1341 George Dieter Dr, El Paso
(915) 590-0025

Recent Reviews

Lasheta Johnson

Great fast service! They also honor the promotions too! The waitress was wonderful. The place was clean and tidy!

Dwayne McCullough

What a great IHOP! Fast and very friendly staff. It was really busy that morning and they were hopping without skipping a beat. Orders were accurate and they took time to interact with everyone despite the workload. You better tip them well, they deserve it! ??

Cecilia Salas

Service is great. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly and even though You see they are very busy, they still go by your table and ask if there is anything You need. The food was delicious....the crepes are great!

Homenaje a PedroInfanteCruz

The place was home but they served as fast. They had waiting in the lobby. However they were very efficient and fast. Amazing.

Monica Carbajal

We go here every weekend for the pancakes. We love it here! The staff all knows us and gives us great service!

Aurora Gutierrez

Decided to have a burger, tasteless not good at all. Food is expensive not of quality, last time I eat there. Not recommended unless for your kids all the sugar and batter junk food

Ben P.

Thank you, Wayne, for the excellent service. I had the best BLT I've had in a long time. I was road - weary and need a bite before turning in. All around excellent.

Patricia Reed

Fast service and the food was good. The wait staff stood very attentive to the customer. We did have to hunt for them.


Ordered the best tasting tilapia at George Dieter IHOP. Server was courteous, greeted upon entering, and friendly. This will be my weekly go to meal.


I thought I died and went to Heaven. This is the best meal i have ever had. Cooked perfectly. Spinach was excellent. I will definately come back.

Monica O'Kane

We were sat quick even though there were many families waiting. Great service from our hostess and food was fresh and tasty!


Place is very poorly ran. I had to place my order 3 times and when I got my food it was wrong. They also brought my food 10 minutes before anyone else food at the table, this made it awkward for everyone at the table. Would not recommend this location.

Malina H.

Wait time wasn't bad, but that could have also been a red flag. We were seated after 10-15 mins or so. When the waiter took our order she didn't bother to write it down. We thought okay maybe she'll remember our order. She came back 10mins later to ask what my husband ordered, but when we got the order it was still wrong. My husband ordered his meal worth sausage, but he got bacon. She came back with the sausage after he told her that he didn't order bacon. My omelette was poorly made and it seem like the cook forgot to about the avocado that goes on my omelette scooped it out and just plopped the avocado on the omelette. This location was just all kinds of messed up. As we left after our dissatisfied meal we walked passed the cashier counter and overheard the cashier and another waiter having a discussion about an unhappy customer who wanted to speak to the manager cause they got his order wrong. First of all that is very unprofessional of employees to have a open discussion like this while working. Second, if you did your job properly customers would not have a reason to complain. Third, if you all just focused on your job like you are supposed to maybe even if the customer was unhappy they wouldn't ask to speak to your manager. We will not bring our family back to this location.

Siria Martinez

The waiter's staff are the sweetest people who give good suggestions to try new items in the menu

Sole _Buckets

It was bad. I understand out server was on his way out but he served us our drinks and completely left. Poor lady working for him had to take over without her even knowing.

Joe Villalobos

Great - great service. Good food. Great menu to pick from. Not rushed.

Dante Perea

Good food but tonight's service was very slow... 2 servers for night shift... Manager was in the kitchen all night no help in the floor.. But food awesome

j s

Portion for price is excellent. They have my favorite omelets and country fried steak of any casual chain. Service has been very good, and when it wasn't up to par the waiters have made up for it with more attentiveness and complementary items when I brought it to there attention. It's not the absolute greatest, but a solid choice for casual eating.

Natalie Jurado

Really good, I recommend you try the new chessy waffles with chicken tenders if you're in the mood to try something nee

Sylvia Fabela

Excellent customer service. Food was prepared just right!! Our waiter was always available. Clean bathrooms too!

Aurora Valenzuela

Excelente, servicio a cualquier hora. Delicioso el menú, con sus respectivos postres

LaTisha G.

I'd give less stars if possible. I used the app to make an order to pick up. I ordered the strawberry French toast combo. I go to pick up my order the lady at the counter checks it and informs me I have no strawberries. What she doesn't mention is there's also no whipped cream, okay no big deal. I get home and ready to eat and my hashbrowns are so over cooked I can't even break them apart to eat them and same with my bacon. My French toast is under cooked and soggy. I'm just really disappointed.

