4767 Vistawood Bldg C, Ste 190, Dallas
(214) 374-9464

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Fayette Brewer

Great customer service, food cooked the way I requested.


Food is awesome but the service takes too long. When you order them ahead of time they will tell you that your food is ready(which is mostly a lie) only for you to wait longer.

samuel tatum

Possibly the worst service I have ever gotten they gave me incorrect amounts of food and even forgot my sides then tried to blame it on the delivery do not give you this place your money go to a Buffalo wild wings, raising Cane's or this place called wings and more Anywhere else is better! If I could give it a zero rating would!

Gustavo Hdz

really bad service i order by phone im wait 20 mts to pjck up ,when i go in they just process my order they say other 15 mts they send me out, when i come back they say 5 more mts that be around an hour to get my wings plus very bad actitud of the people working there. please dont go to that location y love wing stop but the service here its really TERRIBLE

Metro Flyers

Still no dine in. I love the food, but will not eat in my truck.

Sammie Anderson

The employees told me to get out of “their store” because I had my service dog with me. When I told them she is a service dog they refused to let me order, I tried to show them her service tag and information and still refused. This wing stop staff needs trained on service animals and the laws surrounding them. Very rude and disrespectful, could have been handled a much better way.

Naturally Nicole

I've been here quite a few times and during those times it was a pretty good experience. Food was fresh and this one girl in particular was on top of her job. Today 5/8/2020 at around 7:10pm. I attempted to call in an order and the line was busy. I was finally able to get in touch with someone and I was on hold for 10 minutes before they finally took my order. I pulled up and saw there were people waiting outside for their food about 12 or so people. Immediately I thought to myself "you should just cancel your order" seeing as though I needed to be back somewhere by a certain time. But, they hadn't failed me before so I went ahead and went in to pay for my order. The young cashier told me that it would be about 10 minuets. A reasonable amount of time I thought. At this point the amount of people who were waiting outside was about 25-30 (some in their vehicles and others outside of the door). I went back in and additional time and she told me again that it wasn't ready. When I went back in a third time after it had been about a 30 min wait for my order I asked for a refund. The girl cashier, immediately told me I needed to sit my drink back in the window and proceeded to act as though she was giving me a refund. I gave her my receipt and she claimed she refunded me, but failed to give me a receipt. I asked her for one and she said the printing machine was broken. I then spoke with a manager and asked for a name so that if I was not refunded it wouldn't look as though I just made something up. He told me "I don't give out names" and even raised his hand up waving. I continued to explain to him the importance of giving me his name and he finally said his name was "Steve" which could be false. My whole issue is the fact that the situation should've been handled more professionally. Most fast food places have a list they create when someone is missing food in their order or even for refund purposes. Also, the fact that the manager refused to give a name. At any corporation you are obligated to wear badges so that everyone knows you are an employee. There were no badges in sight and he continued to act nonchalant about the situation. If I am not refunded the matters will go to the appropriate legal agency. Additionally, I am aware this is during the COVID-19 crisis but this unprofessional-ism is unacceptable. Also, as there were many people waiting outside for there orders on the inside there were about 10-12 orders waiting on their counters not being called out to the customers.

Kay Grant

Terrible customer service

Love Is

If you have alot of TIME to wait..this is the place to go. Order online, you get there even after giving them more time than the pick up time. They say 8 more minutes, okay..I wait 15+ more minutes...Again giving them more time..I go back..oh it's not ready he making the orders right now(she is so non chalant)??‍♀️ at this time I go to my car..I'm @20 minutes now, the officer at the door apologizes because AGAIN..its not ready!! The first apology I've received all night and he's not even a Wingstop employee!! He brought it out to the car when it was done.


Wings are always good, staff is usually on point with the orders. No complaints.

Dakota Stepney

The wings, fries, and corn were fresh and cooked to perfection. When I arrived it was being sacked up. The only disappointment is how ever store is so different. I had to pay an additional 55cents for a bottle drink. I guess the other store had me spoiled. I could switch for free. Overall my experience was good.

juan valle

The food is great ,what I don't like is the service and waiting time they said 20 minutes at 7:30 pm and spend in wings $70.00, to watch the Mavericks game and I'm still at the location for over an hour . An very disappointed and I sure don't recommend this location.

Shea Boo

I ordered mild wings, but the wings were swimming in grease. Okay where is the sauce? ? I will not return to this location.

Lizzet Everastico

This was my first time ordering at this location Terrible experience let's just say that after eating wings at this location I had to rush my husband and my 10 year old Daughter to the hospital due to food poisoning from the wings my daughter was non stop vomiting on the way to the hospital and my husband was vomiting and in lots of pain I will never ever return here I thought it was odd how fast my order was ready for pick up they don't cook these wings correct amount of time. Don't eat wings from here if you don't want food poisoning I have the hospital paperwork for both my daughter and husband stating food poisoning. This all happened right after eating wings from this Wingstop location. Very upset and wont ever return here.

LaCaonda Gilkey

Actually this was my third time going to this particular place the wings were over cooked

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