Cocteles Mazatlan Restaurant El Paso

7921 N Loop Dr, El Paso
(915) 590-7242

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Mike Munoz

The food here is fantastic. Friendly and courteous staff as well. My girlfriend is extremely picky when it comes to cleanliness. Even she was raving about the clean bathrooms. Look forward to the next meal here.

Omarxito Alonxo

Good place to eat seafood n have a beer

Betty F Bell

The waitresses were nice & pleasant. Loved the broiled shrimp. If I spoke or read Spanish I could have ordered a huge fish dinner I saw someone else get.

Angelica Avelar

It's very delicious. Girls are very nice and helpful.

Catalina Hatley

OMG! I enjoy their food. Had Fish Tacos, they were delicious. Have been here before and had their fish plate. Fish was alittle too salty, but it was delicious as well. Will keep coming here, they also have a bar in the back. Great Margaritas by the way.

Ruben Carrasco

The service here is very good and the sea food is very very delicious. I'm sure all the people who come here will say the same.

Oscars appliances repair Jimenez

Very nice place, service was good, they made sure people had safety distance and polite. Loved there food!!!

Leticia Vasquez Villegas

Food was very good. Waitress could've been better overall I'll go back.

gabriel monroe

Great spot for Seafood. Great place to relax, people watch, eat good food or all the above. I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. This place has a nice design. Wish it was closer to my house, I would come every week.

Angelica Cazares

Worst customer service coming from the lady at the register. The whole time I was waiting for a table she rolled her eyes at me twice. A lady had place an order over the phone and when she was there to pick up and it wasn’t even ready. I heard her say she was missing her limonada and that rude lady gave her agua de melon. Poor lady waited for her food even longer than we did for a table. I keep observing that lady’s every move because I had never seen that horrible of customer service with every one that walked through the door. At one point there was a line of people waiting to sing in and/or pay but she was just sitting down with a grumpy face con unas ganas de trabajar. I could keep going but it would be a never ending story.

Angelein Z.

Enjoyed the first time experience at this restaurant for a last minute dinner option. The food was well cooked. The oysters tasted as fresh as the sea. Customer service was on point. Definitely enjoyed the michelada.

Carlos Aranda

The food is decent although the service is a bit lousy.

Christina B.

I really wanted to say yes to this place due to food & service always being really good to my mom & I. Until yesterday! I ordered some food for pick up for my mom & I . Waited there , paid & left until I realized my order wasn't my in the bag once we got home. I kept receipt & I sent my brother to go pick it up. Which they were nice enough to give us extra food of what I had ordered from the first time. Once i got my order & was almost done eating , I shit you not but at the bottom of my box under my tuna salad, I see something silver which turned out to be a " BOLT!" Never in my entire life has anything like this happen to me. I'm so very disappointed & will never be going back. Please always be aware of what you're eating anywhere not just here.. I did speak to owner as she mentioned she was the cook & has no idea how a bolt got in my food. And was very apologetic & probably embarrassed and says.. " I do understand you being very upset but & completely understand you not coming back ever again."

Aaron Esparza

Looking for TERRIBLE service? This is the right place. They deserve ZERO stars. Terrible, terrible, terrible service. Bad experience started with the young rude lady that was playing host. Someone should slap some customer service skills into her. Of course it’s a family run business and they probably won’t get rid of her but they should replace her.

Marco Perez

Very good food best mexican seafood in el paso

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Cocteles Mazatlan Restaurant El Paso

7921 N Loop Dr, El Paso, TX 79915
(915) 590-7242