La Gorda Mexican Food

9525 Viscount Blvd, El Paso
(915) 629-0636

Recent Reviews

Erica Delgado

Luvvvvv the gorditas there Ohhhh and the rice..

Lilly M

Burritos ? are delicious and not too expensive

Luis Quian

Great customer service.

Stelle Stelle

OMG delicious always, you can't go wrong with anything that you order.

Fernando Saenz

The food quality was bad. Like bad. Really miss old times

Angela B.

I wouldn't give the gorditas all that much hype. I checked on all the tortilla trying to get to the middle. We tried one of each and they were decent needed a lot of salt.

Smiley Fase

I love to eat and this is one of my favorite places......

Tony Loco 10

I think they're losing their pride on doing and preparing the food the flower was raw

Patsy Ortiz Cordova

Great food, service, and pricing


The flour gorditas are good!

Jorge Jurado

The burritos had such small portion (as shown on pic) i dont understand why they dont use beans? So at least...they appear full in portion, i ordered 3 burritos 2 ranchero and 1 desebrada they gave me the burritos and i didn't really know which one was the ranchero or desebrada ( please identify the product with stickers or write it down!) I had to make them write down which one was the desebrada , and so... but he only indentify one of them and he told me its two and 1 but which is which? i know i may sound annoying but imagine if i order 20 how im i suppose to identify them? The only way that would be is open each burrito and thats not appropriate at all , if you guys are going to be annoyed or mad dont even bother to show up to work we need happy people.

Katie Obrien

The lady was a bit snappy at the register and my gorditas were extremely soggy. I bought a 10 pack for my job and nobody really enjoyed them.

Jesus Flores

Really good food. Clean place. Nice friendly staff.


Real mexican flavor... for me the Asado Gorda is the bestPrices are good as well

Fabian Chavira

Food is good for the price but the burritos seem to get smaller from time to time. Had a mole burrito that was more tortilla than anything.. same with the gorditas, more flour than anything. If they could improve on this I would give them another star.(Viscount location)

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