Applebee's Grill + Bar

5800 N Mesa St, El Paso
(915) 833-8899

Recent Reviews

Tammy Beasley

Nice staff still a good place to go for a meal or just a drink

Isabella Young

Awful experience. They said 25 minutes waiting and that they will let us know. It has been two hours and nothing. Never again. And to think I was willing to spend my money on microwaved food. It should be a zero star option.

Luis Loera

It's very clean, and the service is great. I will definitely go back.

saul martinez

Okay for a chain restaurant. Food is always consistent . Friendly waitress and very attentive. No social distancing at the bar and the bar was super full not good.

stacie s.

Let us start with... I drove in from San Diego after 12 hours and some bad news I wanted a margarita and to chill. I am vegetarian although there were not vegetarian options I ordered the broccoli fettuccine.... it was DELICIOUS1 The bartender makes great margaritas... most IMPORTANT WAS THE customer service COURTENEY gave. Very friendly, attentive and a great smile... much needed after my crazy day... I hope you let her know she is very appreciated.

Erica Olivas

Just walked out. Was waiting 15 min and not one person came up to acknowledge us . Meanwhile you could see a huddle of staff talking by the bar . We sat at the bar at the way corner practicing social distancing . Then had the waiter come and tell us “did they sit you “ I stated no was waiting for awhile “ “he said “ well we have a rotation “ basically saying “ I don’t want to be your server . There were very few people in the restaurant to not even have someone greet us and when we did it was rude. Couldn’t imagine the service .

Julian Anglen

A Budlight Brutus and Steak&Shrimp parmesan. what do you think ? A freakin awesome

Alma Ortega

I was very dissappointed with the grilled oriental chicken salad. It is by far my favorite and today it was made with Romain lettuce, chunks of cabbage, sprinkled almonds and the chicken. Waiter told me due to COVID, they don't have all the ingredients. I understand but give the customers heads up so we can order something else!!!

Naomyyy Channel

Terrible service. We were seated and the server never attended us. It wasn’t busy at all. Do not recommend

Vanessamarie P.

From beginning to end the experience was a very positive one. The app was easy to navigate to place our order with ease. The work association between Applebees and Grub hub is exceptional. Our food arrived nice and hot. The entire order was correct and all condiments along with dinnerware were included.The delivery person was nice and courteous.Highly recommend!!

Ru Rod

Salads, chicken and burgers are pretty tasty. Accesible location. You gotta know what to order here cus it could go wrong in a minute. My ultimate classic fav is the fiesta lime chicken, chicken melts in your mouth every time. I swap the rice for grilled veggies. The oriental chicken salad is super tasty. The spinach dip also one of my favs.

David Vasquez

Good food, service was a little slow even though it was not busy at all.

Adan Zalgado

Host forgot our silverware , we waited about 5 minutes after we got our food for silverware. Service was slow we got 3 different waiters only one seem like a good server

Christopher Bell

The price that I paid was extremely expensive for nachos...I'm not pleased with the food there...The waiters were okay. People need to be aware that getting ripped off and substandard food is not okay. I could have served anyone better food at a wonderful price and I'm sure you would have returned again and again. Quality should be first class in any setting.. I want be going back anytime soon.

Jesus Soto

Don't hate this place, the food was not up to standard. The soup was cold the steak was under cooked. Waiter was pleasant.

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