Burger King

6002 N Mesa St, El Paso
(915) 845-3999

Recent Reviews

Jose Garcia

Good service. Always ready with their food. Acknowledge the T-Mobile Tuesday special every time i go. Good food as well

Ramon Ortiz

Not to mention I ordered the sandwich with bacon and cheese, but I was already home when I noticed. Super disappointed.

Roger Garcia

bad intercom cant understand, half of menu has no light... bad fries taste like old oil ?

Kevin Vargas

Fast service, was in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Emily Briggs

They didn't follow the customization from the apo so we got things that we didn't want on our burgers.

Pat Ayala

Love their burgers, food is fresh and hot, drive thru is very fast service

Donella Forrest

the food is good, but we ordered a coke and got colored carbonated water. not happy at all

Timothy Campbell

I give burger king one star because of the fact that when i was at the location on Yarborough i had just gotten out of the hospital my back was in severe pain from arthritis so as i waited for my order i leaned forward onto my backpack to relieve my back pain and was told i needed to leave because i cant sleep in the establishment i then replied sir i am not sleeping i am leaning forward on my bag because my back is in pain and he then proceeded to tell me to just leave and i replied I have an order I am leaving mom and I have coffee and I'm drinking right now and I have Cinnabons that I have paid for and I'm eating right here right now then the manager proceeded to grab my Cinnabons and throw them in the trash and take my coffee and throw it in the trash too and then call the cops on me understand I paid for that stuff and she took it and threw it away and ripped me off on what I paid for and I still have yet to be refunded in total my order was 2 of the croissant witches two coffees one order of Cinnabons and a Big King Burger combo she threw all that away and I still have yet to get any of my money back I need never did anything for the manager either for throwing away my food I paid for until I get my money back I believe working out to about $25.86 or something around that amount really really close to that amount almost precisely and I remember from photographic memory

Perla Gomez

Dont try the fish sandwhich tho

Evania Morales

as i went through the drive thru the lady was talking to me like she was doing me a favor. as i was telling her to put jalapeños on the burger she turned off her headset for a couple of seconds and turned it back on laughing with her other workers, when i pulled up they were still cracking jokes and it was very unprofessional i was pretty irritated, didn’t expect that this night.

Mayra Calderon Realtor

Amazing customer service. It shows the manager takes pride in his job, really attentive and happy to work. This Burger King is the cleanest from all El Paso's Burger King. The environment was inviting and felt so peaceful. Thank you for making me feel happy!!

Alison Jablonskibright

I ordered 3 Whoppers with cheese no onions. 3 large fries no drinks. I got 3 Whoppers no cheese and full of onions. I had taken my daughter and her friend after school. They wouldn't eat their burgers.

Phillip Lykins

Its good but there a little slow getting your food. Don't waste your money in the impossible whopper. Terrible....

Robert Whaley

Good hot fresh a little slow but that's ok

Michael Jarrells

Ample parking, clean facility, friendly staff and good food.

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