needs to be fired - or retrained, (including the manager who apparently has allowed this mess to occur,) and replaced with people who are grateful for their jobs, willing to put a smile on their face, move with alacrity, work hard, and learn about the store in which work.

Lea S.

This used to be a great store, now it's just as bad as the others. Stocking being done during peak hours, asking if I can move their rack to get to a product. Around every checkout there are huge bins of junk, so much so that customers cannot even go down the aisle near the checkout lines. Employees are more concerned about chatting it up with coworkers as usual with all of their stores. Checking out can be 30 to 50 minutes, ridiculous! I just go to my Kroger who at least get you checked out after spending my own money there.

Barbara Smith

Ordered a dozen hopias= 7 pork baboys and 5 taro. They were ready in 15 minutes. The women was also very sweet. Definitely coming back for more!

Barbara Smith

Ordered a dozen hopias= 7 pork baboys and 5 taro. They were ready in 15 minutes. The women was also very sweet. Definitely coming back for more!

Marc W.

It's Walmart. I'd be preaching to the choir and beating a dead horse if I sat here and typed out all the issues with this specific location.

Real L.

Ghetto. Ghetto. Ghetto. Who is hiring these managers that are acting like animals towards a customer? I was greeted with malice and plain disrespect when I asked a simple question. The manager was trying to argue about something she didn't understand. The manager was all so dressed like a customer with no name badge to properly report her ghetto attitude. If you are miserable in your job just quit and spare everyone else that disgusting negative attitude.

Rob M.

Interesting Walmart to say the least. As I parked a noticed an older gentleman smoking a stem in the car next to me. He drove off very quickly once I parked so no big deal, this is America. My visit was for an six cord that would fit an iPhone X so I stopped on electronics. The curvy young lady At the counter was listening to the unedited 36 mafia album on full blast with children nearby brought me back to my high school days. When I asked her if they made a cord that I was looking for her reply was simple and to the point.. " I make the pies hunny, I just be over here." At this point I decided to leave before it got dark outside as I did not bring my firearm on this trip. On the plus side, the pies are delicious. Thanks Hunny.

Christi Davis


Brittney I.

Today, I went into Walmart and much to my surprise they had replaced several checkout lanes with new "scan & go" machines or self check out areas. This was a pleasant surprise because every time I go to this Walmart the lines are literally backed up to the clothing section. The clerks are always really helpful and nice but today 3 women really made my trip today though. Katherine (who is always very helpful. Today she was helping with the new lanes, making sure people were getting through these new lanes smoothly) Tyara (a new face who was facilitating everyone to open lanes to ensure there was little to NO wait time) and Gina (another new face that was helping on the new lanes as well confirming whether people had the right amount of items and were going through without hiccups as well. My rating is for those women, their attitudes, respect and prompt appreciation of my time. I actually got out of here in an hour including the shop and the check out. The rest of my rating is missing because I have used the "shop & go" feature and at this store it is incomplete. To my understanding the mechanism is supposed to be accommodated with a kiosk of scanner guns and station complete with shopping bags so that customers can walk through the store with the scanner "scan" and come to the self check out area and scan the starting barcode on the screen to receive their full total, pay, and "go." Not to make any assumptions but this area is a little rough around the edges so its possible that due to the area location and possible concern for theft or dishonest buyers I believe this is not the case. Therefore, the "go" option is a little held up but it was just a bit faster today. If this is the concern though Walmart, there should be some type of plan of action to address loss prevention. Do not just offer part of a solution to a very real issue of extreme waiting periods in line after an already lengthy shopping experience. I also understand that things take time to progress but definitely consider the customer as these women did with respect for the time of the buyers in your store and the need to help them still have a pleasant experience. We are still the people who come to your stores and spend so the full experience should definitely be provided. Note: Some of these mechanisms have been in operation at another store that I know of that is less than 15 miles away since at least August of last year. This being stated, as one of the world's largest corporations I would think that there would be uniformity across the board as to what its customers could expect inside and outside of the stores. Great associates though, wonderful job!

C H.

Refused to change the battery in my watch. Why. Because the manager said it's his decision

Jay T.

I'm only giving it 2-stars because the place is new and clean. But that's about it. The customer service is very poor if you are doing anything else other than picking up items, and paying for it like you would any other grocery store. For example, ordering on-line for in-store pick-up is a joke. Their hours clearly state 8am-8pm for this type of transaction. I checked in as part of their process to expedite my pick-up, but there was no one even working there. They's a button that says to press for assistance, but after 10 minutes of waiting with another frustrated customer, no one came. I'm imagining that it might be alerting a phone that an employee has left on the counter next to their break room. The guy next to me got frustrated and decided to go grocery shopping. I decided to hail down an employee, perhaps to alert someone who had forgotten to carry their work phone on them. Sadly, I had to walk all the way across the store, as all their employees had a snake-line of people waiting to check-out. I finally got 1 employee (a greeter) to call for help. After waiting another 5 minutes or so, this AA lady who looked like she didn't give a damn about anything, scanned my phone, got my order (which was sealed inside a cardboard box), handed my order over. Now, I've been through this before where I pick-up an order, get home only to find out that it's the wrong order or I've ordered several items and they're not all there. I couldn't see what was inside, and because it was sealed with tape, I asked for a razor or something to cut through so I can see what's inside. The response I got: "I don't got nothing. They took everything. Razors, scissors, all that stuff got stolen". I wanted to say, "Isn't it your job to confirm that you're giving me the right stuff?", but I figure it's a lost cause. I just took my car keys to tear through the tape to confirm what I ordered. It took me 10 minutes to drive to this WalMart. It took them half an hour to get my order. This is supposed to be an expedited service. The manager of this store should be ashamed by the service here.

Malin T.

My fiance ordered something online that needed to be picked up. I had no idea where to start, but once a gentleman directed me to the counter, I realized it was pretty obvious. Leo helped me, he was fast, professional, and kind enough to grab me a cart without me even asking. I wouldn't have been able to carry the big box, having my one year old with me. Thank you for making this errand super easy for me sir!

Tim R.

on September 10 I bought a Samsung phone at Walmart. When I took it home I plugged in the charger but after a few hours I found out that the phone was dead. I had bought a dud. September 17 with my phone, charger, box it came in and receipt I took it to the customer service desk. After waiting for a manager for many minutes one finally came up to the desk. I politely explained my situation. The manger with a rude tone crained her neck at me and said that she would not give me a refund for the dead phone. I will never shop at any Walmart as long as Iive. I am a nice guy I deserve better. Do me a favor guys and shop at Target or Costco.

Michael L.

Clean store, in Stock very good, nice layout. Front end ,pretty much a disaster like every other walmart. Long lines untrained cashiers. One plus is no self check outs. Customer service at this store sucks. Associates will turn off to avoid having to talk to you. Will not make eye contact with you. If you ask for help they ignore you and act like they didn't here you. Then when they do answer you, act like you are putting them out.

Matthew A.

This is one of the worst Walmart's in Dallas. I have to take my blood pressure pills as well as aspirin when ever I go there. The employees there never help you with anything or know where stuff is. That are always shirt staff. The prices are always wrong so double check your prices. The cashiers will also drew up your order or over charge you so make sure you calculate your items there while your also at the cashier to make sure your not being ripped off. They make you feel guiltily if you return anything: