El Cometa

9529 Viscount Blvd, El Paso
(915) 594-7686

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Savannah L.

Just went and ordered to go like we always do well waited 20 minutes to get our food after it was already ready and it was cold the ley are quick to take your money but not quick to resolve any issue tonight they really jacked us they only gave us about half of the meat that we usually get and I called talked to the manager and he said well it's different when you are ordering to go I told him we always ordered to go and he didn't have anything to say about that told him we would t be going back and of course he doesn't care to loose one client because they have many but I am sure people will stop going if they keep jacking us beware if you go to the one on viscount very poor service and management

Gaby R.

We recently ordered for takeout. The place was super packed. They gave us the wrong order. When I called back letting them know we were missing food, the manager was making up excuses, telling me he needs to review the cameras to make sure I wasn't lying. He kept telling me that I said I ordered something and that is what I got. When I was trying to explain what had happened, he kept talking over me and hung up. When I called back, I asked to speak with him directly and was on hold for a while and again he hung up without talking to me. Attempted to call back several times and there was no answer. If a manager is going to be this rude, what kind of example is he setting for the other employees????? Would not be surprised rudeness will be passed on to others.

Luis S.

I came to get one order of their flautas and a horchata to go. It was just one order and the server Delia forgot to put my in my order! I was there for a half hour till I got up and asked the manager , what's going on? He checked the receipts of orders and mine wasn't up there. He didn't even apologize or give at least a discount for the inconvenience. Wow, they don't care about their customers. Not coming back , this wasn't the first time either.

Liz C.

I would travel to El Paso just to have their flautas again! So delicious, served with lettuce tomato, queso fresco and crema...plus salsa de aguacate and chile rojo .

Moises Galvan

Honestly I waited about 20 minutes or more for my food to take out. The staff is okay of nice the waitress and other people around cleaning are nice but the food is okay. It's very pricey for their food honestly. Other than that if you go just make sure you have patience to wait for your food. There not following on guidelines for covid-19 because I don't see social distancing or nothing.

Celina M.

The flautas are theeee best! Even the tostadas and salsa are sooo good doesn't matter which one you try they are all good. I also like getting the quesadilla sincronizada and the papa asada or the tacos de al pastor mmmm...! Agua frescas are good as well.

kevin shea

Pretty good flautas with lots of condiments. Service is just ok. Not bad prices.

Che Garcia

It was good at one point but it lost its authenticity. The sauce isn’t spicy it’s too Taco Bell now. Just stop being scared drive to Juárez and go to a cometa there.. it’s way better

Casey C.

The food in this restaurant is great. It's a pretty small space, so you may have to wait for a table. The prices are very reasonable for what you get. The service is always pretty quick. If I were to change one thing, I would want bigger meal sizes because I always seem to leave hungry or wanting more!

Jose Luis Loaiza

A manager got covid-19. They did nothing about it until 3 weeks later. workers are also coming from the other 3 locations to this one on viscount. (With this being said, all EMPLOYEES SHOULD get tested as soon as possible) Stop going to El Cometa. They did not follow any of the guidelines for this pandemic situation. Also this manager used to cough in front of his employees, did not wear a face mask appropriately, and he also liked to spit on the trash disposal of the kitchen. Owners should be ashamed of the situation, giving zero care about this specific manager who started the breakout.

Eddie Archuleta

Really good food, fast. The restaurant is kept clean.

Yulisa Arias

Service is not that great, i called in my order and the lady was super rude. She charged my card without even telling me the amount charge, and didn’t even give me a chance to review my order or ask questions. I understand they might be busy, but customer service is also important.

Melissa R.

Coming home to El Paso we always go to local spots. Went here cause I go to places based on reviews. Its a smaller casual restaurant. With covid going on they had great regulations, tables are spaced out, servers wearing gloves and facial coverings, they bring everything to you and cleaning wiping things up. We ordered the desabrada flautas which were phenomenal! Sometimes the flavor of meat gets lost in frying the flauta or it dries out to much but these were perfection. Topped with crema, aguacate, queso fresco, tomato, and onion which added great texture and freshness. We also ordered the al pastor and asada tacos. Flavors still in my mind with onions, peppers, and queso with cilantro, cucumber, limes, red and green Chile for fixins. Que Rico!


If you love flautas, this is the place. I always order over the phone (keep in mind you have to pay with card over the phone) but its well worth skipping the lin. Waiting times can be quite long sometimes but only because they sell so much. Staff is always friendly & prices are good.

Aaron Morlett

Food is great, however I cannot believe that I’ve called 3 times today to place an order for pickup and all 3 times was told to hold. I could hear that the lady was taking all the dine in orders while ignoring my call... ??

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