El Doggy Kitchen

1841 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso
(915) 526-1476

Recent Reviews

Patty Olivas

Good food, well priced and excellent service. I will definitely go back. And very clean dining area.

Nilda Padilla

They are known to have the best hot dogs but NOT AT ALL! The hot dog I got was not fresh and I could tell it was too many days old! It was dry, wrinkly, and shrunken. The toppings and the bread were cold! These are not the best hot dogs. There's other places that make them better and are fresh.

Elfreda B.

I love El Doggy Kitchen and just cannot stop talking about it. Rates are absolutely reasonable. El Doggy Kitchen has an outstanding El Chick Dog, this dish will blow you away with its terrific taste and flavor. Awesome central location, top-notch service. El Doggy Kitchen = Awesome.

Mag B.

While my husband and I were in El Paso visiting family. We had lunch at El Doggy Kitchen. We has the dorito nachos, the Hawaiian and the spicy BBQ dog. Everything was so good! The gentleman who took our order was incredibly nice, super attentive and make sure everything was good throughout our visit.

Erikstacio Garcia

The cashier guy is awesone .... the guy wearing glasses really good service ...siempre anda amadres y bien atento aganlo supervisor

Siego De la O

pretty awesome burgers and the doggy fries, can't wait to try the tacos and the bratwurst

Jasmine Juarez

I would give this place 5 stars because was so good but my boyfriend found a hair in his hotdog. Still really good tho

Michelle Mndz

Great food and customer service!

Justin H.

Pretty good place!! The chili dog made me full the whole rest of the day!! The chili was a little dry, I'd suggest asking for extra cheese!

Jessabel Aguilar

This place is so good. Great customer service. Super friendly.

Terry Briones

Second time eating here. Absolutely love it

Dale Styers

Wonderful food and wonderful staff. El Doggy takes the hotdog ? to the next level of delicious. Once you've enjoyed an El Doggy hotdog you'll be back for more ?.


Oh my gosh. I didn’t think I could ever have a hot dog AS TASTY as this! Best hot dogs ever & they’re pretty big so you’ll definitely be good to go with just one! The super doggy is my ultimate favorite & pricing is pretty good in my opinion! Always friendly service!

Carlos L.

Extremely welcoming and polite customer service. The food there is top notch. Awesome Hotdogs and recommended to all my friends. Fully loaded and delicious.

Lisa Fahey

Very nice lil hole in the wall joint....great food and customer service was right on the money, clean restaurant and bathroom area. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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