Ke' Flauta

5100 Doniphan Dr, El Paso
(915) 581-4028

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Great flautas! My go to when I am on that part of town. Must try!

Alex Garcia

The food is great and the service is good too

Brittany M.

Love these flautas! Menu has variety, and everything is good and fresh. It gets busy so get there early. Ke'rico!

Laura Borunda

I LOVE THE FLAUTAS FROM HERE. As you are able to add the variety of sauces to the different stuffings they have is amazing! I also loved the service! Right away and fast and Sofia (Who attended me) was incredible amazing. She made me feel super welcome and at home. ?

Cindy D.

I love their large Flauta tray for takeout. Feeds four and comes with all the sides. Great flautas.

Debra Powers

Mmm best flautas around.

George Zuniga

Amazing food!! I will be definitely be going back soon!!

Alexander G.

I went here for pickup for the first time. I got the flautas entomatadas and my wife got the tradicionales. These are so good. I could eat like 25 of them. I also got a plain quesadilla which I could also eat 25. Lo recomiendo!

Joe B.

The owner is very nice . He deserves the fact they are always busy . I'm not an expert on flautas but taste as good as L and J's or taco cabana . The locals seems to really love this place as it's always packed after church . I pick up food for delivery so I see how loyal people are to this place . There workers also seem to pay attention to detail when he's not there. That speaks volume to me. I wish them continued success.

Justin Vargas

Flautas were really good and reasonable price with the drink and sides!! I will be back :) also good customer service.

Eva H.

This was a great treat to get the yummy, authentic flautas. Fantastic flavors and great value for the flauta combo. I ordered the beef flautas traditional and my family got the chicken traditional. No one was disappointed with their order. The chili sauce they put in our order has quite a kick! We loved it but it is very spicy so if you do not like heat just stick to the guacamole sauce that comes with the traditional and do not add any if the chili sauce. We will definitely visit here anytime we pass through! A great find.

Julieta Aguilar

Great food and friendly service

Daniela Fernanda Barraza Escudero

You can’t go wrong in this place, anything you order is delicious and best part the price! All the crew members are very kind and always looking out for anything you may need. Best flautas place in EP/ Cruces. The place and tables are always clean and the service is really fast, even at lunch hour. Better check this place out!

Sabor S.

This is my first time to visit Ke Flauta on Sunbowl Dr.; I understand that they also have another location on Doniphan. Unfortunately I was not able to check out the actual restaurant interior because of the the city directive as a result of the coronavirus it was their curbside service. The service over the phone was informative and helpful. I ordered 1 plate each of flautas with guacamole sauce and flautas in mole sauce. For the sides on both plates I ordered the beans and rice, and chicken flautas for both plates. The flautas we received were some what disappointing. They were not as meaty as we had hoped, although tender. The chicken meat itself lacked some flavoring where at times when eating the flautas we tasted mostly the tortilla even though you could see the meat in the flauta. Getting the order Togo they have figured out to give you whatever sauce separately that way you do not end up with soggy flautas by the time you get the food home. The guacamole sauce has a bland taste, is not really that spicy, and is a little runny. The mole sauce was good. It has a taste of the chocolate and some sweetness with just enough spiciness and a little bit of heat. It is a good blend. And it taste good as well. The beans were a little disappointing I would label them more like almost bean pudding. There's nothing that stands out in the flavor of the beans. The rice was a little too moist and lumpy. And definitely lacked any standout flavor. The bio on the restaurant says that they have been around for about 10 years on the Donathan location. I would like to see them continue. But in my opinion they need to make a few changes and modifications to make it a real standout place. Nevertheless probably will go back to visit this place again as a back up to try some of the other plates and dishes that they have.

Fabian G.

While keeping social distancing due to COVID19, my wife and I decided to try something new today so we decided to try Ke'Flauta. Wow! We had tried other hole-in-the-wall Mexican food before, but this place has the BEST barbacoa and chiles rellenos that I have ever tasted in my 30 yrs of life! Ke'Flauta's delicious and authentic Mexican food delivers a savory, flavorful experience unlike any other. I strongly recommend trying their barbacoa burrito or their chile relleno burrito. My wife and I could not believe how delicious the food is. 10/10 will be coming here again!

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