Deanna Chandler

It has the best and biggest

Luis Enrique Dominguez

buen servicio y muy rico todo

Raul Espino

Service was good the meal was good but the server forgot my salad and I had to reminder by the way her name is Isabelle all in all I would go back but give me another server

David Cavazos

Food is consistently prepared properly and the owner is friendly and has been there for a long time. Love trying out their new items on the menu. Their mochas are great and their regular coffee is very smooth and balanced. Can't get enough of it.

Sandra Madrid

Had a great time eating here with my wife and daughter's, our server Wayne was a great server, was always checking on us, food was really good, my steak was cook just right and tasted great, great coffee, actually to much food that my wife and daughters could not finish there plate. I even saw the manager out there working the tables and helping customers, even came to talk to us. I would highly recommend this place for a great breakfast, or just a quick bite.

Alan Chavira

Excellent Service, didn’t forget a single thing. The food was outstanding as well, and the overall environment was comfortable to be in even with a full restaurant.

Jannese _

I have always loved IHOP. And their service is almost impeccable. The servants are very nice and pay attention to you. However we recently had a bad experience involving raw egg in my French toast and and over medium egg being almost sunny side up. Other than that, highly recommendable.

Kelly Maribel Madrid

Love this IHOP! The best customer service, these people work as a team to get people the service they need. Honestly the best service of any IHOP I have ever had. A big two thumbs up 👍👍

Jonathan Monarrez

By far the absolute best IHOP in all of El Paso. If you have any problem whatsoever the manager Rosendo is more than happy to make your day better. He took very good care of us after we had a small complaint. His customer service is amazing. And this is by far one of the cleanest places I've eaten at in general.

Karla Santillan

My family loves IHOP! However through out the years the customer service has definitely gone way down! To the point that we only visit this particular Ihop! I live in the far NE side of town and drive all the way to George Dieter and the only reason we keep coming is because of one employee! She is amazing and treats us like family every single time we come in we ask for her and will only eat at the restaurant is if she is there. Mona does an amazing job and greets us with a smile on her face. Even when the restaurant is jam packed she still manages to smile and definitely makes our day! Wether it be just myself and my husband or my entire family she treats all of us great!!! She always gets our orders just like we ask for them! The day Mona leaves, IHOP will be loosing our business! IHOP give this girl a raise she is amazing!!!!

Reyna Moreno

Good food and good service. thank you!

Berenice Cabriales

I love Ihop, the food is so good and service is always good never had a bad experience in any of their stores

Mary Ruiz

Ohhhhh.... I just love the variety of things to choose from!

Miriam Moya

Mediocre food at its best. If you cook breakfast decently, you'll know what I'm talking about when you can taste their musty sour stale oil when making hashbrowns and the runny eggs to match. Pancakes are your safest bet.

Raquel M.

I will never eat at this restaurant again. I'm not a fan of chain establishments as it is. However, my son insisted we go here....the worst decision I could have made. When unwrapping the utensils I saw they were extremely foggy. I asked for a cup of hot water I soaked them as we waited. Once I allowed the utensils to soak I wiped them down, quite aggressively, to bring them back to a silver defogged state. I have managed numerous eateries and would never allow my staff to place utensils in that condition on a table. My staff polished stacks of utensils after we closed. This is an indication of poor management with lax standards, clearly. Once we received the food the avocado on my eggs were black. I thoroughly understand oxidation however any "chef", "line cook", serving staff, management, and most importantly consumer understands the importance of presentation.... people eat with their eyes. I wouldn't serve an oxidative avocado, black especially, in my home let alone expect a restaurant to serve something like that. When I mentioned it to the waitress she acted baffled saying "it is black", maybe she was color blind. I have certified over 50 chefs from the ACF and they understand the importance of cleanliness and quality food. This staff clearly needs additional training. The manager was more engaged helping in the kitchen than walking around addressing customer satisfaction. I saw him one time briefly walk by to go into the kitchen, human capital is how businesses thrive. I wouldn't recommended this establishments to any of the people I serve alongside of.

Irma Cybil Rdz

I hadn't been here in a while, but Annabel was very nice & courteous, gr8 svc ty!

Clinton Hurley

Not bad. I love their steak omelette.

PsycoHuskey Yt

Ohhhhh.... I just love the variety of things to choose from!