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Berenice Cabriales

I love Ihop, the food is so good and service is always good never had a bad experience in any of their stores

Miriam Moya

Mediocre food at its best. If you cook breakfast decently, you'll know what I'm talking about when you can taste their musty sour stale oil when making hashbrowns and the runny eggs to match. Pancakes are your safest bet.

Raquel M.

I will never eat at this restaurant again. I'm not a fan of chain establishments as it is. However, my son insisted we go here....the worst decision I could have made. When unwrapping the utensils I saw they were extremely foggy. I asked for a cup of hot water I soaked them as we waited. Once I allowed the utensils to soak I wiped them down, quite aggressively, to bring them back to a silver defogged state. I have managed numerous eateries and would never allow my staff to place utensils in that condition on a table. My staff polished stacks of utensils after we closed. This is an indication of poor management with lax standards, clearly. Once we received the food the avocado on my eggs were black. I thoroughly understand oxidation however any "chef", "line cook", serving staff, management, and most importantly consumer understands the importance of presentation.... people eat with their eyes. I wouldn't serve an oxidative avocado, black especially, in my home let alone expect a restaurant to serve something like that. When I mentioned it to the waitress she acted baffled saying "it is black", maybe she was color blind. I have certified over 50 chefs from the ACF and they understand the importance of cleanliness and quality food. This staff clearly needs additional training. The manager was more engaged helping in the kitchen than walking around addressing customer satisfaction. I saw him one time briefly walk by to go into the kitchen, human capital is how businesses thrive. I wouldn't recommended this establishments to any of the people I serve alongside of.

PsycoHuskey Yt

Ohhhhh.... I just love the variety of things to choose from!

Jak Khawk

There's so much more than just pancakes. They actually serve more than just breakfast dishes. Apparently it's no secret considering how crowded it gets during lunch hour and weekends.

Magdalena Pereira

Jackelyn was a great server! She attended to us frequently asking if everything was okay and made sure all our questions were answered, God bless her!

Gareth Spencer

We would recommend eating here. We came for breakfast and were lucky to get a table as we left most of the tables were full.

Cristy Garza

Good customer service. But the silver ware were dirty with some food still stuck on one... You can feel the residue.

Ronnie A.

Food was basically cold . Wife's scrambled eggs were cold and the cheese was not even melted. Pancakes were luke warm. Server was excellent!

Vicki A.

Frequent this location often. The food is always good. Service is always good. The cleanliness of this establishment, not so much. The only time the utensils and mugs have been clean, are during the weekday. I've complained to their corporate office about how dirty their equipment is and was assured they would address this issue with management. This was over two years ago and still no changes. Fam and I have resorted to cleaning our utensils and mugs with napkins and water.

Jill L

Fantastic service! The crew here runs like a well oiled machine & the food was delicious. We'll definitely be back!

Tiffany V

Food was great. Customer service was fantastic. Our server was amazing, she had a ton of tables and didn't skip a beat. Drinks never went empty, and remained very attentive. We were a large table so I appreciated the exceptional customer service

Maria Barrios

Good food, but new York cheesecake pancakes had an aftertaste to them. Requested for them to be changed and waitress got pretty upset and said that my pancakes where no different than the ones that others on my table got. I requested for them to be exchanged and they brought me fresh ones.

Oscar Rodriquez

The food and service was excellent. Food arrived in a timely manner and was excellent. Our waitress memorized our orders without writing them down. The only thing that was a big flaw was the music was TOO loud. The manager turned it off, which was good, for a little while, then turned it back on without lowering the volume. We couldn't hear our conversations. With the music being loud, it also caused everybody in the restaurant to speak even louder to try to speak over the music. So disrupting!

Felixshia Stoltz

Love going here, very friendly food is always great. Late night Saturday's before 10 ask for jasmine and after 10 Christy. Awesome servers.

Azalea Paredes

Last time we went service was bad. There were 2 tables that were occupied & they had already been served. We came in they sat us down & waitress would just pass is by doing other things rather than wait on us. We finally just called someone else they said oh I'll get your waitress. Guess who it was?! Yup the one that had been ignoring us! Once food was given to us she pretty much disappeared. If we needed anything we ended up asking another waitress. Seems we get better service when their busy. Sad.

Cassandra Perkins

Best I hope yet, excellent customer service. Fast and well prepared service. Fantastic experience.

Stephanie Favela

Our waitress would take long times to come check on us, but besides that food was great and the environment was cozy

Alvaro Garcia

Really good, you can not expect more if you want a tradicional American breakfast!

Maria Carlin

Great customer service and delicious menu. Great prices.👌



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