Homespun Kitchen and Bar

131 E Mercer St, Dripping Springs
(512) 829-4064

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Deborah Tillman

Service was incredibly slow so I never even got to taste food. After waiting 20 minutes to even be acknowledged, the waitress brought me water, said she had to check to see if they had what I wanted to order, and never came back. So I left. She was nice and the hostess was nice, but still.

Bryan Azevedo

Food is decent, atmosphere is dope, drinks are no bueno. Just spent $20 on the absolute worst margarita I have ever had. Could only imagine what the $75 margarita tastes. I’d stop for apps and get a drink and food elsewhere.

Nicholas Jones

Great food. Appetizers are delicious. The amount of whiskeys they have available will make you cry tears of joy. Try the Angels Envy cask strength. Thank me later.

Carson Koch

good food, good service. A bit pricey but was able to make a Sunday afternoon out of the trip. Could have used a couple TVs for football as well.

John Nazareno

Stopped by on the way back home after visiting Fredericksburg and was surprised to find this humble home style restaurant along the way. The food was absolutely delicious, it's made when you order and they say they source all their ingredients locally. The staff were very accommodating as well, I am happy to support small family businesses like this

Nathan Wilson

Although the food was good, my wife and I had some negative results. First of all, when we walked into the outdoor dining area, there were dirty dishes left on 3 or 4 tables. There was silverware laying in the dirt under the table. There was even a napkin wrapped bundle of silverware on the ground. We saw one table cleared and was not sanitized before 3 people were seated at the table.I ordered chicken-fried steak and server asked me if I wanted gravy on the side and I said yes. Didn't happen, gravy was on top. Server never came back until he was seating other people. We were there about 130pm and they were NOT busy. We probably will not be returning.

Carlos S.

Based on the reviews and menu items, we gave up a spot at Trattoria Lisina for homespun. Big mistake! First, we preferred the appetizer and 10 minutes later our server returned to the table and tells us that the cooks weren't paying attention and over fried our app. Ok, we wait 10 more minutes. Second, my wife made a request with her entree (catfish). Entree was brought out and they did exactly what we did not want. We made the server aware and he said he would correct it. He returned with the same plate and said that was the last of the catfish but that he would "take care of it on out bill". We got our bill and he took $4 off a $24 plate. Gee thanks. Not that we are looking for big discounts but when you mess up twice, make some kind of attempt to bring the customer back. No thanks, not for us.

Tammy B.

The food was just ok. We ordered then after 5 minutes the waiter came back and said they didn't have a sandwich that was ordered because it was on the lunch menu not the dinner menu. The menu was a QR code so it was easy to get on the wrong menu. I feel like this should have been caught when ordering. When the waiter brought the food he spilled one order so we had to wait again.

Nathan Wilson

Terrible hygiene as far as cleaning. Server had a mask but no gloves. This is not the way to protect senior citizens from Covid-19. Out door dining area should be spotless, but it wasn't.

Rachel Z.

First and last time. Chicken fried chicken was soggy. The potatoes tasted as if they were from dehydrated potato flakes. If there was gravy, it was incomprehensible. White sauce, neither sweet nor savory. Our take out was not good. At pickup people were not distancing, nor wearing masks. No thanks!

Mark G.

Me and the wife both got sick after eating here..felt horrible for two days afterwards Ordered drinks that arrived as we were leaving...toke 45 minutes to get mixed drinks and when they arrived the ice cubs were mostly melted meaning they saaattt at the bar for a longggg timeService was very poor...salad as entrée arrived as a appetizer meaning the person got their food 20 minutes early etc etc The steak was good...but the surroundings, service and drinks were not and price was currently not cheap or inline with the experience Kinda of a beat up old building also.....hate doing this to a small business but had to share

Catherine M.

Glad this place was open during covid. Great customer service. The staff was fantastic and checked on us to make sure we were good.

Luke Bivens

Good food. Masks required if eating inside. Masks aren't required for outside dining.

Lynna M.

We wanted to love this place, heard good things but sad to say Horrible service, watery salad and drinks. Got sick from the stake. We will not be going back.

Karli Peterson

Came here while traveling from out of town. Food was good and our server was nice and checked on us often. HOWEVER- we were delivered either the wrong salad, or it was missing two high priced toppings that were listed on the menu for a high priced meal (bacon and avocado). asked for our steak medium rare and got it overly WELL DONE. was told the steak would come with green beans & broccoli, but was given asparagus... other small problems with the service that could have easily been avoided with some attention to detail on the employees end, both the kitchen staff and the server. on a more positive note- cute ambiance and great live music.

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