Kee's Teriyaki & Sushi

3910 Dyer St B, El Paso
(915) 566-8999

Recent Reviews

Joanna Biggers

Always a delight, food is incredible, service is fast and friendly. Made a first date pretty special

Daniel D.

Their sushi is pretty decent but I enjoy their teriyaki chicken the most. I like the texture of their dumplings, but they could use a bit more flavor because they're a bit bland. For the price, it's wonderful value.

Arturo Ayala

Have heard wonderful things about this place. They responded with a text quickly. But they don't plate what sushi call China. I am still without sushi oh well last 10 are near empty anyway.

April Simerson

Great service. The bento box was delicious

Marilyn Cronin-Lindauer

Good food and service but the dining room is very ..shall we say rustic..I would have given it ,4 stars if better decor.Also Tempura is not good there.. soggy and too much breading.

doze dozer

The chicken- beef bento box and spicy beef teriyaki was good. The fried rice was delicious because it was a different version then everyone else had. Can't speak for everything else but those were on point.


This sushi was good ladies and gentlemen. We tried the Rainbow + French Kiss Rolls, they were tasty and bulky to eliminate the hunger of 2 people. Prices are within MSRP normal range. The place inside was clean and nice.

Brittney Olivarez

Love the Hawaiian rolls, place is consistently good! Great price and great taste. A bit hot though. They need to get the building owner to get better ac

Shayla Schellhorn

Best Sushi place around! Prices are fair, food is delicious, and the employees are tentative and friendly. My family loves dining in and carrying out. Recommend the Las Vegas Roll and the French Kiss Roll!

Sootoo Family

Excellent service & amazing food!! Had the dragon roll...and a sweet tea for 22$ and was extremely impressed for it being in such a small shopping center.

Charon Green

The food, I ordered had way to much teriyaki sauce. And the owner tried to make me wear a mask, while doing everything with the exception of eating. And the place has no A/C!!

hamilton thomas

Delicious food, good customer service, timely orders and now is a current hotspot for lunch that involves me and my co workers!!!!

Lawrence Johnson

Great place! If you haven't tried it and you like or love Asian food with a great selection of sushi to accompany it, then i highly recommend to add this to one of your hotspots. Friendly workers there also. I had a great first experience and i will be returning.

Raymond Tyler

Delicious!!! The 'medium hot' Teriyaki beef was superb! Excellent and quick service!

Amber Stempowski

I got the spicy bento combo, delicious and not overly spicy.

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