The Meat Up

529 Bolivar St, Denton
(940) 514-1057

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First time visit and not my last. Both burgers were fantastic and meaty!My Got Beef burger is 1/4 meat and 1/4 brisket was delicious. Both meats taste were flavorful. Waffle fries were ok. A tad over cooked and salty. Probably will try another side next time.Husband had the Porkys Revenge with 1/4 meat and 1/4 pulled pork & this was really great also. The onions on this burger are like fat slices of onion rings and they were great. The fire Cheeto street corn is definitely worth trying.

Bob K.

SUMMARY: Honestly one of the best smashburgers I've had in quite some time. While some places go overboard and try to make their burgers overly gourmet and foo foo, they don't get the basics right. The Meat Up does a great job at the basics (how I feel about In-N-Out) and that's perfect for me. BACKGROUND: My adventurous coworker suggest we go to a new place and I was down. I was expecting a rib joint by the name but this place has a good variety of food for everyone. FOOD: So far after 3 visits, I've always gotten the same thing because it is so good, the Cheeseburger combo with fries and a drink. The price is right (about $10 no tax) and it's just enough food without putting me into a food coma. What I love about their smashburgers is that they get the patty right. It's crisp on the outside, smashed just right to where it doesn't fall apart because they got too aggressive with it, and thick enough (as far as SBs go) to where you feel some of the burger in every bite. The veggies they put on it is well balanced with the bun they use. And thank god it doesn't get all soggy like 5 Guys' buns. Fries have always been hot and fresh. They have a non-traditional soda flavors as well, which is a nice touch. SERVICE: Great. The younger staff members are cool and the owner (who I believe is the owner) comes out to check on everyone to see if everything is good. Oh, one time my wallet fell out of my back pocket and he was kind enough to hold onto it and hand it to me when I returned to the restaurant. Honesty is always a big plus! THINGS TO IMPROVE: Not in love with the kiosks to order food. I'll just go to the counter if someone is there. I don't think it really speeds up ordering but it must be connected to the back kitchen I'm guessing. RETURN VISIT? An emphatic yes! This will be in the rotation and we've told a few of our coworkers about it.

Briton Nachtigal

Saw this place randomly on Google Maps and decided to go there spur of the moment. The food was hot, delicious, and came out very quickly. When they forgot the fries with one of the orders, they immediately corrected the mistake and got us the missing fries. It is not cheap, but it is definitely worth the price if you are in need of a good burger.

Amy F.

First time to go there. They have great cheese curds. The real deal. Had brisket and pulled pork tacos. Both were really good. Definitely will be back.

Krystle A.

Absolutely delicious! Tastes fresh, savory and all around good especially craving indulgent foods. Lots of options to choose from and customize all done through a self service iPad screen. This place is self service other than the waitstaff bringing out the food to the table.

Larry C.

Ugh! Your yelp reviews are over-inflated. 35 reviews- 4.5 stars. Not worthy. Friday 7:30 visit. I got the hatch green Chile burger and the brisket-looks-like-a-Taco Bell Mexican Pizza- thingy. Ugh! A grey colored hamburger meat with a school cafeteria style bun - cheese was not dripping off like in your picture. Please look up Maillard reaction, your burgers lack it. Also add salt and pepper to the meat. The chiles were sad looking too, no char and looked canned. As for the Taco Bell thingy, I like Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza better - it's less expensive and dripping with melted cheese as opposed to seeing individual unmelted cheese strands while your BBQ sauce was too sweet. Do better.

Rusty K.

The Meat Up was fantastic! For a Friday night it was quiet but it was early at 530, I expect in the next few weeks as their liquor license comes through it will be super busy! Older building, small parking lot, can miss it if not paying attention. Do t miss it. This was very good food. Kiosks to order from or you can order with a person. The kiosk was easy. We started with the brisket queso and bro tots. The queso was outstanding. Don't miss out on that. The bro tots were great and had ton of brisket on them. I enjoyed the trailer Torta, was very good. Ask for peach jam. I did not but should have. The others had burgers. The pepp rally, was spicy if you like that, enough that if you don't sweat you might after a few bites. The shroomz and Swiss was great as well as the regular cheeseburger. The meat on the burgers made them some of the best we have had in Denton. Order of regular fries and waffle sweet potato fries to top it off (side of ranch for ranch lovers.....the good kind). Then on to the funnel cake fries for desert. Served hot, crispy with a soft inside and covered in powder sugar. The strawberry dipping sauce may be the best I've had. Great place that's going to grow. Off the main road but don't pass it up, you won't regret it!

