Peter Piper Pizza

2210 W University Dr, Edinburg
(956) 380-6666

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They made our food very quick, the employees were helpful, and like always the pizza and wings were amazing. I would recommend everyone going.Food: 5/5


Great place, pizza is awesome just don't like how the tables are so closed together for parties. Wish there was more soda machines so there wouldn't be a pile up when getting drinks. Other than that over all great placeFood: 4/5

amanda dennis

Pizza and atmosphere are great. Glad to find an area where Peter piper is still around.


Hostess was very kind and helpful. Food and ice cream was good amd well- served. I think the host's name is Brianna. She's a very good worker. Good job..because I wasn't crazy about allll the people there lol but she helped clean up and keep our area organized. Thanks you.Food: 5/5

Carlos Rodriguez

Just purchased the pepperoni 16.99 special. Not happy at all. Pizza is under cooked. Very little cheese. Little square pepperoni? Thats excepted on a grocery store frozen totinos pizza. But Peter Piper pizza? You are slacking on your quality. How the mighty have fallen. I will not order this again. **This Customer is very disappointed** This PPP is not the pizza People pick anymore...

Angel D Silva

Great for parties. They organize everything for you if you ask them, and the party hosted are always on the go when you ask for something never have had complaints about it, even when just going to grab a quick bite. I love PPP.

Josie H

I’m really disappointed as to how the staff conduct and communicate over the phone. I called in today to place an order and the young lady that answered was giggling and laughing chatting with another staff member and when is speaking to me, she repeats the words “LARGE SAUSAGE” laughing and then she tells me ok and hangs up. I called back and cancelled. I understand that perhaps some of the staff members want to make work fun, but when communicating to paying customers, it would be appreciated if the staff members had better communication skills and etiquette. I did feel offended when she repeatedly said “LARGE SAUSAGE,” i felt she was implying something else in a grotesque manner and I had her talking through the Bluetooth of my vehicle with my children in the backseat listening. That young lady that answered the phone really needs to grow up.! Also the wings from this location taste horrible. Every time I’ve ordered wings from here, they just suck.

Vauled Manx

Ive always loved this as a kid but after the new renovations it's just not the same it was bigger before I swear but nonetheless it was a good experience

Jaime Salinas

I don't know what is going on with the people doing the pizza. Everytime I order a pizza it's never made the way I ordered it. I ordered the pizza with extra veggies and pepperoni. I got a pizza with extra cheese. I told them this is not my pizza. I was told to take it and another will be made. Well to make a long story short, they made the pizza 3 times and never got it right. I got 3 pizza with extra cheese and regular pepperoni.I hope next time it will be done right.

Nina Winchester

I went during the lunch buffet this was my first time ever going and I just wanted to say Thank you to the employee's everything was so delicious and super clean I never saw a dirty table cause someone kept coming to pick up the plates people were leaving behind and there was plenty of peppers and parmesan cheese for everyone. For the price I think it was money saving and a fast good lunch ?Kid-friendliness: Really nice place for the kids to have funParking: There was plenty of parking from handicap to just regular parking.

Yaretzi Almaraz

I did not like the way I was treated when I went to go buy more tokens, they thought we were going to order pizza and they were being so rude a lady even said why are they still ordering in front of all the customers so we can hear and we didn’t even feel comfortable playing the games anymore

Stephanie Wolff

I have a 2 & 3 year old. They loved it! The buffet is nice and it's way cheaper than chuck e cheese.

Ia Cal

Stopped in for lunch buffet and never disappoints at all. Variety of their pizzas specialty type upon request. Wasn't overly packed somehow I don't know.


It's Peter Piper Pizza it's not a 3 star Michelin restaurant, it's greasy pizza, fountain drinks and token video games. I wish I could go 5 stars but it's not a perfect experience, wish they had newer games and that the place was a bit cleaner especially the bathrooms other than that it's worth going for some family fun or to plan a kids birthday party.

Arlene “ArleneTheMighty” Marquez

It was quick on the orders. Beers was good and cold. It was full of families but not dirty so that's always a plus.

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