R. Mark M.

Today I am going on record by saying The Meat Up has the best burger in Denton. I have intentionally been trying all of the burger spots in Denton proper, and honestly, The Meat Up has the best flavor of any. My 9-year daughter also wants me to put in this review that she went to bed dreaming about her burger. Parking can be a little tight at times, but the place has plenty of seating. You enter your order at the kiosk rather than with a person. I have been twice and have built my own burger both times. I have not tried their tacos yet. My daughter complained that the kid's burger was too was small, but is plenty...she just loved it so much so wanted more. They have great fries and tots. They also have Stubborn soda products if you familiar with these delicious drinks. I really want to try something different, but the burger is so good!

Kayla Mitchell

You can’t miss with this new spot. Atmosphere, customer service, food impeccable… I tried the brisket frito pie, chicken sandwich, Oklahoma burger, & truffle fries. The best part is that there’s a kids meal with a toy everyone is winning at The Meat Up!!!

Christa M.

Hard pass.. service was minimal and food was meh.. it's new so I hope they figure it out.. soon..

Randy L.

We spotted this place when we were eating next door and decided we needed to try it, and it was a great decision. Great burgers cooked perfectly. Of course we haven't tried much of the menu yet, but we look forward to that. If you love a great burger like I do, try this place and tell your friends...they are pretty new and a weren't very busy - yet.

Cara L.

Cool idea of converting a church into a restaurant. Inside has a rustic texas vibe. Side room is labeled game room - has a mortal combat game. Outside patio seating is available- corn hole and other games. Personally I love the kiosk ordering system. Most items have pictures. Plenty of options for anyone. Our kids ordered the kids cheeseburger, fries and drink- burger is a slider. The size of my palm of my hand. My husband got the bacon cheeseburger (he got the 1/2 pound upgrade). Got to say it was big. Plenty of crispy bacon. Other than that- meh. I ordered the Pepp Rally burger. It was labeled as SPICY. It was. A little. Could have used more sauce- seemed dry. Both of us asked for no pink- both of ours had pink. We ordered house made pork rinds- so fresh, crispy and flavorful! Love the chili lime seasoning. They were so crisp, they were still popping on the table! Rosemary truffle fries- my favorite item we ordered. Flavor was great, but the fries are nothing special. Fresh potatoes would have made all the difference.... Just saying. Queso mac and cheese- big shells w white queso. Nothing special. Needed a zing of something- spice maybe. Frito pie was a snack size bag of Fritos (literally) with meat, beans, etc for $8. It's on the appetizer menu - I'd suggest putting it under sides. Dessert- we chose funnel cake fries with sauce and churros filled with caramel. Churros were great. Hot, fresh. Funnel cake fries were soggy, greasy and covered in clods of powdered sugar. The sauce was horrible. I did let the staff know it didn't taste ok, they offered caramel sauce. Honestly the red strawberry sauce tasted like a melted crayon and the smell was just as bad. Overall there were things that could use some finesse- toasting hamburger buns, dust the powdered sugar on the funnel fries (there were clods of powdered sugar), using fresh potatoes for the fries. The food is ok- nothing to rave over. The price is out of control. I get it - inflation is real, but the high prices coupled with mediocre food and smaller than expected portion size was disappointing. Overall this place is didn't live up to the hype of other reviews I've read is it just plain underwhelming.

LeeAnne R.

Fantastic food and friendly service. Cute new spot in Denton and really great burgers, tacos, and appetizers. Highly recommend the brisket Queso, the frito pie taco, rosemary truffle fries and the smash burgers!

Sophia B.

Had a great experience at The Meat Up! Great service, short wait and AMAZING food! Get the mac and cheese balls, so good! Will be coming back!

Lance G.

This burger place is in a old church. You order yourself at a kiosk, which is just fine with me. The burgers are damn good. They are a "smash" burger. Really good beef flavor. Damn good fries too. Very comfortable atmosphere too. Good place to try out. Friendly staff also. 5 out of 5.

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